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Buenos días a todos!
Antes de todo pido disculpa para escribir este post en Español! Podría intentar en Inglés pero seguro estaría lleno de errores horripilantes así que prefiero evitar!!
Después de años de trabajo e intentos de desarrollar una estrategia de éxito llegué a pensar que la solución está en la FRACTALIDAD!
Como sabemos el mundo fractal regula el universo, desde el Big-Bang de la creación hasta los últimos descubrimientos sobre la materia y su composición, las celulas, los atomos, los cristales ..etc
En el Trading existen muchas conexiones con la fractalidad, desde los marcos de tiempos hasta las increíbles herramientas basada en los números de Fibonacci!
Ya he trabajado mucho intentando de simplificar e intender los secretos de los mercados finacieros bajo las reglas de la FRACTALIDAD ... y allí va el proyecto de una estrategia basada en ella!
Vamos a ver algo de realmente increíble, aquí tenemos dos gráficos ... nada de especial, uno bajando, el otro subiendo ...en los dos conseguimos dos operaciones de éxito con relación de ganancia/riesgo de aproximadamente 3:1 ... bieeeen!!!
Bueno ... hasta aquí todo bien ... la entrada buena, el beneficio casi lo mismo.
Hay una "…
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DominguezV 16 Mar.

Interesante Articulo!! buen tabajo!!

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Да, действительно работает это. Остаётся лишь выискивать эти фракталы. Также замечал, что если фрактал ломается (а такое случается) и, если не упрямится, то тоже можно заработать. В своём блоге от 18 марта описал сходство, как мне показалось AUD / USD М5 и EUR / USD H1.

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Olkiss70 31 Mar.

good article!

Natalia_Kisenko avatar

very great article!

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abel 31 May

Buena vision del mercado y sus condiciones fractales.

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I find it useful to look at the big picture from time to time. In technical analysis terms, that usually means inspection of weekly and/or monthly charts. However, I rarely get to see analysis of "ultra-high" timeframe charts, so I decided to make a couple of attempts of my own. Previously, I analysed long term charts of the Euro and the Yen.
Today I'll have a look at yearly and quarterly Cable charts, covering the period from 1971 to 2015. While the yearly may be good for a quick overview of the price action, the quarterly chart offers more detail and makes trends, ranges and patterns more easily observable. I will be focusing on the latter for my analysis.
Yearly Chart
Quarterly Chart
The Character of the Pair
The thing that I find the most fascinating on this long term chart is that it pretty much captures the character of the pair that is known to me from trading it on lower timeframes. Long lasting trends with deep retracements; sharp rallies and sell-offs; extended ranges; and plenty of fake breakouts. Were time and price scales removed, I might not have been able to tell that it's not a daily (D1), not an intraday (H1) and not a London session price action (M5)…
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al_dcdemo 31 Oct.

Kivetat I'm of the same opinion!

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great article

KATRIN_90 avatar

ты молодец! хорошая статья)

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al_dcdemo , its insightful - very well done! A brilliant article. Inspiring! Many useful information, informative and helpful, also there are some useful tools introduced, thanks, Vika.

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In this article we’re going to look at both the technical setup as well as the fundamental themes that have been dictating the movements in the FX Market for the month of September and what’s going to drive the market forward in the coming month. The fact that we haven’t been able to see a rally in the equity market and a continuous decline in the US Dollar it tells us that something significant is happening, and that is a shift in the belief of monetary policy and its influences over the markets. We know that the monetary policy is one of the more proactive, impressive and constantly present mover in the market, it’s a theme that has been responsible for much of the moves that we had over the past month and year as well.
  • EUR/USD Fundamental&Technical Analysis

Without a doubt the major event of the month of September was the FED rate decision to hold interest rates near historically low level. However, despite no rate hike the Fed still remains one of the major Central Banks that still has a hawkish stance and the fact that they have stopped easing it’s reason enough to support the US Dollar at least in the short term. In comparison, the ECB is on the other side of the monetary …
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Thank you all for the good words

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Decebal 23 Oct.

Supetr article!

foreignexchange avatar

Great article, thanks Daytrader21

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Olga18375 28 Oct.

Great, long, useful, interesting!! And this is all words for you) Because you have a good article)!

marius24 avatar
marius24 29 Oct.

as usual this article is well written and so far you predicted quite precisely Eur/usd

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First let have a look at what are the fractals. This is an indicator developed by Bill Williams which let us know when the market has reached its peak or bottom and should reverse the trend. The fractal shows that we have reached the peak when the average candle (5 candles) is located at highest. The fractal shows that we have reached the bottom when the average candle is placed at lowest.There are numerous strategies that include fractals but in this article and the forthcoming ones we will focus only on the most basic ones. The one we are going to have a look on today is extremely effective if it is used correctly and I would recommend it for advanced traders.Strategy: Scalping This strategy that I will show you in this article is based on fractals and Alligator. Both indicators were developed by Bill Williams. The strategy aims through multiple deals to secure stable income. Its main idea is to make deals with profit of 9 pips at risk 15 or 25. For this reason it is not recommended for beginner traders
Rules for trading:The first point of the strategy that must be discussed is the time frame. It should be 1 hour. This strategy works well also in larger time frames such as 4 hour…
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GK_Tecvison avatar

My understanding is " From the market you cannot have multiple indicators operating on a same level of disturbances, it means you have to make a formula in such a way that through maintaining the equation, you have to level the positional aspects related to changes in the cumbersome equations.

prectical avatar
prectical 25 June

I agree, but fractals can not be used alone. They have several meanings. as points of breakout or support and resistance. So they must be combined with others indicators

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Over the last 2 years the market has been changing a lot and we saw across the board many currency pairs has started moving away from those nasty big range zone and have been shifted towards more clear trendsTrend trading can be as difficult as range trading if you don't understand the characteristic of this new type of environment, and you need new adequate rules to be able to profit in the market. In this regard my article is going to provide you with some core basics and unique rules that have been helping me to trend trading with a unique strategy
A healty trading market is when we move step by step: Consolidation - Breakout type of move. As a general rule if a market is moving in a consolidation or a range trading box or a base, followed by a breakout and than repeat the process, than the market is doing what it should be doing (see Figure 1). One of the best hedge fund managers PT Jones has explained this process quite simple, and I'm quoting him here:
The basic premise of the system is that market move sharply, when they move. If there is a sudden range expansion in a market that has been trading narrowly, human nature is to try to fade that price move. When you get a r…
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Thank you all for your support, much appreciated

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cocciolla 24 Jan.

Excellent article,good luck

foreignexchange avatar

Great great article, many traders probably utilyze this set of informations  without formulate a strategy.
It could be probably matter of study to evaluate the Standard Deviation considering the different scale.
...... Also if you probably think that there is invariance of scale  : )
Good job 

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Nice work :)

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Likerty 30 Jan.

wonderful article!

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Time Frame: 15 min
Symbol: All pair
Take profit: 4 pips
  I'll write one of my most effective and simple strategies using the Fractal indicator.
  First go to the 15
min time frame, then insert the fractal display (button indicators / bill
williams / fractal), here's an important part, fractal indicator on the screen,
the part that says "Number of bars on sides" put the number 5 . Once
you have done it will look like the screen below.
  After adding the fractal indicator, go to pictures and click on the picture rectangle that shows in the figure below.
   Now the search
chart is a strong movement upwards or downwards, after the wait indicator fractal
appears in the top and bottom, as shown in the figure below.
  After selecting specific points in the rectangle, dragging
the rectangle go expecting a break in the bottom or
top, watching the movement of the candles, and
afterbreaking open an order in favor of the disruption,
if broken down to open a sell, or else to open
a buy.
   You can also leave pending orders on top of these two
prices that are labeled with the rectangle.
Once open the order, expected to
close four pips of profit and close it. As
shown in the figure below.
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CASPI avatar
CASPI 13 Apr.

Useful information. I wish you success.

belman avatar
belman 15 Apr.

good luck+1

kkforex avatar
kkforex 18 Apr.

INteresting strategy 1+

kostas19 avatar
kostas19 18 Apr.

Nice presentation but i feel like the strategie is not viable because you have 3 pips that cover slippage spreads and comissions. +1

scramble avatar
scramble 25 Apr.

this "strategy" can be good just for fun, in my opinion! but staring in front of charts so much time to wait such setup to happen just to pick 4pips (4pips - 2spread = 2 pips)becomes to be a total waste of time.
good luck with this, if works for you, then everything is OK! :-)

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