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Доброго время суток друзья! В этой статья я расскажу вам как можно без всяких индикаторов и советников используя только график зарабатывать стабильный доход 100 пунктов и более.
Первое. Торговля ведется отложенными ордерами с выставлением Take Pfofit и Stop Loss. Это важно, нужно понимать что валютный рынок Forex очень волатильный и дабы не потерять свой депозит при первой же сделки нужно не только уметь торговать но ещё и управлять рисками.
Второе. Используя в качестве анализа рынка точки входа уровни сопротивления и поддержки,наглядно будет показаны на графики.
График номер 1 показана валютная пара EUR/JPY с временным интервалом 4 часа,для демонстрации ничего не искал взял за пример последний несколько недель на графики это видно,подходит для быстрого профита или средней торговли.
График номер 2 та же пара только с дневным временным интервалом он демонстрирует что и в долгосрочной торговле можно использовать эту стратегию. Больше подойдет трейдерам с инвестиционными планами,торговлю в долгосрочной перспективе.
Линиями отмечены места входа на большое количество пунктов профита и для умеренного, к примеру 100 пунктов. эти линии фиксируют точку разворота тренда.
Кругом отмечен…
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anashape 25 Nov.

good written!

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NikaTigra 26 Nov.


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good articl

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mermaid 30 Nov.

Молодец.Соблюдаешь правила торговли.

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Поддерживаю в начинании)))

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Forex is the short form of foreign exchange. If you have ever been abroad and needed to buy something, then you would have probably required their local currency. That means you might have already taken part in FOREX trading. So, in order to make your business transactions much more fluent and smoother, an amazing facility of FOREX TRADE COPIER is now a days available in the market.
So friends, if you are new in the exchange market and are not equipped with those business-oriented tactics and feels like as if you are not good at trading, then you are just one click away to solve all of your problems. By downloading FOREX TRADING COPIER’s software, you’ll get professional and experienced traders who will handle most your transactions. In the mean even if you are a student you can carry on with your studies or any of your meetings in the case of a business man. And in the back end, all of your dealings will be looked over or dealt properly by the skilled traders.
Well then, all you need to do is to link up your account to the server account. All the trades would instantly be copied from the professional trader’s account to your account; thus, saving you from the tiresome job of find…
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Many useful information, informative and helpful, also there are some useful tools introduced.

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klintons 21 Oct.


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good work. keep doing hard work best luck

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DaShik 10 Nov.

useful tool for those who don't have time for trading. tnx for the article!

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Do not listen to your heart - listen to your Forex broker!
On example of trading with Dukascopy.
This article will be based, on my own experience in trading.

All traders know, that the main part of success trading is finding and choosing good Forex Broker. We have many articles about the criteria of good brokers and if you are reading this article here, on Dukascopy web site, you are in right place. When you open your chart in Dukascopy you see: Forex, Fun, Social. I want to add one more – helpful. Dukascopy not only wants to attract you to trade, Dukascopy wants you to trade successes. This is one of the main part in my article.
Today I will give to you all examples of how Dukascopy helps traders to be success. In addition, what can be happened if you will not follow your broker, if you do not listen to him.
Main part: Dukascopy wants you to make money.
Dukascopy team made great job to help to you to make money. They have all instruments to start with Jforex platform, Dukascopy TV, Dukascopy support and etc. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the main part here are news. You can learn all fresh news in one place. You can read them, see them and even discuss.
However, t…
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Mani 19 Jan.


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anna_t 21 Jan.

great! nice job

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Excellent write up )) Agree with your views ))

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MobNaga 25 Jan.

O.K. I will watch it for trial.
btw, Are you appearing in DukascopyTV?

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SalviLeana 31 Jan.

Great !

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