Forex is the short form of foreign exchange. If you have ever been abroad and needed to buy something, then you would have probably required their local currency. That means you might have already taken part in FOREX trading. So, in order to make your business transactions much more fluent and smoother, an amazing facility of FOREX TRADE COPIER is now a days available in the market.
So friends, if you are new in the exchange market and are not equipped with those business-oriented tactics and feels like as if you are not good at trading, then you are just one click away to solve all of your problems. By downloading FOREX TRADING COPIER’s software, you’ll get professional and experienced traders who will handle most your transactions. In the mean even if you are a student you can carry on with your studies or any of your meetings in the case of a business man. And in the back end, all of your dealings will be looked over or dealt properly by the skilled traders.
Well then, all you need to do is to link up your account to the server account. All the trades would instantly be copied from the professional trader’s account to your account; thus, saving you from the tiresome job of find…
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VictoriaVika 17 Окт.

Many useful information, informative and helpful, also there are some useful tools introduced.

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priceaction113 22 Окт.

good work. keep doing hard work best luck

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DaShik 10 Нояб.

useful tool for those who don't have time for trading. tnx for the article!

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This System was designed based on the most powerful trading methods like trend following and wave trading.
This system is based on two price actions .. The first one is
price’s trend. And the second one is price’s wave.
To indentify the trend we’re going to use two indicators.
First indicator : COG indicator (Center of Gravity). Obviously, it provides visual trending signal for up/down trends. The second indicator is QFF MACD: As you can see from the screen shot, if the trend is up you should have a green bar above 0 line. If the trend is down you should have a red bar.
Dark ( blue – green ) bars means “weak trend”. To analyze the waves for best entry/exit points we’re going to
use 3 indicators:
1 - SHI SIGNALS 2 – Rads HAS 3 - Rads HAS ext
1- Dot indicator/ Shi signals: when you see a red dot on the
top of the current wave that means a sell signal. When the
dot is green and located at the bottom of the current wave
that means the signal is a buy signal.
Buy Signal:
2 – Wave indicators, Rad HAS and Rad Has Ext: When all
bars/candles are green that means it’s a buy signal or bullish
Sell Signal:
When all bars/candles are red, that means it’s a se…
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very well done!

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will u post smth else on this topic soon?

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DaShik 11 Авг.

like this article

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bibo 5 Сент.

interesting,  will take the time to read further

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The Speed Resistance Lines constitute a method that combines the retraction percentage of a move with trendlines. They have the advantage to take into account the growth rate of prices, adapting to new levels they are formed. In order to explain how to get these lines, I will consider two cases: a rise in prices, which leads to the Bullish Speed Lines and a fall in prices, which leads to the Bearish Speed Lines.
- To obtain a Bullish Speed Line, you must do the following:
  1. Identify the maximum point and the minimum point of a bullish move;
  2. Then when the peak is reached, draw a vertical line between this point and the level of the identified minimum;
  3. This vertical line will be divided into 3 equal parts;
  4. Then are drawn three trendlines, which depart from the minimum point and passes through the maximum, another passes through the 2/3 level and the last goes through the 1/3 leve;
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Sveetlana 18 Янв.

Good article

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Mariia 21 Янв.

Well done!!!

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Olga18375 27 Янв.

Good and interesting article!

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Skif 27 Янв.

useful article

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Great stuff!

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Todos los días aparecen oportunidades en el mercado de divisas, curiosamente la oportunidades aparecen a toro pasado, son oportunidades desaprovechadas, esto genera frustración y provoca precipitación en la siguiente decisión. La consistencia se basa en la capacidad de caer en la cuenta todo el tiempo cuando las probabilidades están a favor y cuando hay que estar fuera del mercado, con la serie de artículos "Idea de Trading semanal" sobre el GBPUSD, analizare el mejor momento para entrar en el mercado durante la semana minimizando el riesgo.
En este primer articulo explicaré el método que utilizaré, a partir del siguiente articulo publicaré la primera Idea de trading semanal sobre el GBPUSD.

El Método

Cada semana mediante el análisis técnico estudiare la situación de varios horizontes temporales para tener un visión global sobre la fuerza dominante, estudiaré en primer lugar el horizonte temporal mayor e iré disminuyendo horizontes temporales menores quitando capas como si el mercado fuera una cebolla, me informaré de las noticias macro económicas con un gran impacto en la volatilidad en el par GBPUSD y por ultimo concluiré con la oportunidad con más probabilidad de…
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Airmike 8 Окт.

Why you don't write in English. just try

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HOW CRUCIAL IS TIME AND TIMING IN FOREX TRADING? The pros don’t want you to know this!
This article if not about HOW to trade, but focuses on the WHEN of trading – its about time and timing. I have researched this information about Forex trading to enable you answer for yourselves the question “Does it matter WHEN I trade?” While you can make money whether the market is moving up or down, it’s extremely difficult to make money when the market is moving sideways.
Therefore, given that the market for a particular currency may spend 60% to 75% of its time moving sideways, it is very important to know when the TRENDING activity is MOST likely to occur.
This Two-part article (I & II) reveals the habits of Five major currency pairs in the 4Hour time-frame.
This article seeks to help you make the odds even.
Imagine,that having access to this information will stack the odds in your favor. But, pause for a moment, and think that for each currency pair you already knew you will now know: [list][/list]…
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forexpower 25 Авг.

Good job

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000rk 25 Авг.


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9jakas 25 Авг.


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nicely done!

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Very well thought out and researched :)

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Understandably, around the world everyone wants to make money, enough to put them and their loved ones out of misery and penury. Surprisingly, knowing the difference between trading forex or gambling has become one a very important topic you will ever read about in the trading business.
Perhaps, you are wondering why it is so important. Because this is the area that most new traders skip right over before venturing into the Forex market and subsequently crash out. However, for traders that have endured long enough, they get to realize it after they have lost fortunes of their lives savings.
Note the difference, if you trade Forex, you will treat it as a business and manage the risk exposure by applying risk management, but if you gamble Forex, you are betting. When you bet, you are not analyzing risk but staking your money on the probability of chance.
While novice traders simply pick out the amount of money they are willing to lose in one trade, then they hit the button and go, they celebrate their gains as good trades and mourn their loses. Prevalent this trend of Forex trading as it seems, this is known as
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ivanbgd 14 Авг.

very good article

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WallStreet6 23 Авг.

I'm not surprised and I'm fully aware thta I'm gambling the forex market- interesting look at trading!

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geula4x 8 Окт.

+1 nice article. important esp. for beginners :)

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I do not how to trade. I have no time to trade. I can never make reasonable consistent profit. Well, these are the questions most Forex Beginners often ask themselves before investing money in the Forex Market. It is no wonder, how hard it is to learn, trade and generate profit in this market. I could speak for myself and have no shame in accepting the fact that I have blown three accounts when I was starting out my Forex journey.
80 percent of Forex traders lose money so think before you invest and start trading blindly.
Most professionals and institutional traders are right 50 percent of the time. However, they mostly depend on the size of the bet instead of direction. So, unless you are a millionaire chances of you making profit is quite slim.
Most banks scale the size of their trades by assessing risk and reward ratio. They usually go long term and make profit on it.
Don't believe me? You still have doubts? Check the Trader contest and name me me one Trader who has finished top 5 or let's make the window a little bigger top 20 on a consistent basis.
Even Professionals make losses at one point of time and It's bound to happen. People with zero knowledge usually get…
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Thank you for the information!

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Useful information indeed, very well explained and written. Nice job!

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Agree with people!! Good and useful article!!!

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very interesting!

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Very insightful!

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