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1. Abstract:
I know there are tons of information out there about the tool Fibonacci levels on any charting package of trading systems.
Also, I am quite sure you can perform a very well analysis using it to find key levels or confluence areas and so on.
But, I want to show you a simple way to approach the market using a sequence of combinations called internal points or levels.
This internal levels was developed by a Russian trader called Viktor.
Also, he has released a book about it, but I am not going to tell you about this book because is not an advertisement of him or his book.
The main point of this levels are four, called internal point 1, 2,3 and 4.
As average this strategy aims for a risk to reward ratio of 2:1, so is conservative approach.
2. Development:
The basic to start my explication will need to set this:
  • Check any pair on any time frame, I will use H1
  • Plot a line or candle bar, for me I will user the common bar.
  • Identify the main trend, the basic by visual recognition.
  • Locate the recent swing high and swing low.
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drferre avatar
drferre 12 Sep.

good article!

RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 19 Sep.

Another good trading strategy

Gomez avatar
Gomez 12 Aug.

Thank you for this!  I have since obtained Pershikov's artilce on the subject.  Great strategy for entering potential "C" wave with good risk ratio.

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1. Abstract
This week seems to be very interesting because the price action is making changes because of the strong US DOLLAR.
So, is very important to have a watch list and follow it and today I will share it.
The information suggested here is not an investment advice and must check it before to take any trade decision.
2. Development
This pair was loosing ground since March 20th who reach a price of 0.775 but at the moment has reach a zone around 0.75
The price at this level was touched by first time on March 8th and seems to be forming a resistance level.
I am waiting for a pattern formation about reversal or trend continuation to make a move.
If the price action can close below this zone, we could see a move lower around 0.73
But if don't a move like correction to the recent lower high to reach the 0.762 zone maybe is the second option.
The recent issues on Siria was the boost to this commotidy and maybe could be around 58$ or more.
This began on March 23th when brent touched the 50$ and since that day was climbing till today around 56$.
A strong resistance is around 57.5$ and a close above this level could send prices even higher.
For now I am waiting for …
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ak10 13 Apr.


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Adel55 18 Apr.


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gargantua 21 Apr.

good article

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money , and if you did that you may pretty well blow up your acco
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OneGoodTrade avatar

Yes but you see...actually your risk is zero. Also the prizes are money for trading not withdrawing immediately. Beside that each one has to assume his/her own responsibility for the trading activity. It's not easy, I know. Good luck.

priceaction113 avatar

hope you will done some thing more next month

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It begins with a dream of an easy way out to making money, I mean lots of it. It was the same for me when I started trading forex. I thought I finally found a convenient way out of poverty. It is good to dream and dream big but dreams are always dreams. Some come true and very many do not.
When I started trading in 2011, I was damn broke as hell. After a few lessons on trading and demo account practice for a few weeks, I felt I was ripe enough to trade live. I invested 3000USD of my hard earned savings. I made my calculations and thought, I was on the verge of hitting it big. This feeling gave a very positive energy of life and I just found myself smiling all the time. (of course I will be rich soon). However, after just two weeks of live trading the scale fell off my eyes when my initial deposit of 3000 USD evaporated up to 90%.
But is it really possible for a traders (professional or amateur) to have only winning trades??This is the question on every beginners mind. I also erroneously thought one could have only all winning trades. This is practically impossible even in only one month of trading.
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rh6899 avatar
rh6899 7 June

confirmed and will might be confirmed soon
crossed and will might be crossed soon

waiting confirmed and crossed happen is exhausted (who said it is a fun job? there is no fun in any job)
hoping will might be confirmed soon or will might be crossed soon is expensive (this must be the first lesson for a trader and must be train for this condition a trader must pass this test first)
when it is confirmed or crossed but not perform this can be fix and we spot it soon

JockPippin avatar

If trading isn't boring ..then you are doing it wrong ...A waiting game and positions that don't get your heart rate up even when it's falling before your eyes means you got your money right .It shouldn't be exciting it should be mundane and calculated .Nice to hear a story from a guy that's put his money where his mouth is  instead of some nugget winning the article contest that's  never traded for real and telling me about waves and candlesticks :)) .

nobleline9 avatar

Hi JockPippin, Yes trading is sure boring and not as easily lucrative as some seem to make of it.

JockPippin avatar

People are scared to lose and get a few scars to the wallet and run away but this game is a high risk of loss ...If your'e  scared of heights then don't sky dive as a hobby :))) . The money is sweet when you get it right doubt !! ,It's how you handle your losses that determines if you are a good trader ...If you break even in this game you can consider yourself a winner :)) .

scramble avatar
scramble 9 June

Many many times I feel like trading is just about knowing deeply yourself and your limit. Most of the times you will have to buy the falling price, or sell the rise.! Think about... how many times did it happen? You buy the rising price just to get the extreme peak of a multi days downtrend? So extreme that the ask price is not even covered by the candle in the chart? And how many times did you give up waiting for a move to come, just to realized you left exactly when the move started? Trading is a business: you have to buy CHEAPER. And sell HIGHER. The trend is an human illusion. That's it.

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The Speed Resistance Lines constitute a method that combines the retraction percentage of a move with trendlines. They have the advantage to take into account the growth rate of prices, adapting to new levels they are formed. In order to explain how to get these lines, I will consider two cases: a rise in prices, which leads to the Bullish Speed Lines and a fall in prices, which leads to the Bearish Speed Lines.
- To obtain a Bullish Speed Line, you must do the following:
  1. Identify the maximum point and the minimum point of a bullish move;
  2. Then when the peak is reached, draw a vertical line between this point and the level of the identified minimum;
  3. This vertical line will be divided into 3 equal parts;
  4. Then are drawn three trendlines, which depart from the minimum point and passes through the maximum, another passes through the 2/3 level and the last goes through the 1/3 leve;
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Sveetlana 18 Jan.

Good article

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Mariia 21 Jan.

Well done!!!

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Olga18375 27 Jan.

Good and interesting article!

Skif avatar
Skif 27 Jan.

useful article

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al_dcdemo 12 Feb.

Great stuff!

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Understandably, around the world everyone wants to make money, enough to put them and their loved ones out of misery and penury. Surprisingly, knowing the difference between trading forex or gambling has become one a very important topic you will ever read about in the trading business.
Perhaps, you are wondering why it is so important. Because this is the area that most new traders skip right over before venturing into the Forex market and subsequently crash out. However, for traders that have endured long enough, they get to realize it after they have lost fortunes of their lives savings.
Note the difference, if you trade Forex, you will treat it as a business and manage the risk exposure by applying risk management, but if you gamble Forex, you are betting. When you bet, you are not analyzing risk but staking your money on the probability of chance.
While novice traders simply pick out the amount of money they are willing to lose in one trade, then they hit the button and go, they celebrate their gains as good trades and mourn their loses. Prevalent this trend of Forex trading as it seems, this is known as
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ivanbgd 14 Aug.

very good article

Yulia_Krasitskaya avatar


WallStreet6 avatar

I'm not surprised and I'm fully aware thta I'm gambling the forex market- interesting look at trading!

Milian avatar
Milian 23 Aug.


geula4x avatar
geula4x 8 Oct.

+1 nice article. important esp. for beginners :)

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Both beginners and veteran forex traders have always been finding it difficult to manage their money in Forex trading. It is possible for anyone to land a profitable trading system, but it is not possible for everyone to maintain money management through proper discipline and strategy. Even though it is quite essential to manage money, it is something that is not quite difficult. There are different stages and aspects associated with Forex money management, and it is important to start it from the initial phase of your forex trading business that starts with opening a live trading account. The simple rule that needs to be followed here is not to put more than 2% of your money at risk. Generally, it is believed that this rule is not applicable in the beginning, but the fact is entirely the reverse. This needs to be taken into account even when a live account has not yet been opened. Take it for an example that you have traded sufficiently through a demo account and practiced a lot, and you are ready to deal through a live account with a saving of more than $15,000. Will you be opening an account with your entire saving? It is possible, but what would be your situation if you are to…
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doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 30 Oct.

Welcome to the Article Contest. Money and Risk Management are the most important aspects of Trading and Forex. You can make money from most of the strategies on the long term if you use a tight risk management and you keep a close eye on your Money Management Plan. I personally never use a Leveredge higher than 1:100. For Accounts Larger than 10.000 $ I reccomend a 1:50, 1:20 or even 1:10 Leveregde even if the Leverdge factor is not as important as the risk and Money Management (because you can set the same size for your orders with different leveredges). Keep writing and insert some charts :)

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A Challenging
As traders we are
making our money from trading the markets, from making financial decisions in
an environment of risk and uncertainty. If there was a formula to describe what
goes on in challenging decisions, it might look something like this:
Risk +
Uncertainty + Money = Challenging Decisions
If you then add
into that short time frames, and the pressure and stress that can be generated
due to the possible consequences of those decisions, it is not difficult to see
why trading is so difficult, and so few people are able to excel at it.
To become a
trader you need to embrace risk and uncertainty, as they are an integral part
of the trading world. You need to develop approaches to help you to accept and
manage your risk in a way that still enables you to make profits, and you need
to learn to cope with the uncertainty that trading brings. (taken from blog of
W., Steve and Tony Holmes)
Embracing Risk
most of us prefer comfort and safety to risk-taking.” – Ari Kiev, The
Psychology of Risk
Do you consider
yourself a risk-taker? Do you believe you are taking a risk when you put on a
trade? Have you accepted the possible consequence…
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ritesh avatar
ritesh 22 Dec.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

skytrader avatar

you made it in the top ten. congrats!

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