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"You have now reached infatuation's final destination—the complete and merciless devaluation of self." -- Elizabeth Gilbert
The above quote may be from Ms. Gilbert's memoir "Eat, Pray, Love" on the subject of spirituality and romance, but it best describes the value and strength of the currencies discussed in this article. Without further ado, the following five currencies make our list of the least valued currencies of this century, with old price quotes and charts dating back only to 1996 when we saw the first generation of Forex online trading platforms available for retail Forex traders via the internet.
Please note, that many other currencies that may have topped or equally been worthy enough to be mentioned here has at some point during the past two decades denominated their currency to reduce the unwieldiness of its old value. Also, more emphasis has been given over each nation's current GDP data ranking among all of the present 187 International Monetary Fund (IMF) members.
#1: Uzbekistani Som
Estimated GDP: 187,947 millions of international$ , RANK: 62/187

One US dollar was equal to 40.00 UZS on the 1st January of 1996 and since it has gained 7487% to an unimaginable excha…
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Very good job!

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brilliant 18 Sep.

nice article nice photoes

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Chaudhry77 19 Sep.

nice article and good work

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nice article and Zimbabwe's new 100 trillion dollar bill would be worth about $300 in U.S

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Mani 14 Oct.


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What ever happened to the carry trade? Back in the middle of 2007 I was just a year into my trading "apprenticeship". I just had just blown my first account and was trying to find the perfect system that will make me a millionaire overnight. I knew a friend who was just starting out in trading, lets call him Bob. "Bob" got into forex trading by hearing about the "Carry Trade".What is the "Carry Trade" ?A "Carry Trade" is executed when you borrow a currency that has a low interest rate, like the Japanese Yen and at the same time you buy a currency that has a high interest rate. You make a profit of the interest rate differential between the two currencies, also called Carry or Rollover.The prime example for a so called "funding currency" for the past decade has been the Japanese Yen. The Bank of Japan has kept interest rates in the near zero range for close to 15 years now. See the chart below for this.As can be seen on the chart, Japan's interest rates stayed in the 0%-0.5% range all throughout the past decade. Even to this day Japan has one of the lowest interest rates of the world ranging at 0%-0.10%.Back in 2007 there were a lot of currencies with "high" interest rates. The more…
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Ivolux 20 Dec.

Interesting read, guess we all know what happened next, huge crash all the way to 120.00

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scramble 24 Dec.

funny your avatar followed by the title of the article in the contest home page :)

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scramble 24 Dec.

and nice article of course!

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