The Woe Teaches (nevolya –“ woe”, “The hardship in life “ in Bulgarian language)
I would like to start my Forex business story with one of the most famous Bulgarian folk tales:
Once upon a time, there was an old woodcutter who had two sons. Every time he went to the woods, he took along with him one of them as a helper.
One day, the woodcutter put the oxen to the oxcart and told his sons:
- Come on, guys, go alone to the forest for firewood. I shall take a rest because I am very tired.
The boys were delighted that they could replace their father and drove the oxcart to the woods. Starting on their way, the elder son turned his back and asked his father:
- Dad, if we damage the oxcart, who will fix it?
- Do not worry, - replied the father - if it breaks, call the Woe, She will fix it.
The boys went to the woods. They released the oxen to graze and grabbed the axes. They started to cut quickly and chopped a lot of firewood and the oxcart got overloaded. The boys put the oxen to the cart and started their return home. Suddenly, just in mid course, the overloaded oxcart crashed and fractured the draw-bar “.What a mess! “How shall we drive back with this overloaded cart?”, asked the yo
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