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I am a great loser in forex trading because I don’t know much about the world of forex trading and still I entered into live trading with real money and I don’t want to get educated in forex and I only know to dream of getting profits faster and become rich through forex trading but not interested in getting the right knowledge though knowledge is power and knowing alone can help me avoid taking of wrong decisions but I always underestimate the power of knowledge of forex currency pairs and their correlations, strengths, value of economy of the countries and its effect on forex market and also I don’t know how to select the broker for trading forex because I don’t have any knowledge about regulation and all.
I am a great loser in forex trading because I don’t know the most important part of forex i.e., slippage which occurs during news releases and that can blow my account in seconds, though knowing details of slippage and being prepared for the same can save me from a disaster but I am not interested in all these and just love to gamble.
I am a great loser in forex trading because I don’t have patience as I want instant profits and get rich as soon as possible though consistently …
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“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” is a famous quote from William Shakespeare. With research firmly suggesting that more than 90% of day traders lose money in the long run, the Forex market surely is not for the fainthearted. What is apparent is that the 10% that thrive in Forex market do not depend on sheer luck or mere coincidence but possess superior skill and superb character. This article endeavors to educate traders and aspiring traders on the traits of a good trader.
The key fundamental traits of a good trader
  • Extremely disciplined.
Going through High school one of the lessons that I learnt from my teachers is that discipline constitutes half of a person’s education and if that half is missing then the other half is not there. The same with Forex trading, discipline is everything. Discipline needs to be exercised at all times and not sometimes only. No matter what strategy a trader pursues they should be disciplined enough to follow through their chosen strategy.
As Jim Rohn right says, ”Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
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