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Hello again, as has been customary in my previous articles I try not to make them very professional, but I try to convey the main information in a way easily understandable by all.My article for this month is about the BASICS that new traders always forget, and try always be an expert when they even do not know what FOREX is...I'll start with a little story that may be about any one of us, here in DFC:As a boy when i played football, my goal was to be the best forward I could be. Then I realized I could not throw, so, I thought I would be a great goalkeeper. After realizing that I could not tackle any better than I could throw. My friends, offered me the best advice for which I could have hoped:"Stop trying to be a specialist, and first be a good football player" As an adult I learned this lesson all over again, and now i think it could be applied to forex trading too: "Stop trying to be a specialist, and just be a disciplined trader first"Since I came to forex trading and through my experience interacting with other traders, I have always been confronted with these three key elements, that make up the formula to be a disciplined trader:PROBABILITYRISKLEVERAGEAll too frequently, br…
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pistek 21 Dec.

very nice and good presentation......gl4you +1

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Bideira 21 Dec.

Good Article, keep up the good work Linnux!! And great presentation

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ritesh 22 Dec.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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LinnuxFX 23 Dec.

Merry Christmas, with a lot of GREEN PIPS...

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AdrianWS 26 Dec.

great article, happy christmas and good trading +1

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Succeed in the forex world is what we all want when we decided to open our first account and start trading currencies. But for those who think that achieving success is just using some strategies already developed by other trades and begin to apply them in your real account, they can forget it. Until you succeed in this world you have a hard way to go... After some research and collect information from some traders my friends, I will outline the stages through which a "newbie" has to go even begin to have consistent gains in the Forex World. Stage1 - Floor Drifting and Wasting Time (from 0 to 6 months) This period is characterized by a large waste of time to look for strategies based on indicators, but end up becoming completely ineffective. It is also very common among "newbies" at this stage, spend an unnecessary amount of money on books, courses and automatic strategies. In the first 6 months, generally they do not have a consistent method of trading and at this stage most of them give up because they lose large percentage of the money invested. Stage2 - No Consistency or Trading Plan (6 to 12 months) By this time most of the traders decides to stop spending money on un…
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alalaor 6 Oct.

Very good message and very creative
Strategic planning involves an analysis of past, present, and hangs paths to be traversed in order to achieve goals in the future and to keep the market competitive.

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Good article +1 dude

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amerfx86 8 Oct.

interesting article... +1 and ..congr... for last month

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LinnuxFX 12 Oct.

thanks amerfx86, i try wrote something useful but sometimes is not easy, because all contestants have great articles...

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Bluedragon 14 Oct.

Your article is very usefull for newbies in forex, has you said...

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