The most important aspect of Forex trading is having a working strategy and one of the most widely used rule is of diversification of the trading portfolio. Diversification of the trading portfolio means getting exposure to various currency pairs so that the trading result is not influenced by any single currency pair. As an example, a trader may trade ten different currency pairs at a time with the maximum loss per pair allowed of 0.5% of the global portfolio value. However in implementing this diversification strategy it is important to know various aspects of the different pairs like the pip value, overnight rate and margin for these have a great impact on the chosen strategy. The Dukascopy website has great Forex calculators that can be used for this purpose. This article looks at these forex calculators and how they can aid the trader in implementing their trading and risk management strategies.
How to get to the Forex Calculators

The Forex calculators are found in the “market info” section of the Dukascopy website . On the drop down menu that appears when you point the cursor to this section, click on the “Forex calculator” section as shown in steps in …
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