I do not how to trade. I have no time to trade. I can never make reasonable consistent profit. Well, these are the questions most Forex Beginners often ask themselves before investing money in the Forex Market. It is no wonder, how hard it is to learn, trade and generate profit in this market. I could speak for myself and have no shame in accepting the fact that I have blown three accounts when I was starting out my Forex journey.
80 percent of Forex traders lose money so think before you invest and start trading blindly.
Most professionals and institutional traders are right 50 percent of the time. However, they mostly depend on the size of the bet instead of direction. So, unless you are a millionaire chances of you making profit is quite slim.
Most banks scale the size of their trades by assessing risk and reward ratio. They usually go long term and make profit on it.
Don't believe me? You still have doubts? Check the Trader contest and name me me one Trader who has finished top 5 or let's make the window a little bigger top 20 on a consistent basis.
Even Professionals make losses at one point of time and It's bound to happen. People with zero knowledge usually get…
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