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USD/JPY has been trading sideways for the most of February this year. In absence of immediate triggers there were not many reasons for the big moves in USD/JPY. So I thought it's best time to analyse the USD/JPY for the big moves ahed.
A look on Fundamentals.
In recent months the labor market has continued to strengthen as well as economic activity is expand at a moderate pace. Job gains have remained solid, and the unemployment rate is staying near its recent low. Household spending is rising moderately, while business fixed investment is on a bit softer side. Measures of consumer and business sentiment are also improving after a long time. Recent indicators of activity in the housing sector were generally positive. Starts and permits for single-family housing and sales of existing homes rose moderately in the fourth quarter, and real residential investment bounced back after two quarterly declines. The outlook for the business sector is improving. A number of national surveys of sentiment among corporate executives and small business owners as well as information from participants’ District contacts is indicating a high level of optimism about the economic outlook. Many participa…
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1.0 Introduction
USD Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Rate Decision was at June 17. This huge forex event is excellent for trading because it creates strong volatility and market direction. Trading the news is very difficult. Traders need to be nimble and prepared to close the position if price action went against them and on the other side they must calculate stop loss on right way and avoid to be "washed up" (lose position for few pips because volatility).
Trader need to be concentrated during post event speech because some important information can turn market down or up. Sometimes , FOMC rate move market 50-100 pips in one direction and then during the speech we get some new information which move market in opposite direction.
In this article I will try to describe whole process of trading.
2. Fundamental analysis before FOMC
May and June were one of the best months in fundamental view for dollar. Non-farm Payrolls were 280K with positive Retail Sales and several excellent reports. Employment stats are amazing and economy overview is in excellent shape. Personal consumption and industrial production are little bit below expected. Only industry in USA which is not in good sh…
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