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"When you enter the markets, you are going into a competitive field in which your evaluations and opinions will be matched against some of the sharpest and toughest minds in the business. You are in a highly specialized industry - under the intense study by men whose economic survival depends on their best judgement. You will certainly be exposed to advise, suggestions, and offers of help from all sides. Unless you are able to develop some market philosophy of your own, you will not be able to tell the good from the bad, the sound from the unsound." – John MageeIf you have ever listened to the above quote, you may have known that there is no perfect method to make money in this business, no Holy Grail, no money-printing machine method... But we certainly have an edge if we see at what big guys see. It is clear that when you have a very big amount of money to invest, you are not likely to watch for complex technical system. You would rather plan for risk events and trade from an economist's perspective. Thus, the more simple your technical system is, the more effective and less time-consuming your decision making process would be.In this article, I will guide you through how to setu…
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auto1 13 Dec.

Would you you please explain as to to what is the purpose /usage of high/low/close of same ma? Nice article,

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Hi, the purpose of applying SMA with the same time period on high/low/close of prices is to know when we get into the support/resistance zone better. It is a zone; therefore, doing so will erase in your mind the idea that support/resistance is just a single price.

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Likerty 14 Dec.

Interesting approach:))

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News for the next week:The week of the 12th - 18th February holds some very interesting and important news releases for the financial markets.In this article I will analyse the most important and biggest moving Scheduled news releases.On Tuesday 14th at 9:30 GMT or 10:30 CET the Office for National Statistics will release the United Kingdom's CPI data M/M and Y/YThe Consumer Price Index is the most important inflation measuring study which is used by the Bank of England.It measures inflation by taking a basket of goods and measuring the price changes. As the BoE needs to keep inflation between 1-3% and so traders are very keen to know the results of this.Previous month print - 4.2% y/y against estimates of 4.2% - This shows that the CPI data didn't come in as a shock and as the previous months CPI was 4.8% it has cooled off. This was GBP positive and therefore the GBP/USD rose as seen in the chart.Therefore the estimates for the upcoming week are 3.6% and for me if we print on estimate we will see a similar move as last month. Generally speaking if the number is higher than estimates the GBP "should" rise as it would hint that the BoE should raise interest rates to calm off the inf…
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ZeroIce 16 Feb.

It was interesting to learn about this risks.

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pistek 16 Feb.

gl4you, great:)

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AdrianWS 16 Feb.

Philly fed printed at 10.2 above estimates of 9.0 providing risk on for all assests, EUR, AUD, NZD rising, see chart -

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AdrianWS 17 Feb.

Retail sales came in at 0.9% - way above estimates of -0.3%. obviusly good for the GBP and therefore it rose sharply - - see chart

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Good analysis for last week. You should start makin this a weekly thing.

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