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Die sehr geehrten Teilnehmer der Community! Ich bin froh, Ihnen den zweiten und letzten Teil meines Artikels vorzustellen.
Erste Teil finden Sie hier .
Der Punkt 4.
Der Verkauf vom Widerstand in der Zone zwischen der vorletzten Gründung und den ersten Fibo-Niveaus der beendeten Marktbewegung nach oben.
Wie auch für den Fall mit den Punkten 1 und 2, der Punkt 4 – das Spiegelanalogon des Punktes 3, das damit zu richten uns in den Handel auf der kurzen Seite bei der Einstellend- Rückgabe der Preise nach oben vorbestimmt ist. Auf dem Markt, die Gesellschaft, zu fallen, klären sich die Durchbrüche zur Zeit der Überwindung der Niveaus, die in den vorangehenden Preisminima erreicht sind oft. Ziemlich oft, besonders schlägt auf den frühen Stadien des sich entwickelnden Trends nach unten, die Wiederherstellung des Marktes bis zum Niveau Durchbruch der Unterstützung mit den möglichen Löchern höher auf. Hier - gerade jene Stelle, wo man verkaufen muss. Genauer die Zone des Widerstands zu bestimmen es werden die Fibo-Niveaus helfen, aus denen 38 % am besten arbeiten. Manchmal tritt als die gute Aushilfe das Niveau auf 23.6 %, zeugend über die offensichtliche Schwäche des Marktes und seiner Be…
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zarina 16 May

интересный подход , попробуем .

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интересное решение

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good job)

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Хорошая работа!

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s_amira 23 May

Interesting article!

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Hi Dukascopy Community !
How to my TA system give signal buy or sell.
The indicators used : ZigZag(12,5,3), MA(89), Ichimoku, Fibonacci Retracement.
Graphics used : 1H-4H-D-W chart. (good use for all TF)
Based on the last basic ZigZag chart (current trend), if it appears 1 or 2 consecutive candle connection into a bridge connecting from Fibo level 0% or 23.6% to 61.8% levels, reverse direction with the last trend, then the signal is (also known as H2 candles) Once there were candles H2 and the likely trend of the current zigzag has ended, and the market preparing to draw a new, backwards direction with zigzag current, correct probability is very high when combined with some indicator.
A number of conventions in the signal system H2 :
-Candles feedback called candles H2
-Candles H2 called bullish when it over both Kumo and MA
-Candles H2 called bearish when it under both Kumo and MA
Principles on the buy order when there is enough elements:
-Have the candles H2
-H2 over both Kumo and MA
Principles in order sell when there are enough elements:
-Have the candles H2
-H2 under both Kumo and MA
Good price Order Entry at Fibo 50% to 61.8%, SL Fibo 0%, TP Fibo 161.8%(exactly 90% hit), TP F…
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Airmike avatar
Airmike 8 Oct.

very short article

ijayakumar avatar
ijayakumar 27 Oct.

Bit more in-depth view would have helped even better. Anyways good!

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Magic Levels.
Price levels in most of the trading systems are the starting point for any trades to be made.
Traders are searching for levels, to enter the market depending on the approach, bounce or breakout,
to follow the trend, or against it, with a hope for a trend reversal.
And each trader is using tons of instruments to find this levels, like Fibonacci levels, peaks
and troughs during the specified price cycles, time cycles, Fibonacci cycles, levels confirmed by momentum
indicator, like RSI divergences for example etc...
So basically, there are a lot of ways to search for a levels to trade.
But a lot of traders are leaving aside one of the easiest applicable approaches,
which is giving most fundamentally, psychologically and historically based levels.
I call this approach "The magic levels".
Some traders would recognise it as a round price levels, or sometimes it called "Trading
round numbers". But there is a difference, which makes this approach more significant.
So with a hope that the article will be interesting for everyone, for a professional and for a
newbie, I have decided to write about it.

No matter what your trading approach is, you will use "levels" to enter the tr
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First of all I would like to
thank everybody that made a comment or add a like to my previous strategies. Be
sure that I have many more ideas – original and not just copy from another site
or book. 
 So lets 
go  and see the third   winning
Your vote will make me go on publishing so add comments and put on some
 , any time frame .
On our diagram we put
the EMA 13  and the Fractals ( up and
down ) .
We don’t need
anything else,  just these two things .
Use 1 hour time frame
or higher. The bigger the time frame the less the false signals  .
 -----So our chart is ready.
 Now let us see   how it
works . Don’t think that is something difficult.
 We watch for fractals to being formed. When
the current candle goes up ( penetrates ) the last up fractal  that was formed and we are over the EMA 13 ,
then we open a  long  position. When the current candle   goes
down  ( penetrates ) the last down
fractal and we are lower than  the EMA 13
,we open a  short position.
Now we had our
entrance for long   or short position  and we have to determine our target . That’s  where  we
are using the fibo numbers  putting the  0 % and 100 %…
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fskliris avatar
fskliris 29 Feb.

and this system worked perfectly on our target. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fskliris avatar
fskliris 29 Feb.

Very strong support for the pair at 1.3357 and 1.3330

fskliris avatar
fskliris 29 Feb.

i think that movement stoped between my support levels

fskliris avatar
fskliris 29 Feb.

in the next month competition i will come up with new fantastic strategies . A lt ideas , new and always winning .

efxaris avatar
efxaris 1 Mar.

It is really great

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