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In this article I want to show you how to pick the right price levels and how to trade from them. Most importantly I will show you how to implement this in the context of the price manipulation.
1.What is a price level.
First of all we need to understand what it is.
In my opinion it is something more than just a level where price changes direction. I think of it as a point where beliefs of a trader get manipulated. Those levels are constructed by big players such as market makers and institutional traders to trick others into placing orders that would be favorable for them.
When such an activity can be observed it can help us in predicting the potential price movements with a higher likelihood. If there would be no price levels there would be no point of interest and therefore no orders placed by traders.
Only two types of price levels exist.
These are horizontal and diagonal levels or better known as trend lines. There is one huge difference between them.
Horizontal price level can only be at a fixed price, and is not subject to change.
However diagonal trend lines don't have that fixed price, it can always change depending on the time of a touch. It means one more variable in the…
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Trend lines are most popular in Forex for technical analysis of market. Most successful traders are using them. But only trend lines are not enough for trading because trend lines show many fake signals or breakouts. Ali’s strategy is new strategy in which many filters can filter the trend line signals and we can prevent fake signals. In this article i will discuss a professional Forex trading strategy with entry, take profit and stop loss rules. Money management will also discuss in it.
How to draw trend lines?

Trend lines are very important level of market. We draw trend line from peak to peak point of market. A best trend line should touch minimum 2 peaks of market. But trend line on more than 2 peaks are more perfect in trading.
Correct trend line example
False trend lines example
Buy Entry Rules:
- Trend Line break and close above by a bullish candle
- Moving average below the price
- Bar signal indicator maximum green
- RSI also break trend lines above
Sell Entry Rules:
- Trend line break and close below by a bearish candle
- Moving average above the price
- Bar signals maximum red
- RSI also break trend line below
Take profit :
Formula: …
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I am still reading and learning, how do I apply the bar signal indicator to my demo account, is it possible to apply on a demo account?

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#Annabel21  yes you can apply on Demo and live both accounts

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