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This article in turn tells us about averaging as the main principle for an expert advisor’s algorithm. Along with strategies based on indicators only, this type of programs also uses them to find the most suitable moments to open and close trades. “What is ‘averaging’?” – people new to Forex would ask. Firstly, if you look at the price chart, you'll see that if it goes upward, it still comes down later at the least to 61.8% of the initial value and vice versa. This regularity of the price is known as correction and occurs periodically; however, the price often returns to 38.2% or even lesser range of the initial value. If you want to learn more about correction, just consult the Fibonacci levels on Forex. Secondly, we can make a profit out of it.
What trader doesn't know about correction is how far the price goes each time, till it starts its reverse movement. So traders invented such an interesting method as averaging, which means opening several trades before the correcting movement begins. As a result, we almost always have profit exceeding loss. But if there is a trend that implies the absence of correction, we have several losing trades opened. So, in this case possible soluti…
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chuvee 28 July

Yep )

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Let's look into the problem of finding the suitable EA, i.e a program that a trader would code by himself or buy and use on the currency (CFD or commodity, etc.) market. Firstly there are several kinds of automated programs that traders know. To make the general classification they could be identified as:
  • Strategies of trade only according to indicators or candle values;
  • Strategies with averaging or pyramiding;
  • Scalper strategies;
  • Strategies that use hedging;
  • Strategies based on NeuroNet;
  • Arbitrage strategies;
  • Other author's strategies with compound principles, for example, programs that work with several instruments simultaneously, etc.
Secondly it should be said that any strategy has its strong and weak points as every commodity on the consumer market. And thirdly the experience shows that very moderate number of strategies from all their quantity is profitable. These strategies listed above have different principles of work and with due testing, adjustment and optimization could return interest. Of course, you can blend them together to evade weak points and to take advantage of strong points. For a trader who doesn't like manual trading it is difficult to discern if EA…
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chuvee 20 May

Of course, you can do more than 200% in a year, this depends on the money management, capabilities and the right tuning of a program. I think that the software makers are selling what they can work out. Though they know their products but buyers usually don't know what they are buying.

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driven 20 May

Thanks for the response. I must admit I am still sceptical of the idea that you can buy plug-and-play software online that can achieve such a high profitability rate. With so many smart people in the financial industry constantly looking for good ROI opportunities, it intuitively seems strange to me that this has gone mostly unnoticed, given the size of the forex market and thus the potential reward. However, your article has definitely intrigued me and I intend to look into it further now. Thanks, I hope your article does well in the contest.

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chuvee 21 May

Ok, yes this was one of my aims - to rose interest but don't pin much hopes on EAs because a very insignificant quantity of them is profitable. There are Internet sites which represent information about various systems. As for me, I just have scientific interest in this theme. Thanks, you filled me with enthusiasm to write more articles.

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anna_t 26 May


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chuvee 6 June

Yeah, I tried. This wasn't as successful as I imagined )) Next article is at hand.

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Making Robot in Meta Every Trader knows what EA is, and ussualy EA is Expert Advisor, in EA, there are 7 functions will be explained below  1.    BuySignal : With the what kind of condition, EA will be open for Buying position 2.    SellSignal : Analogue with number 1, the different is will be open for Selling position 3.    CloseBuySignal : With the condition what for closing for Buying Position, and this part is not necessary and not really important, because we can use TP and SL for closing 4.    CloseSellSignal : Analogue with number 3, the different is for Closing Selling Position5.    MoneyManagement : For counting Lot or Pips Automatically buat itung lotsize secara otomatis6.    Trail : For Trailling Position buat trailling posisi7.    Confirmator : For example in EA we want to trade for 4 days, so it’s  really important to put it If we can find the 7 parts, for making EA is easilier , for the trader who likes making a EA everyday when they want to trade, ussualy they call it this EA like a Robot EA.For making a Simple EA or a Robot EA, it depends on the problem we have, I mean the problem if we want to take the best for our trading, and what the currencies we have. From me,…
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MrSami 7 Apr.

Better articles on concepts of metatrader EA's can be find their web site. I would expect a general skeleton for EA design and development.
Good luck.

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This article refers to tdurai84's article:Review of Winning Strategy in Dukascopy Strategy ContestWhenever I download the strategy of a contest winner, I ask myself: Would this strategy work in the long run, and which amount of risk/leverage would be optimal?The answer to this question is what this article is about.So I plugged the strategy into the tester, using 1min bars with cubic spline interpolation on EURUSD beginning 2009. Those settings would give me enough speed for the backtest but also enough precision to be confident with the results, since the strategy uses 10min bars only and no ticks:So the strategy made 1.4 million out of 100k in three years. Not bad.Note though what would have happened if we started three months ago:We had a nice equity peak of about  $160000 but after that the account pretty much crashed and burned.So the question would be: Which risk settings would yield acceptable results without killing my account, considering there may be times that the strategy does not work well?Before we can answer let me clarify two common misconceptions about money management:Variable lot sizes are safer / yield better results than fixed lot sizesMore risk yields better …
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I really liked your presentation style.

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AdrianWS 29 Jan.

good promising work here

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  INTRODUCTION   With the new year start, I began learning the JForex strategy coding (in java). Within one week of study, I've came to a conclusion that JForex is much more powerful coding language than MQ4 and other automated trading strategy we see around us. Being based on Java, the code is not only reliable and prevents lot of execution errors with efficient handling of exceptions before first run, as well the strategy is platform independent. The servers and technology infrastructure installed by Dukascopy also have reliability. On top of all this, the upcoming facility of running your strategy next to Dukascopy's trading servers in Switzerland makes the life of scalper, high frequency trader a lot easier and profitable! See my audio related to server co-location here.I've figured out that the JForex Wiki, the API Docs and Dukascopy Forum has immense knowledge about JForex strategy coding, if one takes out time for learning and testing out the logic. Henceforth I'd like to present a showcase of my experiences with JForex Strategy coding. The support given by Dukascopy on Forum is exceptional and terrific.The JForex EdgeMost people are said to lose out in trading. And it's com…
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ritesh 21 Jan.

@TinkTank: Thank you for the review. This article is exactly 1 word short of max limit of 1500 words, so I had to explain the brief about my experiences with coding. Major help came from Dukascopy Coding Support Team at Forum. I can only say that, make logic for code (algorithm) and then code the logic.

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kkforex 23 Jan.

I guess this is similar to Boris Schlossberg's method of BB trading.

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ritesh 23 Jan.

I don't know about Boris's BBands strategy. He's a professional trader and his code would surely have higher expectancy.

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Andre_NL 9 Mar.

The Jfx code
Download the present version of Bollinger Bands  <<----

this link is not working like it supposed to.

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ritesh 7 July

Andre_NL: Your account is dormant, how to share the code?

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Hello again, all members of DFC, I hope you have a Good 2012 full of Green Pips!
My article for this month is based on a Scalping Strategy I used to use in MT4 with a group of friends and now decided to make a tool for Jforex, but the main idea is, with the help of those who want to be here in the community, to create a strategy to compete in Jforex Strategy Contest!
This tool is based on an indicator and price movements in 1 Hour Chart. With the Tool I used in MT4 I only entered the market in the last 15 minutes to the closing of the 1 Hour Candle, but here on the platform of Dukas I just enter in the last 5 minutes, if the setup gives me the signal for SELL or BUY.
Strategy Description:
In 1 Hour Chart  in any major currency pair (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF) apply the MA Indicator, as you can see in next image:MA Type SMMA, with Time Period : 1 and Price: Tipical Price(HLC/3).
This SMMA is for viewing only proposes, because the developed TOOL  give us the desired values.
Run the TOOL (strategy), I developed using some code found in Dukascopy Forum, and improved for my trading needs. This TOOL give us the setup for entry on Market. So, when the current price is greater th…
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aaalisher 18 Apr.

looks nice bro,,i shal b grateful if u email me at [email protected]

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flicar 1 Dec.

Hello! thanks a lot for sharing the tool! My e´mail is [email protected]
Thank you!

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flicar 1 Dec.

I´m sorry. The e-mail is  [email protected]

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lfspinho 18 Mar.

Olá Linuux! A tua estratégia parece-me interessante. Caso ainda estejas disponível para dar acesso ao ficheiro agradeço o seu envio para [email protected] Votos de bons negócios. Até breve!

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kangur 5 May

Hi, I like to have tool, can you send me to [email protected]


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Dear Traders and
Community Members,
launched ECR JForex Strategy in OCTOBER ‘2011
strategy contest. It’s been over Three Months and its Demo Performance has been
very good in spite of the hard times many forex trading strategies have been
this article I am going to review of very simple strategy ECR’s last three month’s
performance and also Explanation of this strategy.
the last three months except NOVEMBER “ECR” gave very steady profit over the
pairs of EUR/USD and AUD/USD.
Introduction about ECR:
                In that
strategy I used three indicators to create LONG and SHORT trade.
– Exponential Moving Average, Time Period – 34.
– Commodity Channel Index, Time Period – 14.
– relative Strength Index, Time Period – 14.
Used 10 mins chart for this strategy on both the pairs EUR/USD and AUD/USD.The
ECR trades are on the pairs that take about 30 pips in profit and 50 pips in
Stop loss.
= 50 PIPS.
Performance of ECR:               ECR Produces
above 80% of winning trades…
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Otto12 20 Jan.

schön aufgearbeitet das thema, mehr als zwei indikatoren verwende ich nicht oder nur einfach P&F (point and figure)

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Otto12 20 Jan.

beautifully refurbished the topic, more than two indicators I use no or only simple P & F (point and figure)

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bscholes 23 Jan.

I coded a custom indicator for the strategy which gives entry/exit signals, which you can find here:

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kkforex 24 Jan.

best luck for the month.

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procur 31 Jan.

It`s a good and simple strategy. Not overloaded with indicators.

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