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In last month's article was presented the strategy of the Maximums and Minimums [1]. This strategy makes sense in pairs of low volatility, such as EUR/CHF. Although the automation trading has got some well known advantages. This article presents an implementation of the strategy using the JForex language.
A JForex strategy is essentially composed of three parts. The first one is the part of the parameters and strategy settings. The second one is the part containing the logic of the strategy (interpretation of indicators) applied to the bars, ticks or both.
Finally the third is a logistics part where we have the functions that allows us to launch and control orders to the market.
In this article, as you can see in the following chapter the focus will be on the first and second part. The following topics are the most important aspects that are implemented in the second part of the strategy.
The Jforex Strategy
You can see the full strategy description on last month’ article at [1].
1. The entry market triggers

“On each closure of the one hour candles, the basic idea is to check if the Close occurs above or below the maximum or minimum of the previous day rela
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Impressive skills. How does Jforex work on Apple? Is it faster than Windows?

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Thanks! It works fine on my MacBook Pro.

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thinks for shearing good job

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very informative article

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thaanks for sharing the information

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Some instruments have daily variations quite limited, and in some cases small or very small variations. The purpose of this article is to present a strategy for using the indicator Bollinger Bands and making some Martingle, taking advance in the limited variations of EURCHF.
The selected pair for the implementation of this strategy fluctuation between maximum and minimum was the EURCHF. The EUR/CHF currency cross (Euro/Swiss Franc) is the relation of the Euro against the Swiss Franc. This instrument is characterized by having very small variations in the day (which does not apply this strategy), or for similar variations in the length of the bars.
The volatility of the pair is also in favor of implementing a strategy of this kind, because the changes are not too large. Thus, is possible the application of Martingle technique. The technique of Martingale [1] is in the event that is applied when an order is faced a negative result. In this case the following order must have a larger amount to cover the previous loss and get profit. If the second order fails again we came back to make a new order and so on. One of the problems of this technique is that it is not possible m[/1]…
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Thanks for your comments, next month I will disclose the code for automate trading this strategy.!!

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Nice strategy!

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nice job!

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looking forward to see some test results soon :) quite interesting setup!

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