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Доброго времени суток друзья. Статья будет описывать торговые идеи о трех валютных парах и сырьевом активе BREND.На этой недели выйдет блок информационной статистики которая окажет влияние на валютные пары представленные ниже.
Фундаментальный Анализ
Заказы на продукцию машиностроения (г/г) (май)
Заказы на продукцию машиностроения (м/м) (май)
Индекс текущей ситуации от Eco Watchers (июн)
Прогноз развития событий от Eco Watchers (июн)
Индекс активности в сфере услуг (м/м) (май)
Инвестиции в иностранные облигации (июл 3)
Иностранные инвестиции в японские акции (июл 3)
Иностранные инвестиции в японские акции (июн 23)
Ипотечные кредиты (май)
Инвестиционные заимствования для строительства домов (май)
Индекс потребительской уверенности Westpac (июл)
Выступление члена Комитета по открытым рынкам ФРС США Лэл Брейнард
Выступление главы ФРС Джанет Йеллен
Розничные продажи (м/м) (июн)
Индекс потребительских цен (г/г) (июн)
Индекс потребительских цен без учета продовольственных товаров и энергоносителей (г/г) (июн)
Промышленное производство (г/г) (май)
Промышленное производство (м/м) (май)
Торговый баланс (май)
Торговый баланс без учета сезонных колебаний (май)
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RahmanSL 12 July

Another good article

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anvifx 15 July

good article

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FXRabbit 19 July

Very interesting article!

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Avnish26 22 July

good strategies.

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Introduction:First To All , Here My Article about Cross Currency Related ,so You can Lose all Your Money If You Not Follow Proper Money Management and Trading Rules.We Know Forex Trading is Very Risky Online Earning Method ,so we must be First Learn it and Try To For Earn.
Sell Strategy For High Rate Currency:Emotion Has no Value During Forex trading ,Here You Invest Your valuable money for Earning ,Today Here I Described about High Rate Currency or Cross Currency Trading Technique.Many Trader Open Position Before Market Rollover time For Hunting Swap By High Rate Currency Pair ,But I think It is Very bad Practice ,Your Daily Target 10$ or More But Your risk More than 300$ .If You Open Sell Position For hunting swap by USDZAR ,USDTRY,USDRUB ,All of Position will Be open With Big spread ,and if market movement against Your Position ,what will be result?You can expect 90% Market will be opposite of Your Position !Why?Why?Why?
Most Of The Bank Sell High Rate Currency or Cross Currency ,So We Can See High Rate Currency or Cross Currency Always sell Rally Mode and Your Lose will be 10 Time Bigger of Your swap ,so It is Not Better always sell High Rate Currency or Cross Currency ?
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bdfx 19 Feb.

Thank You For Good Comment

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Olkiss70 21 Feb.

good and useful work!

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good work

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bdfx 22 Feb.

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Nihad 27 Feb.

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The Elliot wave theory was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliot in the 1930s. The Elliot wave theory strives to prove that price movements are not random or chaotic, as many would think; but rather that price fluctuations occur in repetitive cycles and that price activity is essentially a representation of mass psychology. Simply put, price activity of the markets directly represents typical investor behavior.
Ralph Nelson believed that mass behavior is repetitive in nature, and that this behavior obeys natural laws of progression. He further postulated that this mass behavior is evident in price activity and can be used to forecast future price action. He identified certain patterns or "waves", which he proposed can be used to interpret price activity in the markets.
Price action in the markets is usually divided into two types: trends or corrections. A trend is the long term movement of price, while corrections are price movements in a counter-trend direction. Ralph Nelson represented trend movements as "impulsive" waves and corrections as "corrective" waves. An impulse wave is a sustained market price move in a particular direction, while a corrective wave is a smaller price moveme…
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very good

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zarina 19 Feb.

fellow read with interest !!

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отличная работа!

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tdbatinkov 20 Feb.

great analysis

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Olkiss70 21 Feb.

great work!

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One year ago, the EUR looked bullish as ever as many expected EURUSD to reach 1.50's and beyond. It was in July of last year that it had started it's initial descent, which has continued right throughout the past year.
Last year I wrote an article titled A Comprehensive Fundamental & Technical Analysis on EURUSD (Please click the link to read). It outlined some of the reason we could see some downside in the pair.
Euro Outlook
In the previous article, we looked at fundamental factors, such as inflation. In fact, this graph was posted in that exact article.
Figure 1 - Euro Inflation as of July 2014 - hovering at 0.5%

Since then, we have seen the ECB Implement several measure including rate cuts and QE. The main argument for the July 2014 article was that the Eurozone was facing a period of disinflation. Let's see how it is doing today.
Figure 2 - Euro Inflation as of July 2015 - Down 0.3% from July 2014

How is it possible that after all of ECB's efforts, we are sitting at an even lower inflation rate? Well in all fairness, inflation is a global concern at the moment which has been fueled by a sharp drop in oil prices. At the same time, EUR is one of the few currenc…
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Very good work +1

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Very interesting article giving some ideas for trades and the reasons behind it!

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anna_n 31 July

smart man!

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In this article I want to share my LIVE trade on EURAUD with profit +288 pips. Also I want to explain few important elements of trading which were applied in this trade. 1- Trading plan 2- Money management 3- How to set Entry, Take Profit, Stop Loss 4- Psychology of trading in opened position 1- Trading plan Before you open some trade, you need to know what type of trade it is. Intraday or Long term part time? What I am searching for? As you can see I was searching on daily chart of EURAUD currency pair. My trading plan was waiting for retest of support. On left side are last retests in orange color. We had nice full breakout, price should went down. In this time I was waiting for down move, but in uptrend I am not Sell any position. It is my rule. 2 – Money management My money management told me that I could risk per trade 1 or 2% of my account. For somebody it is not enough, but for me it is ok. I need not one big trade because forex is about it how many good trades are you able to have. 3 – How to set Entry, Take Profit, Stop loss In next pictures you can see logical levels where to set your orders. Entry is based on lower timeframe, where is retest of daily support l…
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Great article!

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David_ 28 Aug.

Thank you

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Alex_N 30 Aug.

Interesting to read

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David_ 30 Aug.

Thanks, I have more of similar trades. Maybe in new articles :-)

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Last Week starting from August 12, 2013 to August 16, 2013 I wrote my an Article on Price Pattern using Support/Resistance, Trendline, Channel and candle patterns to illustrate Live Trade Set Up on the the following pairs below; AUDJPY. EURNZD AUDCAD EURAUD Meanwhile, for the interest of those that did not read the article for last week to gain more insight on this Article, please visit the below link for details. If you did not understand the concept leave your questions on the comment side of the article. I will provide the answers to all your questions. Now this Week I will be writing on the above pairs that I started last Week ending August 23, 2013 because the trend is still valid the is the more reason I title the topic “ Trend Continuation of last Week Last Week Trade Set Up” Whenever I spot out Live Trade Set Up on any pair, I don’t close the position till the Trend is exhausted. If you take a closer look at the pairs above you will find out that the pairs are still maintaining last Week Trend. In trading there is a common saying that says “let your profit run but cut your loss…
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dumanjii 27 Aug.

Gud write up,l find lt use sir...

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Chinedum 27 Aug.

Thank you so much sir.

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Good work..!

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Introduction of this mannerThere are millions of traders who want to reach a profit on their investments, but since it is a zero sum game, and there are a lot of big banks, and so on, you must do everything you can not to be on the loss side of the market movements.The more the knowledge is the more the profit? No, there is no sure money in these circumstances. If it was, someone would use a big fund with a vast leverage and would get all the money of the investors.. But it is impossible, and it shows the impossibility of sure trade, too.What about the basis?Today, I am going to share a useful manner of trading the forex market.The principles what I used as base to this manner:If a monkey opens positions in the market, with 10 pips profit and 10 pips loss, it will be probably a successful trader, for a time, and some time later makes a loss and again profit, it will go around the base capital, and proceed nowhere. Sometime show +-10-20% profit/loss, but then turn back.If you do the same with a strategy, tied to some MA, or pivot points, it will be not the same. What will happen? Theorically, you will not have larger chance to be successful. If you had, it would be the same what I h…
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Lincoln avatar
Lincoln 10 Oct.

Thanx for sharing your opinion. There in no easy trade.. :) It is a must to analyze the situation for a long while before make any trade, so I can just suggest to watch what is happening and be ready to act. If there is no plan, there is no trade.

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 16 Oct.

You seem to be imporving your writing style. I like the aspect of this article and of course the information provided is very useful. I also recommend long term analysis and trading with low risk and a good reward risk ratio. But the SL has to be large enough to leave room for the price to move before taking your forecasted direction.

Lincoln avatar
Lincoln 16 Oct.

Thanx, I have been learning english just for 10 months, I spend a lot of time to try to write as understandable as possible.. It is good to hear that I am improving, It is on my way to prove, and share my opinions, and I wish the best for you, your article and webinars are excessive, I hope you all the best!

pichou avatar
pichou 17 Oct.

forex is not a zero sum game. it is a negative sum game. the brokers keep the spread

Lincoln avatar
Lincoln 17 Oct.

Yeah absolutely, this is one of the most important pricliples on what my articles based on. If I am not mistaken I wanted to share this view as well. It is on the side of long term trading that the expenses are much more smaller.

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