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It proceeds not to remember such hot summer long ago (the past, the right was similar, but .. )and! We consider a top of 7 events of July, we try to understand what expects us in August, and a lot of things seem: while wrote article the fresh data Non-Farm and decisions on an interest rate of RBA have been published. Bank of England! The bank of England sat on August 4, on Thursday!
Last week of the seventh month
RBA after the publication of inflation
The rate of inflation remains the same for the weighed indicator: 1,7% against 1,5% forecast for annual size. Standard CPI at the level of 1,0% against forecast 1,1% and the previous 1,3% for annual value. Well it or is bad before RBA meeting?
From the point of view of news trade – it is good as in transparent calculation "inflation is lower, the probability of decrease in a rate is higher" turbidity is brought. Citi, for example, has reviewed the forecasts of change of a rate of RBA since August for November.
We saw the prevailing majority of forecasts for a meeting on August 2:-0,25% of a rate (from 1,75% to 1,5%). Change of inflation expectations gradually prevented forming of uniform forecasts that has resulted in their inconsiste…
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Yulia10 15 Aug.

well done

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Wovch 16 Aug.

very good!

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useful article!

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хороший рейтинг

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удачи в конкурсе

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The bank of England, contrary to some expectations, left an interest rate without changes, having used meetings for "blamestorming session" to preparation of actions in August. Japan has confirmed an additional packet of stimulation. Representatives of FRS were active. RBNZ throws up suspicions. David Cameron has sung. The European Central Bank will hold a meeting on Thursday.
Abe gives a green light
On Monday, the Prime minister of Japan, Abe, has confirmed that he has given instructions to the government to prepare a new package of stimulation. USDJPY has reached new maxima having started on rumors.
All bargained to week on this information. To a package of stimulation to be, will be, the yen has left on this track.
The bank of England left a rate invariable and left probability of its decrease in August
The pound has shown activity since Monday, and political news became the first geyner of growth.
Speech of the alleged new Prime minister, Theresa May who on Wednesday became the new head of the country has been announced. Originally Cameron had to remain with a steering wheel till September, but processes have accelerated, and David Cameron has sung to us at parting on Tuesday
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Armands 23 July

Not sure that Bank of England will decrease the rate, I suspect that they could use it for pushing up the GBP - expectations to lower the rate, but keep it the same again.

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Aviator 27 July

good job

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Klaudia25 29 July

отличная статья!

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Efegen 9 Aug.

Let prices go up and down. Let the winds of trend come. So that we have more chance of getting some pips :) Amen

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