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Welcome every one to the concluding Part of De-stressing The Stressful Trader series. Here are the links to the previous editions of articles of this series. De - stressing The Stressful Trader:- Part -IPart -IIPart -IIIPart -IV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continuing from last week........Energy wheels work as the bridge between mind and the body. That’s why, to have sound body and mind, we need balancing of the energy wheels. The mind and the body are the best tools of a trader and hence one has to ensure that they are in sync with each other. The difficulty comes here. Body is a visible entity and hence can be controlled to an extent through physical means. However, the mind as well as the products of the mind like feelings, emotions, are invisible entities. Hence no physical means would be able to control these entities. That’s where we end up with a concept called “balancing of energy wheels “or popularly known as “Chakra meditation”.......................................................................................................................…
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xxtazzz 28 May

nice article!!

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slimih 28 May

Keep on! You're on the good truck! Good luck

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batlax 29 May

good article +2

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ritesh 29 May

Great article. +1 Many professional Money Managers I know personally are practicing the Surya Namaskar Yoga daily to keep their mind stable and fresh for every trading session.

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Kirilla 1 June

Very nice article! Clear mind is necessary for successful trading!

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Last week we have seen the break up of energy and also
we have talked about its efficiency in short. We will be looking at the broader
picture in this article. When we say “body produces energy”, the question
arises as to whether whole of this energy is produced within the body or
is there any external factor involved in the process?. When I say, 70% of the
energy is produced by the energy wheels, one may ask as to whether these wheels
produce the energy internally?.  Now let’s unfold the mechanism behind
this energy supply chain one by one.
Internal energy:
Food and liquid fall under this category as
intake of food and liquids produce energy within the body In the form of
protein, vitamin, glocuse etc……here the energy production takes place  within the body.
External Energy:
1. Breathing: Since we get
oxygen from the outside atmosphere we treat it as an external energy.
2. Cosmic energy – The Source of limitless
supply....Space is involved in flooding the atmosphere with an abundant energy each and every second. This energy is called as “Cosmic energy”. This energy is not only powerful, but can be used to achieve whatever we want. Now let’s look at how cosmic energy is being suppl…
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skytrader 19 Dec.

thanx fot the good wishes. same to you! stay healthy. nice artcile! +1

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VJAY 19 Dec.

Nice article ....

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balasoft80 19 Dec.

Very nice !!!

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krishere 20 Dec.

good in its own way... like it... and wish you the same...

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ritesh 22 Dec.

Yes, wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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