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Emotions in Forex trading generate uncertainty that gradually grows into fear and mood of panic. Yielding to the effects of momentary impulses, the trader undertakes a series of unreasoned actions that manifest in the following:
  • Opening of unreasonable transactions;
  • Premature fixation of profit;
  • Dragging of stop losses;
  • Non-compliance with money management.

The consequences of such behavior are manifest in the loss of a deposit due to erroneous management of trading process caused not by the absence of knowledge and skills but rather by the inability to control himself.
REASONS FOR OCCURRENCEIt is possible to learn emotions management in Forex trading only when you understand the nature of their occurrence. Several factors that force a person to yield to uncontrolled impulses can be singled out.
  1. The absence of final satisfaction - chemical reactions that occur in the body after discharge of adrenaline produce narcotic influence that can not satisfy.
  2. Addiction - continuous yielding to the influence accompanied by the discharge of dopamine into blood, a person becomes addicted to this condition.
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Sebine 18 Apr.

Good job and good luck:)

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You will often hear that investors are subjects to emotions and that it is emotions that are often the basis of their failure. Let's talk a little more about these emotions.
We will look at some of the most common emotions we experience while trading on the stock markets and Forex, by looking at which emotions are healthy and good, and which are the ones that will fail us and "kill" us as investors.
Full confidence:

We start, of course, with the state of full confidence when we open a position.
This is an emotion that is generally healthy. In order to successfully identify positions, a necessary condition to trade in the stock markets is to have confidence. Confidence based on our trading experience, historical results, the feeling that we have found the "Trade of the Year".
As not one or two experts are advising that we need confidence in order to trade on the market. This feeling, however, should not be illusionary. We should not be constantly confident that things can’t happen in a different way. Our confidence shouldn’t get us to overtrade as this is another major mistake and distorted interpretation of this emotion.
Usually overtrading is precisely a consequenc…
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Молодец !!!

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TInna 28 June

well done!

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Alisiya 29 June


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olya2517 1 July

very nice

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Очень интересно!))

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Трейдеры с малим опитом а так же те, которые только изучили азы торговли и начинают практиковаться в этом деле, используют специальный демо-счет. Он создан для того, чтобы потренироваться открывать позиции и заключать сделки. То есть на таком этапе нет реальных денег. В рамках демо-счета все происходит безопасно и без потерь, зато этот период практики является подготовительным и очень важным для перехода на реальный счет.
Цель этой статьи - объяснить что такое демо-счет и понять когда переходить с демо-счета на реальный? Эта статья поможет вам понять , когда же следует оставить демо – счет и начать зарабатывать настоящие деньги.
Демо – счет необходим потому что благодаря нему вы:

  • получаете начальные навыки, изучаете технику работ на рынке валют;
  • узнаете, как выставить и поменять ордер и как правильно выставлять стоп-лосси и тейк - профыти;
  • научитесь регулировать обьем сделки и как грамотно работать с ней.
Эти знания необходимы для любого начинающего трейдера , потому что каждая их этих функций понадобится в настоящей торговле.
Торговлю на демо счете, в обязательном порядке, должен пройти любой трейдер, который серьезно относится к торговле на валютном рынке, но этого конечно…
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Adi001 9 June

Отлично, и неплохо переходить на один маленкый реальный счет первое, если и тут все будет хорошо тогда enter big money :) удачи!

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alphahavoc 10 June

Great advice

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The Greatest part of the emotions that we feel in the trading are is to recognize,
but we hide the avidity very much in deep, so much to leave it to control us.
We fight everyday with this invisible enemy of the Trader, in each operation, base many operative choices on it and fail because of it.
The reason is clear,we do trading because of greed.Be honest,

Whom doesn't interest make money?
Be rich, early and without punch the card?

Maybe someone will disagreed, but the truth is that we are attracted from trading because there is
the concrete possibility to earn more be sit in our room with laptop and internet connection
for some hour at day, who work for a week for someone else (true story).
Let us not deceive ourselves, it's not a game, we aren't at casino,
we no need lucky, no believe fantasy, the dream of trading with iPad on beach in Hawai.
Trading is not for everyone, many never achieve own aspettative, the major part lose own
money and go away.
Trading is like a job and need same diligence,
it need of big mental effort, we have to change our character for the market, not opposite.
The truth Is that almost none born to do trading , statistics confirm it , th…
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TRAD3R 20 July

thanks valter

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you are right

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Armands 23 July

Psychology is often underestimated in trading!

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paglu 4 Aug.

Nice article

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thanks everyone for support :)

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Votre stratégie de trading est solide, vous n'avez pas l'ombre d'un doute de sa pérennité ; elle a fait ses preuves à maintes reprises ; vos pertes ont toujours été limitées, vos gains conséquents. Cette fois c'est la bonne, pensez-vous ! Quand brusquement la belle mécanique s'enraye, vous enchaînez les pertes et vos efforts à tenter de comprendre ce qu'il vous arrive restent vains. Vous perdez le contrôle sur toute chose, la confusion vous submerge, vous vous sentez stupide et sur ce dernier point vous avez tout compris!
Si vous avez déjà éprouvé ce sentiment désagréable alors vous avez été très probablement victime d'impuissance acquise.
L'impuissance acquise
L'impuissance acquise ou résignation acquise est un sentiment d'impuissance qui se caractérise par une difficulté accrue du sujet à faire tout lien entre les causes des actes qu'il pose et les conséquences. On le dit acquis car ce sentiment d'impuissance résulte d'échecs répétés où le sujet perd le contrôle et ne peut s'en échapper, il fait en quelque sorte l'expérience de son impuissance. La conséquence première est une baisse de la motivation, d'apathie; le sujet se persuade que ses actions ne peuvent modifi…
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Good job!

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anna_n 19 Nov.

nice article, well written!

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I think that everyone here knows what fear is and has already experienced that emotion on financial market ! So we're gonna start by a short definition and we will see what that implies for our trading activity.
Fear is defined as an uncomfortable feeling induced by a situation perceived as a threat by the subject. So, threat is the cause and fear is the consequence. the two go hand in hand, It sounds obvious but we often hear that your trading method must match your personality which means that you must consider your sensitivity. I'm not totally agree with it. What could affect your trading except fear itself ? Does this mean that some traders are more sensitive to fear ? I don't think so.
Are you afraid by opening your fridge or by preparing your dinner ? Of course not....,so how is it different from trading ? We will see three major causes that induce fear and shall be proposing some suggestions for overcoming them.
1. Fear from denial.

Denial is an unconscious refusal to admit a fact or a thruth. This refusal can be explained by pain and discomfort to face reality. The person clings to his own reality; a fantasy world of course but much more comfortable to live with.
This ca…
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This is a very touchy subject for many traders, why people go into the currency markets - is to make money. If this business that does not yield positive returns is generally something people do not wish to come back in this work.
In order to become a professional trader for which trade is a real job, you need to have the special abilities of intelligence, self-discipline and a strong desire. Have excellent trading system, effective and modern software platform is no guarantee of success. In the end, it all depends on the nature of the trader and his ability to control his emotions.
Anyone who decided to achieve success in trade, must constantly work on his character. Only the ability to control emotions can develop the discipline of trading. Most often a trader for himself is the worst enemy. Of course, much depends on the success and market environment, but it is emotional control determines the success in trade. Trader should learn to control his emotions, and he can count on success. The fact that the trader can not keep their emotions under control, said the fact that he can not stop, when he loses.
To learn how to control your emotions, you need to cultivate the patience to c…
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Did you realize that we cannot make profit in every trade you make? Yet we hope that every trade be successful. This is societal bias which affects us to be perfectionist. There are many cognitive biases which affect us against long term profits in trading . For this article I will concentrate on perfectionism.
Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process.
I like this quote by Jerry Moran (US senator) and it perfectly suits trading process. We should aim for excellence but not perfection in trading. In next paragraphs I will try to explain the above. First, Let’s see what happens to traders.
You probably thought at times at those moments when you close positions too early, only to see a further rise of prices that may be beyond your target profit. Or when you close the position at a loss, only to come back and continue to go according to your strategy; or maybe it was a case where you do not have entered the market because the setup is not quite right or the market price has not reached the desired level to enter, you have missed the opportunity to not have won. Likewise, perhaps you were the days when you turned up luck in these situations…
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хорошие мысли, тяга к совершенству очень мешает в учебе

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перфекционизм в любом деле не очень хорошо

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1.0 Introduction

This article will help you become a better Forex trader in the year we have already stepped in. the new technologies and the new atmosphere is going to bring certain changes in every aspect of our life, so is going to happen with the forex.
People often get tired before reaching their goal in most of the things they do, and often it they are unaware how close they were. With traders, it is the same thing; many times you have been so close to getting a score, but maybe you missed something – even a minor step – simple that could lead you to a door of success. Knowing how to avoid such mistakes, well, not only small ones, but major ones too, are going to give you huge advantage towards your goal. And your goal is everybody’s – success. Learning is – some say – best from mistakes, preferably from other people’s mistakes, not your own. Some traders will dig and dig until they have something worthy, but some will give up after a series of unsuccessful attempts. The sad part is that you never know if you needed just another trade before turning your wheel of fortune towards your success. This article might help you overcome moments of impatience and help you recognize…
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nahimkha 26 Feb.

Good article. nice work.

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benjudefx 27 Feb.

Dukascopy Movers & Shakers widget shows only daily stats. How I can see hourly basis?

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albertpip 27 Feb.

How much do you earn per year ? Trading journal in this article shows small number of pips per month.Great work.

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Likerty 28 Feb.

I found Elliot wave interesting, but a secondary tool after all.. Main draw is that this approach is too abstract and it misses a lot what's in between as bids/offers comes and PA moves around before reaching/producing reference points to analyse

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mostofaah 28 Feb.

I dont use Elliott wave theory but I think when we use Fib. levels on some way we are using Elliott wave theory too because it is related.

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When most people discover the forex market for the first time, one of the things that come with this discovery is the “magical” phenomenon called “Expert Advisors” or “Forex Robots”. In truth, there is nothing magical about expert advisors; they are simply computer programs that have the ability to execute trades without the need for human intervention.
For traders using a Meta-Trader platform, these programs are called expert advisors, while the more general name for them is forex robots. Although over time, most forex brokers have provided platform tools that can be used in the easy development of forex robots on their platforms.
An example of such is the Visual Jforex strategy builder used in the Dukascopy community.
Some people refer to this type of trading as Algorithmic Algo trading, mechanical trading or automated trading using forex robots. With this type of trading, a specific set of entry and exit trading rules are coded into computer software; and this allows the software or program to execute trades automatically via a computer.
There are four main reasons why most people would opt to use a forex robot, rather than employ a human trader.
The Absence of Emotions
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Likerty 20 Feb.

good extensive explanation!

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Robots will take over.. eventually..

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SalviLeana 21 Feb.

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Мне очень понравилась ваша работы !! Вы молодец

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Remember the phrase “Greed is good” from the movie “Wolf of Wall Street” by Michael Douglas? Well, it depends on how greedy you are and how you handle your greed.
While we do not froth on the mouths like hyenas or drool like Komodo dragons, we all have some level of greed in us. You might say that greed is what makes us competitive to some extent. However, when combined with stupidity and fear, you will never be a successful trader.
Been in the FX markets since 2009, I have gone through all the emotions as every trader needs to, and to be honest lost 100% of my first real account to stupidity and 80% of my second real account to greed and fear. I am not saying how many demos I have lost. All I am saying is, I should change my middle name to “Margin Call” . Using examples from FX charts, I will walk you through these 3 trade killers.
Stupidity in trading can be defined as doing something you know you are not supposed to be doing. An example is opening a position without a stop or trailing stop or ‘believing’ that market sentiments are wrong. Another case of stupidity in trading is not believing in the market's "self-fulfilling prophesies".
The memory of Black Thursday 201…
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haste - makes waste?

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Good article, many useful information, well done.

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anna_t very true haste makes waste. Sorry for the late reply, I thought I had replied.

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Forex trading is a very demanding occupation. It is an activity that is mentally tasking, as well as financially rewarding. However, only a small percentage of traders make consistent profits during trading.
The reason for this is rather simple; it could be the mindset with which most traders enter the markets. There is a lot of argument that the reason for some many losing traders is the presence of our Human emotions, and that trading without emotions would make a better trader. Our emotions are an essential part of our genetic make-up; and removing these emotions would have an adverse effect. Rather than tell the trader to throw away his or her emotions, it might be better to teach the trader to trade rationally and responsibly. The use of logic does not necessarily have to mean the absence of emotions.
A trader should be happy with each winning trade, because such feelings of joy build confidence. The trader should also feel remorse after every loss; but it should not end there, the trader should always try to find out what went wrong and avoid such future mistakes.
Human beings essentially have a learning mind; even though some people argue that this ability reduces as one g…
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fullmoon 17 Dec.

Controlling emotion and discipline is one thing, but we should never underestimate our "enemies" in this market.

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P3tr4 18 Dec.

good luck with trader contest

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P3tr4 18 Dec.

I hope you get your trading edge back

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marius24 20 Dec.

it's all about discipline...very good article

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Good Job

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Market doesn't care what you do on the trading terminal.
The lazy trader doesn't care what the market does on the trading terminal.
Its the fair fight.
There is a lot of negativity associated with the word "laziness".
Lazy people are not perceived as productive, organised or successful. The common perception of a “lazy guy” is of someone laying around at home watching TV while eating and drinking something. While a workaholic control freak is looked upon with respect. In the society there is over -emphasis on hard work, It is believed that the more you work the better it is. It is generally true but not always true.
Through this article I will try to challenge these popular beliefs.
To achieve success in an event in the real world (Define success the way you wish to), We can only do some things, once those things are done with reasonable perfection, your job is done. Often there are things which will be not under our control. Your job is to differentiate the things you can control from the ones you cannot.

Calling someone "lazy" can be a gross generalization.
A smart person does all the things he needs to do, but nothing more.
Folks who never do any more than they g
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500nm 26 Mar.

Don't take speculation too seriously - By Ben graham in the Intelligent Investor.This is was mentioned as the second biggest mistake people make while speculating

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Convallium 27 Mar.

Good article! interesting thoughts!

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Forex trading, what can be so difficult, I thought when I first looked into currency trading. You buy one currency and then sell it again and take the profit that's in the difference. Even better, with leverage I only need a small amount of money to make a lot. I wondered why on earth there are not more people doing it. I soon found out why. Statistically, 90 plus percent of retail traders are losing money. Obviously, trading is not as simple as it sounds. Or, do I and all the other 90% only make it more difficult than it is I wondered? So, I went on to a journey in search of the perfect system. I signed up to a trading signal service to fast track progress. The results were not encouraging. I booked a place in learning pattern trading which was very informative but still it was not the success I hoped for. Maybe Japanese candle sticks will give me the ultimate edge? Not quite. Fibonacci levels, trend-, swing-, position-, day- and all sorts of other trading styles, still the success is elusive. Plan your trade – trade your plan! Yes, but why does it not bring me the big money? Trading plan, money management and rules of engagement – correct! but still.... Finally,…
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geula4x 16 May

+1 Liked: Very true and nicely written. I absolutely agree that being a good trader means, first and foremost, to have self-control and obey your own rules! Happy trading :-)

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Victor 18 May

great going. hope you write more on this serious

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Efegen 20 May

I strongly suggest you to read my article and the books i suggested in my article i sincerely believe they can help you. I know because i have been there.

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Ursus nice article, pretty much describe my feelings as well. I've wrote about my experience and I have arrived at the same conlusions. You really have to have a high level of self awareness in order to have self discipline. Trading is a hard game and I know I have many things to improve. Wish you find your own way in the trading world

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Nicely written.

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In interaction with traders, observe a predominant state in its behavior during operations: fear. Fear of winning and losing This condition affects a blow results in operations. And the fact not be perceived generally entail disastrous consequences. But once identified, it is possible to turn it into insight and prudence. Character essential for profitability. Fear is a feeling that leads to behaviors that can escape the our control. It is inherent in human beings. Once recognized and identified, becomes an additional tool in the application of technical knowledge. How to identify the fear? The big secret is to acknowledge your thoughts, for they are generating feelings. One of the hallmarks of successful investors is exercise insistent self-knowledge, because they were convinced that, through this practice, gained self-control. Ie acquiring a larger domain of emotions, impulse and intuition, knowing uses them. Can also control its own fear. Thus, it makes their operations more efficiently. To identify the fear, the feeling must realize that the causes. Imagine yourself in one of these situations: 1ø - Loss of something desired; 2ø - Loss of prestige; 3ø - Need for approval from o…
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SpecialFX 19 Apr.

Oi cara! :D It's all about confidence, not enough of it and you become fearful, too much of it and you become greedy and stupid in general...become you think you're invencible. Keeping an emotionally detached and neutral state of mind is the only way to trade successfully in the long run :)

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scramble 24 Apr.

i do really believe we don't trade money, we trade our emotions! concentration is also a good way to manage with fear. when i feel like i'm going to an exam (anxiety, pressure, uncertainty etc..), i just don't trade! history sometimes... teaches! :)

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geula4x 25 Apr.

+1 Liked: An important article about the psychology of trading. A good trader MUST control his/her feeling and have self discipline! :-)

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Excellent article +

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