As an economics professional, I have met many traders. Widely traders are unsuccessful and I tried to find what makes a successful traders. And in this article you will find my observations.
  • Trader or a emotional psychopath
Experienced traders say that you should have skeptical attitude to trade successfully. If you do not know yourself, the market is very good place to check out . Very often, the role and importance of money is exaggerated and traders believe that the market is determined solely by money and that consequences of errors are just the money loss. The market will cost you much more expensive than any money if you do not learn how to manage own emotional factors. Financial Market is one of the places where a person can get very serious psychological trauma.
  • Restrain your emotions
Buy at internet any book, magazine about trading psychology and you'll probably find a lot of recommendations, promoting the control of emotions and increased discipline in the trade. Of course, our emotions interfere with work, but does that mean that our best achievements depend on the extent of our ability and restraint control of our emotions?
Controlling emotions does not help a
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