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1. Introduction:

An emerging market currency is the money of a country that is in the process of economic advancement. National economies that are considered to be emerging markets typically experience an extended period of robust growth in the industrial production sector in addition to the expansion of their economy as a whole. This growth in output acts as a catalyst towards the development of infrastructure and technology.
2. The Main Countries:
Although a concrete definition of an emerging market remains largely debatable, five nations are widely considered world leaders in the category. Known by the acronym BRIC they are as follows: Brazil, Russia, India, China .
Each country of BRIC has experienced explosive growth in its (GDP) along with periods of uncertainty created by debt concerns and political unrest.
As of year-end 2015, the countries of BRICS have the following global rank in GDP PPP:
  • Brazil: 7th (US$3.1 trillion)
  • Russia: 6th (US$3.5 trillion)
  • India: 3rd (US$7.9 trillion)
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According to Wikipedia, An emerging market “is a country that has some characteristics of a developed market, but does not meet standards to be a developed market.”
Emerging markets have been described in many ways:
  • In 1999, Dr. Vladimir Kvint, a renowned economist and strategist, defined an emerging market country as "a society transitioning from a dictatorship to a free-market-oriented-economy, with increasing economic freedom, gradual integration with the Global Marketplace and with other members of the GEM (Global Emerging Market), an expanding middle class, improving standards of living, social stability and tolerance, as well as an increase in cooperation with multilateral institutions".

  • The Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS Consulting Pvt. Ltd.) a design and innovation consultancy, in its 2008 emerging economy report described emerging markets as "regions of the world that are experiencing rapid informationalization under conditions of limited or partial industrialization."

The common denominator in both definitions is that emerging markets are rapidly expanding markets that are not fully developed. The ten largest emerging markets in the world are: Argentina, Brazil, C…
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Introduction:The past week, and for that matter month has been based purely on fundamental moves. We have seen the reaction in the last week to Ben Bernanke speech and the accompanying FOMC minutes. These were in stark contrast to the actual FOMC meeting which projected the so called "tapering" to occur as early as September. At the time we saw huge volatility with the USD rallying some 5% vs. nearly all majors, bond prices sell-off forcing yields 50bps higher across the belly of the curve and into longer dated maturities. Now with Bernanke somewhat hinting at a slightly later taper this past week the markets have clearly overreacted with the EURUSD moving from 1.2750 to 1.32 in the matter of hours, furthermore Stocks and Bonds got strongly bid with yields heading back down to 2.5% on the 10's. So the main question is - Will the Fed taper and by when?As of yet, the impact on breakevens has been slight, adding volatility to UK 5Y5Y breakevens but little in terms of direction as the Fed keeps a blurred image of what is going to occur.U.S.with Ben Bernanke stating that the US labour market is much worse than he would like, and growth forecasts are getting slashed day-by-day with Q2 ex…
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