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Forex is not a game, it is known to the market participants as a trading tool. If we consider Online Forex as a commodity, the first item we will deal with is discipline. Because it is worth the inspiration from the traders who are early to get up early in the morning and develop their ideas with their brilliant intelligence and before applying these ideas. The discipline required by the investor can be the most essential condition for limiting the loss while increasing profits. With this philosophy, we have a few key topics in mind when we think about investing in discipline and how to act. The most practical ways to provide surgical discipline are:
1) Accept the importance of discipline in operations
Failure to act with a certain discipline in Forex operations and act arbitrarily means raising the risks a bit. For Forex, take on the importance of performing a disciplined transaction to protect you against the risks, and to build your strategy accordingly. The strategy you have, when and how to operate, your risk management plans, and the operational tracking mean you are very successful in this section.
2) Follow 100% of the methods you designate
Do not refuse to use the techniq…
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FOREX MARKETFOREX ( FOREKS or FOREX, from the English FOReign Exchange - foreign exchange) - the international currency market, which is a global electronic network of exchange of foreign currencies at floating rates.According to the survey of the Bank for International Settlements in 2010 the volume of transactions in the Forex market is about $ 4 trillion a day. Thus it is the largest and fastest growing financial market in the world.FEATURES OF FOREX MARKETPrivate traders are trading on the market with the help of leverage, which provides broker . Leverage - is nothing more than a short-term interest-free loan, which is given to the opening of the transaction , resulting in the trader provides only about 1 % of the transaction guarantee of their deposits . This gives the opportunity to earn even the smallest movement of that , being available to $ 100 times the account balance .In the Forex market currency item appears . Moreover, do not necessarily have the desired currency to buy it or even sell it. Since it is mandatory closing of the transaction of purchase or sale, the broker will simply recalculates the amount of collateral for the transaction at the appropriate exchange r…
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I must confess - I hate metatrader:) Still using it, but hate it with all my heart!:)

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