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In this article, we will talk about the general requirements for profitable trading systems. The article consists of the following topics:
  1. Creating a logical and symmetric trading algorithm.
  2. Getting the high quality history data.
  3. Backtesting of the system.
  4. Optimization.
  5. Forward testing.
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NAG 9 Sep.

сколько информации))мой переводчик чуть не взорвался))класссссссс!!!!

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Illya 10 Sep.

Nadin5794  Примерно все так и есть! Особенно когда ты трейдер со стажем!))) Но новичку нужен алгоритм действия! Иначе ему придется пройти поле граблей самому! Куда проще усвоить простые и понятные правила, когда они уже обличены в руководство к действию!)

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AloneVolf 13 Sep.

Отличная статья для новичков. Полностью согласен. Только я бы сделал акцент на обязательности живого тестирования, которым многие (да и я в начале) пренебрегают. Так же просьба к автору по возможности давать статью и на языке оригинала. Думаю не все ее поймут на английском

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Illya 13 Sep.

AloneVolf  Спасибо за отзыв! кстати ссылка на переведенную статью

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1, Regulation Regulation is one of the foremost vital factors to think about once selecting a Forex broker. correct regulation helps make sure that your forex broker is satisfactorily capitalized within the event of commercialism losses, keeps your funds in secure and separate accounts, and maintains truthful dealing practices to so your trades are going to be dead at the prevailing market costs. we have a tendency to powerfully advise that you simply choose a regulated broker with a clean restrictive record to learn from these protections Dukascopy is one of our top recommended brokers. They operate in a strict regulatory environment, and client deposits are protected by Swiss bank regulations. 2,Trade Execution
In order to urge your trades crammed at the most effective rates and in an exceedingly timely manner, its essential to seek out a forex broker with smart trade execution practices.Dukascopy offer non dealing desk execution,no reqoutes,guaranteed stoploss and negative balance protection
3, Lowest Spreads
The spreads are a broker’s primary source of compensation. The tighter the spread, the less costly it is for traders to enter and exit a trade. Spreads will tend to va
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yeah no issues with contest money withdrawal.

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Nice article

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anna_n 18 Apr.

so nice!

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хорошие причины я согласна на все 100

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gargantua 21 Apr.

good article

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Are they any good? Yes and no. It depends on your expectations (what you want to use them for) and/or the EA's level of profitability. Just as "apps" are ever evolving for phones, EA's are continuously evolving for trading. Programmers, working alongside traders, are creating more sophisticated EA's to replace the need for manual trading. EA's can be programmed to perform a simple task, complex algorithms, or anything in between. An EA can alert you to a potential trade setup, take over a multitude of routine aspects of your trading, or fully automate your trading from entry to exit.
I'll break it down to the pros and cons, provide a few examples of practical applications, outline some considerations, and then let you decide for yourself.
Advantages of EA's
  • Accuracy and speed of execution
  • Removes human emotion
  • Strategy back testing capabilities
  • Risk management
  • Amazing stamina

Disadvantages of EA's
  • When your computer system goes down, the EA stops working.
  • Creating customized EA's for complex trading strategies may be costly.
  • When platforms are upgraded, your EA may need upgrading too.
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Nice analysis on.  Great one for using in Forex markets!  Wait the next one your article. 

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DEMO2TZeHs 24 Feb.

thanks for all the comments

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Olga18375 24 Feb.

Good luck in contest!! Good work

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Very nice article!

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Automated EA, that open buy and sell positions do perform well sometimes, but the real skill in trading is not by bots, it's by manual human traders :). Bots, however have the advantage to filter emotions, so they end up with greater gains sometimes :)

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Live trade set up reveals the direction of the trend across different time frames. The tools for the set up are Support, Resistance, Trendline, Channel, Candle Reversal and Continuation patterns. I will be covering weekly to monthly time frames of so many pairs. Set up based on weekly time frame will last for two weeks while set up for monthly time frame will last for two months LIVE TRADE SET UP BASED ON MONTHLY TIME FRAME. The pairs under this category are AUDUSD, AUDJPY and EURUSD AUDUSD MONTHLY CHART Price broke out of the Support June, 2013 when the month ended but did not give a reversal candle pattern. At the close of the following Month July, 2013 price pulled back to the Support to form a Bearish Pinbar indicating that the monthly trend was bearish. As August, 2013 candle closed price formed another Bearish Pinbar. The indications show that the monthly trend is bearish. Below screenshot shows the price action set-up for AUDUSD monthly time frame. AUDJPY MONTHLY CHART Price broke the monthly Support last two Months without forming any Candle reversal pattern. It is always advisable to wait for candle reversal or continuation each time p…
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Erialda 3 Sep.

Good Analysis i wish you good luck :)

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Aravindh 6 Sep.

all the best........

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Aravindh 6 Sep.

Keep continuing your work.....

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AdamFx42 6 Sep.

Very nice!

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Faster 10 Sep.

good job +1

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The Live Trade Set Up for the Week are based on Pure Price Action using Support, Resistance, Trendline, Channels and five Candle Reversal /Continuation Patterns which includes Pinbar, Outside Bar, Railway Track, Inside Bar and Doji (Spinning Top). Below screenshot are the Candle Patterns that be seen in dynamic swing high and swing low. There is no swing high and swing low that below Candle Patterns cannot be seen. The Live Trade Set Up for this week –August 12 to 16 will be based on the following pairs; AUDJPY. EURNZD AUDCAD EURAUD AUDJPY WEEKLY CHART The price of AUDJPY formed a Bullish Pinbar Set Up at the Support. When the price hit the Weekly Support last two Weeks it closed with a bearish candle that tested the support but never gave a reversal candle pattern. Whenever price hit Support/Resistance, Trendline and Channel wait for a price reaction to produce candle reversal pattern or a continuation pattern. On AUDJPY pair, the price reacted last week at the Weekly Support at the close of Friday, August 09, 2013 to form a Bullish Pinbar. This Week the pair will move in a bullish direction. The screenshot below shows the Support and Resistance …
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palsenator 13 Aug.

This is an exceptional article..Informative!!!

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Verry good article well described sir

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monstine20 13 Aug.

excellent analysis, i am almost 120 pips up on audjpy, keep it up bro

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Vincent3 15 Aug.

nice set up sir......please we need analysis on gold and silver

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Vincent3 15 Aug.

ur analysis has really helped me alot

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Successful traders of philosophy As a successful trader, we must first consider the safety of the funds, and can bear how much loss. 1. Placing stop loss is to guarantee the safety of the funds is the most effective and direct way. 2. The light warehouse trade is the biggest can ensure traders head effectively keep trading system operation. If you order the loss, begin to affect your trading psychological mood, it will affect your judgement. The largest is probably illegal trading system operation. 3. The dealer is the profit and loss of trade for a long time by the dealer to win the number of times plus the number of profit points less loss and loss of points to calculate and measure. 4, effective capital management and the risk of loss control but also the biggest guarantee successful traders. 5, to analysis the market in a consolidation phase, rising trend, still drop trend. To do more, do empty strategy, 6, to check the order is correct, including the order number, stop position, direction of order. 7, to understand different currency fluctuation properties of size, suitable for take trend band operation or to take consolidation operation strategy. 8, must b…
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ZHOU 8 Jan.

My English is not good, please carefully read the article hope to be able to read my article. Thank you for the support and love

captain avatar
captain 17 Jan.

Agreed. If the market takes your funds, you cannot continue trading. We have to protect our capital.

ante777 avatar
ante777 21 Jan.

Good article.

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 24 Jan.

Zhou, one suggestion I'd give would be to divide big blocks of text into smaller paragraphs, so that it makes it easier to read and you also get more "Quality" points from Dukascopy :)

ZHOU avatar
ZHOU 25 Jan.

Thank you, your advice. I really like your advice :)

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Fellow Traders,In this article I will try to do a review of the past year in the context of both competitions conducted by Dukascopy, namely Traders and Strategy. Can we ultimately determine which is better, traders who trade by hands every day, or robots that never sleeps? Can we trust a robot to trade for us?Here are the statistics from the past year. In the following two tables I used data from the site of Dukascopy, in the first ranking is based on the rules of Dukascopy, while ranking second table is tied on who has the highest income for the period.Well, at least in my opinion, and according to what is seen from the table, the winners are Traders. These statistics fully coincides with my opinion, which is that there is no way a robot or strategy, as well as be described, to be better than a well-functioning trader. Although as I suppose many other colleagues use modern technical means, namely automating some signals and support from so-called robots, we still trade "by hand" so to speak. Personally, I love to trade and I like to do it. I would not exchange this pleasure, giving it to the auto robot. However, I do not mind some of the capital to be managed by a robot.Something…
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scramble 24 Dec.

i agree with you about the second strategy: can be implemented! else... could be used as implementation on other strategies ;)

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What is the main function of Dukascopy community? I think the answer is obvious to everyone, exchange ideas so that we can all improve the way we experience the forex market every day... So taking this maximum and analyzing some articles where more experienced traders share their trading strategies is easy to realize that the most profitable strategies work in larger timeframes. It is clear that many of the strategies presented by community members can work well if they are automated, but given my experience when developing an automatic strategy, the simpler the better. After analyzing some of the articles posted here in the community about strategies used by some members, there was one that jumped me in sight, not only for its potential, but also for its simplicity, just easier to automate. The strategy I am talking about is that one presented by Bluedragon in his September article: Looking for Miraculous Strategies !?!This strategy is a cross system with applications in various markets such as stock market and indices. Although, is a counter trend strategy that has consistent results, because nothing goes up or down so indefinite ...Sure automate a strategy to make it profitable …
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LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 21 Nov.

@fxigor - until now the average stop loss/profit ratio is 100% win, because as you can read in the article the strategy does not use SL...

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 22 Nov.

I left pass some trades, but see here the trade open today on Daily Pivot :

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 25 Nov.

Pivot points are an important part of my strategies. It is very nice of you to contribue to the Dukascopy Community with this strategy based on Bluedragon's strategy. Nice collaboration. Don't you consider a disadvantage the fact that the Daily Pivots are calculated on the GMT based TF, I would rather have them calculated on 17:00 NY time

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 26 Nov.

@doctotyby - At the moment the best results are in GMT based TF. I developed the EA in MT4 and it is running in 2 different brokers with different time zone, they are profitable too but trades take more time to close.

Santificado avatar

Olá Linnux FX, muito prazer, como posso obter mais informações sobre esta estratégia na plataforma da Dukascopy JForex, a respeito de seu rendimento em uma operação real.
Grande abraço,

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Making Robot in Meta Every Trader knows what EA is, and ussualy EA is Expert Advisor, in EA, there are 7 functions will be explained below  1.    BuySignal : With the what kind of condition, EA will be open for Buying position 2.    SellSignal : Analogue with number 1, the different is will be open for Selling position 3.    CloseBuySignal : With the condition what for closing for Buying Position, and this part is not necessary and not really important, because we can use TP and SL for closing 4.    CloseSellSignal : Analogue with number 3, the different is for Closing Selling Position5.    MoneyManagement : For counting Lot or Pips Automatically buat itung lotsize secara otomatis6.    Trail : For Trailling Position buat trailling posisi7.    Confirmator : For example in EA we want to trade for 4 days, so it’s  really important to put it If we can find the 7 parts, for making EA is easilier , for the trader who likes making a EA everyday when they want to trade, ussualy they call it this EA like a Robot EA.For making a Simple EA or a Robot EA, it depends on the problem we have, I mean the problem if we want to take the best for our trading, and what the currencies we have. From me,…
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MrSami avatar
MrSami 7 Apr.

Better articles on concepts of metatrader EA's can be find their web site. I would expect a general skeleton for EA design and development.
Good luck.

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