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The Dukascopy community has drawn people from diverse backgrounds, pursuing different passions. Therefore whether one is a model, writer or poker player in on order to crystallize the winning prize the rules dictate that a minimum trading turnover be achieved among other conditions as shown in Fig 1.
Fig 1: Prize and awarding Rules for the Fundamental Analysis Contest.
Therefore, regardless of one’s passion and interest, ultimately to be successful one has to be a god trader. Being a good trader starts with creating a working trading system.
A trading system can be defined as a set of specific rules, or parameters, that determine entry and exit points for a given Forex pair. Further to that a trading system is a comprehensive strategy that takes into account six very important factors.
In this article, we will cover the general approach to creating a rule-based trading system.
  • Examine your Mindset

Know yourself: The first port of call will be choosing the right contest that matches your style, passion and competences among the various contest on offer in the Dukascopy Community. This will ensure that you enjoy whatever you will be doing and eventually open up th…
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Skif 17 May

Success is achieved by those who work on themselves!

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good article, trader must have one realistic plan, and keep it.

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FXRabbit 22 May

Well written!

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TInna 1 June


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The webinars are an essential element to the whole Dukascopy Community experience. The top three winners of the Trader Contest, Strategy contest and Article contest are required to take part in one broadcast of Dukascopy Community TV before the prizes can be credited to their account.
The article was motivated by questions the author has been receiving on how winners of various contests could unlock their prize monies. The second motivation is aimed at giving ideas improving the quality and attendance of webinars.
Functionality of the Dukascopy Community TV.
The main link to the Dukascopy Community TV is, Dukascopy Community TV.
The participation rules tab will give the user the rules governing the participation in the webinars. The rules spell out the broadcast model, registration rules, criteria for valid webinar topic and presentation, key limitations, payment conditions, intellectual property rights and other rules and policies
Fig 1: Participation Rules tab
The propose your topic tab allows you to select the date and time of the publication, the topic, language, purpose of the webinar and a brief description of the proposed webinar.
Fig 2: Propose yo
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k_morocco 26 Oct.

nice presentation and idea

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great !

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Bidza 28 Oct.

Thank you so much for this guide. Well presented. Very helpful

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cognitive information)) thank you!



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Just recently I won prize money rewards from couple of Dukascopy Community contests, but when I decided to start trading with it, I found myself lost because I couldn't find any step-by-step instruction guide or tutorial videos on opening a Live Prize account. I am sure that many before me must have experienced the same hurdle and many after me may find themselves helpless with setting up a Live Prize account.
So after spending an hour with different agents from Support Chat that are nonetheless praise worthy for their friendliness & more importantly their helpfulness, and bothering my Account Manager twice with private messages and then sending an e-mail to the Community Support admin, I am still waiting to use my Live Prize account for trading. A procedure that should have taken me only 5 minutes to complete and been as easy as cutting a slice of cake turned in to a two days saga. Thus, aspiring me to write this article.
The following step-by-step manual guide should save us from a lot of headache and keep us from literally wasting the time of Support Chat agents, Account Managers, Community Managers and our own energy.
Step 1: We must already have a Live Account registered prior…
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ivanbgd 29 Oct.

good article!

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arjaq 4 Nov.

Useful article - I actually had some problems with my prize some months ago :)

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FXNOAD 22 Nov.

Good work

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neoGe 30 May

I hope I might use this valuable information very soon !

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I will try to give an example of full involvement in the Dukascopy community contests by days hours and weeks.
All the present contests are:
Trading, Strategy, Binary options, Social, Fundamental, Article, I love extreme, Poker, Technical analysis, Miss Dukascopy, Trader of the year, Signal provider, Dukat Contest
First of all we have the registration which is valid for Trading and Strategy contest few days before the start of the new month.
Trading contest is the most complicated one and it needs nearly 24 hours involvement. Of course if you have entered a good early position following the trend with no drawdown this will be perfect but this can happen once in a year or even worst. There is big competition between traders and often you can see on the first day of the month someone has doubled the initial equity which can be very frustrating to catch up.
Strategy contest is with less immersion. You need to build your strategy in the Virtual Jforex which is relatively easy and with a good luck and idea of the upcoming month you can get top position. You can make second strategy upload during the month to minimize losses or to maximize profit, depends on your current profile.
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anna_t 12 May

good job!

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extended analyses of the contest .....  great job

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Very informative and easy.. Great job! If only I could understand in trading))

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adkest 17 May

Thanks for the information because I am new here. I wonder what your goal here is improving your trading or trying to win contests ,  both cost lots of time and effort.

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This is a very good question. I love competitions of any type. I am very happy when I am in top positions where there is big rivalry. At the same time making money is also such a joy and of course gives you a financial stability and independence. The only problem is that when there are money you can never trust 100%

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