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Dans cet article nous allons nous intéresser à la paire gbp usd , l'approche se fera purement selon l'analyse technique.
Nous allons étudier la paire selon les times frames un mois, la semaine.
Sur le time frame un mois
  • Image globale
la paire est dans un trend baissier, ( voir la ligne jaune sur le chart ) , la paire a fait depuis le début de l'année 2017 une correction allant de 1.19 jusqu'à 1.43 , la correction s'est faite dans un canal haussier étroit.
  • Etude des bougies
la bougie de janvier 2018 : bougie très haussière, fermant vers son plus haut et cassant la borne supérieure du canal du retracement, il est fort probable que c'est une bougie d'exhaustion signalant la fin de la correction.
bougie de février 2018 : bougie baissière très forte qui a clôturé sur son plus bas, mais qui est une inside bar ( la totalité de la bougie est comprise dans le range de la bougie précédente)
bougie de mars 2018: la bougie casse le low de la bougie de janvier par 40 pip puis ferme a la hausse, la bougie a trompé les trader baissiers prématuré.
bougie de Avril 2018: la bougie casse le haut de la bougie de mars par à peu près de 125 pips , puis se retourne et forme une très forte bougie de renve…
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I agree until next support like. Then may be a reversal. Good article.

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What is double top & bottom patterns?

After a Strong move towards Upwards/Downward market does show a pattern called Double Top/Bottom. It is a Reversal Pattern. Most of the people familiar with this Reversal Pattern but they end up searching for a New system just because they don't know how to use it. Well here i am gonna show you the actual way to trade double Top/Bottom.
First Look at this images which shows the Idea of Double Top and Bottom Patterns.
Two things you have to notice here-

1.The Area Between point 1 and 2.
By these two images we can elaborate that market does react like this but the question arise that "How to read them?"

1. At point 2 Market should not close above the Previous Highest Close.
2. At point 2 Candle high at least touch the previous Highest Close.
3. Always Look Left.(For Support and Resistance)
Lets see some examples.

In above Figure every condition satisfy that's why it can be called a valid double top setup.
Now the lets look at image below it does look like a double top but it is not a valid setup as per rules.
it is time to learn some double bottom patterns too After that we will take a look
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La acción del precio es el análisis de los movimientos del precio de cualquier par de divisas o activo cotizado,esta forma de análisis del mercado no utiliza ningún tipo de indicador, tan solo utiliza los patrones gráficos que va dejando el precio en su movimiento.Esta forma de analizar el mercado es una de las mas efectivas ya que el precio es el indicador mas fiable y no tendremos ningún tipo de retardo en sus señales como ocurre con los indicadores técnicos, porque estos reaccionan al movimiento del precio, por lo que siempre irán por detrás del precio en sus señales.
En este articulo voy a explicar como realizar trading con uno de los patrones de acción del precio mas efectivo .."el doble suelo o doble techo" ,también podría darse una ampliación de este patrón con un triple suelo o techo , aunque algunos traders crean que es demasiado temerario realizar trading de forma tan simple y sin el apoyo de un indicador deberían saber que lo mas simple es lo que mejor funciona en el mercado y lo que realmente es temerario es entrar en el mercado tarde, cuando el indicador confirma la operación y el precio ya ha terminado su movimiento.Siempre hay que advertir que este tipo de patrone
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1.0 Introduction
Just like most traders, when I started out trading Forex, it was a very rough patch for me. I jumped from indicator to indicator and for each one I always felt like I was going to finally dominate Forex and maybe appear on Forbes within a month or so. But that was not the story. Trading Forex no matter how easy it may seem, choosing between buy or sale and being right is one of the hardest jobs on earth and yet the most profitable. But with time, I got to learn more about the market and my use of indicators faded because I just got that feeling of when I could look at market and immediately tell if to trade or stay away from trading. In this article I will discuss one of the things I look at when trading; the double tops and bottoms.
2.0 Double Tops and Double Bottoms
This is one of the most reliable price reversal formations and for people that trade XAU/USD I think they would strongly agree.
2.1 Double Top

A double top is a reversal pattern which is usually formed at the end of the strong bullish movement. The tops are formed when the price hits a certain level and that can’t be broken. When the price reaches this level, it bounces off slightly and then return…
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wmndave 22 Aug.

priceaction113 you wait for the second bottom to be formed and let the price retrace to the neckline

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The Double Top and Double Bottom are reversal patterns. Both patterns are very popular as investors are looking for a new trend, since the current trend is showing signs of a reversal. These chart patterns often create a chart what looks like a "W" (for a double bottom) or an "M" (double top).
The Double Top:
Characteristics of this pattern are that we have an attempt to break above the previous high, but the horizontal resistance holds the price and a new trend begins. As a result, we have two consecutive peaks, which are more or less equal. Recently, we had a very good example of double top pattern in NZD/USD (Picture 1). As you can see, the first element of the Double Top is that the price creates a first top. Then, it falls down and starts creating another move up. The point where the prices reverses to support after the first fall and starts ascending to create another top. The support is important for the final stage where we can measure the TP level.
In the second part, the price starts to move back up towards the resistance. IF the price stalls at the previous resistance and sells off, we have only two elements of the Double Top pattern in place and we still need a confirm…
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