Trading strategy with direction

This strategy allows you to trade with the trend, and as we know, one of the most successful trading methods that follow the trend because the trend is your friend, and we will use simple tools to find the direction and this method is suitable for all currency pairs and commodities and stocks.
How to Find the trend?

1-Trend Analysis Indicators:

Moving Average 30 (SMA)
Moving Average 50 (SMA)
Moving Average 100 (SMA)
2-Direction conditions: (How to Check the direction):

2-1 All moving average lines (SMA) are arranged

Down trend: average 30 under 50 and 50 below 100
Rising trend: average 30 above 50 and 50 above 100

The price should form descending tops and bottoms in a bearish direction.
The price should form bullish tops and bottoms in the upside.
When peaks and bottoms overlap in the opposite direction, this is a weak sign of direction.
Alarm signals:

The averages are not arranged
Cross line 30 with the rest of the lines in the opposite direction
2-2 All moving average lines (SMA) are pointing in the same direction:

Down trend: All moving averages should be indicated below
Upward trend: All moving average lines sho…
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