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Dear fellow traders and community members:
We are reaching the end of the year! That’s good news. It means that we’re still trading and that we’ve managed to survive this challenging year, with lots of volatility.
This article is a year in review with one chart and one quote featuring the main financial/economic event per month.
Starting from…
  • Event: Falling oil prices
  • Chart_BRENT.CMD_USD_4_Hours_snapshot
  • Quote by OPEC January 2016 Oil Market Report [1]

Persistent oversupply coupled with increasing signs of a slowing pace of growth in the Chinese economy exerted pressure on the oil market.

  • Event: Equities’ volatility
  • Chart_USA500.IDX_USD_4_Hours_snapshot
  • Quote by Schwab Center for Financial Research, Feb 11 2016 [2]

Investors should review their portfolios to make sure they still reflect their target asset allocations and goals. They should also resist the urge to buy and sell based solely on recent market movements, as it could hobble their performance over time.

  • Event: A bouncing Yen
  • Chart_USD_JPY_4_Hours_snapshot
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Very well done!

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good job!

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Mariia 10 Jan.

interesting. i like it

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Elani 20 Jan.

very good review!

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LILYY 22 Jan.

отлично все написано! молодец!

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  • 拥有150年历史的德意志银行是和德国战后经济奇迹关系最为紧密的德国企业之一,在欧洲央行诞生之前,德银就已经在与德国央行密切合作,支撑了德国经济数十年的稳步增长。
  • 德意志银行总资产1.64万亿欧元,但是其总负债达到了1.58万亿欧元,也就是说只有600亿欧元的净资产;看似巨大,但是只要负债稍有变动,就像外汇保证金交易一样,面临爆仓。
  • 据MarketWatch数据显示德意志银行2015年巨亏68亿欧元,系2008年俩首次出现亏损,其财务报表显示2015年营收335亿欧元,也就是说其在2015年支出大403亿欧元,更令人咋舌的是2015年,在诉讼方面的支出就达52亿欧元,较2014年上涨了151%。
  • 在2014年,金融博客Zero Hedge就在德银的2013年年报中发现,截至2013年年末,该行的衍生品持仓合计超过54万亿欧元,按当时汇价折合逾75万亿美元,是全德国GDP的20多倍,是整个欧元区GDP的5倍多。
  • 近年来德意志银行的负面消息一个接一个:丑闻、罚款、巨额亏损,数据之快,数额之大,范围之广令人目不暇接。市场上相应出现了德意志银行是雷曼兄弟第二的声音。
  • 2016年6月30日,美联储公布了2016年银行压力测试结果,德意志银行赫然在列,然而是不及格名单。
  • IMF:德意志银行是世界上风险最大的金融机构。这无异于落井下石。
  • 2016年9月16日,美国司法局对德银开出了一张140亿美金的天价罚单,随之其股价应声暴跌,真可谓屋漏偏逢连夜雨。
  • 德银成为了众多空头追逐的对象,据彭博数据显示,单2016年5月31至6月15日,德银股票的空头头寸就增加了3284555股,增幅达18.7%,净空头达5.21%。
  • 全球第三大经济体日本,抛出10万亿以刺激经济增长,带来的是日本民众抢购黄金,金银价格上涨,这对德银来讲简直就是雪上加霜。

  • 如果真的到了不可挽回的地步,1.58万亿欧元的债务,这个数额将是上一次金融危机雷曼兄弟债务的3倍。所引出的直接问题就是银行挤兑
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DaShik 10 Nov.

interesting to read but automatic translation stopped at the beginning of 3 point. i'll try to read till the end via google translate)

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DaShik 10 Nov.

tnx for advice in the last paragraphs. i hope DB will manage to prevent fail

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ak10 15 Nov.

useful chart analysis

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zarina 23 Nov.

interesting analysis

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brilliant 24 Nov.

the language alphabet is interesting. great thank you

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In the year 70 AD the city of Jerusalem was Sieged by Roman legions commanded by Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus.
Jerusalem was guarded by three walls: on the 25th of May 70 AD the Roman legions breached the city’s third wall, Jerusalem’s external wall; and five days later they’ve breached successfully the city’s second wall.
Titus next move detached the legions. Half we’re committed with earthworks in order to attack the Temple and Antonia Fortress, while the other half was focused on assaulting the Upper City.
Titus knew that their enemies commanded by Simon bar Giora and John of Gischala would fight for every inch of their city and understood that the Siege of Jerusalem would take a long time.
The Jews under the leadership of John of Gischala endorsed a strategy to settle fire on Roman’s earthworks structures. In order to accomplish that task they’ve built an underground passage to reach the Roman’s occupied territory.
However, building windows at such a low level undermines the ground’s load capacity. And one night, the wall of Antonia Fortress collapsed and opened the way for the conquest of Jerusalem by the Romans.
As Jerusalem’s Siege, the European Union is no…
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fx_lmcap 25 Sep.

“The euro is far stronger than they want, and stronger than the economy deserves, but they don’t know how to weaken it,” Hans Redeker, head of currency at Morgan Stanley, told The Telegraph recently. “This is exactly what happened to the Japanese.”

fx_lmcap avatar
fx_lmcap 26 Sep.

On the 25th of September 70 AD the Romans took the Upper City and on the 24th/25th of September 2016 the German leader ruled out to step into Deutsche’s legal imbroglio with the U.S. Justice Department!

fx_lmcap avatar
fx_lmcap 26 Sep.

A day after, on the 26th of September 70 AD the Romans were in control over the whole city and settled fire in Jerusalem.
On the 26th of September 2016 Deutsche Bank shares dropped to a record low. The shares dropped 6% to nearly 10,7 EUR.

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tatskiyd 28 Sep.

great article

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SikmaN 30 Sep.

good job!

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