I have been searching best topic for my next article and I found something what can be interesting for all beginners in trading and especially in quantitative trading. The name of this article may sound weird but truth is that it is fact and I would like to share the way how I made this profit. The key idea of this article is not about profit. Key idea is about way how I achieved this goal. Let’s take a look on details.
My way in options trading
I spent some time by reading a blogs and community discussions about option trading. I found only one useful information. Best advice I ever read. Before you place the trade you have to analyze.
It’s pretty simple. Most of you wouldn't believe that all you need to know is find an idea which is valid. Then you have to prove it. Analyze before trade is my favorite phrase.
I don’t want to say that other informations were useless but in my case they were not powerful enough. For example there was a one dogmatic hypothesis which assumes that you as an options trader have to participate only on sell side (writing an option). You have to sell options first and then take credit premium. Reason is that value of the option is decreasing in time. This…
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