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Трейдеры с малим опитом а так же те, которые только изучили азы торговли и начинают практиковаться в этом деле, используют специальный демо-счет. Он создан для того, чтобы потренироваться открывать позиции и заключать сделки. То есть на таком этапе нет реальных денег. В рамках демо-счета все происходит безопасно и без потерь, зато этот период практики является подготовительным и очень важным для перехода на реальный счет.
Цель этой статьи - объяснить что такое демо-счет и понять когда переходить с демо-счета на реальный? Эта статья поможет вам понять , когда же следует оставить демо – счет и начать зарабатывать настоящие деньги.
Демо – счет необходим потому что благодаря нему вы:

  • получаете начальные навыки, изучаете технику работ на рынке валют;
  • узнаете, как выставить и поменять ордер и как правильно выставлять стоп-лосси и тейк - профыти;
  • научитесь регулировать обьем сделки и как грамотно работать с ней.
Эти знания необходимы для любого начинающего трейдера , потому что каждая их этих функций понадобится в настоящей торговле.
Торговлю на демо счете, в обязательном порядке, должен пройти любой трейдер, который серьезно относится к торговле на валютном рынке, но этого конечно…
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Adi001 9 June

Отлично, и неплохо переходить на один маленкый реальный счет первое, если и тут все будет хорошо тогда enter big money :) удачи!

alphahavoc avatar
alphahavoc 10 June

Great advice

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Vlad73 12 June

good article

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tow 22 June


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Introduction In my October 2012 article, I dwelt on the need to keep the trading activity simple, hence the acronym KISS. There are countless exhortations, persuasions, ideas and downright con games all over the internet and other media – all seeking to show you how to make money trading forex. I have decided to blow against the wind by submitting an article on HOW TO LOSE MONEY trading forex! That is what the majority of retail traders do – lose money every day. However, few understand why they keep losing money. In this article, we will consider various ways through which traders lose money consistently. Hopefully, by doing the opposite, traders will actually make money – which is what we all want to do. Listed below are some excellent ways of lossing money while trading the forex market. 1) Overtrading The cost of trading is usually seen in terms of spreads and commissions. The amount of this trading expense is proportional to the number and size of trades, within any period. The more the volume and number of trades, the more money you are going to lose through spreads and commissions. Overtrading or trading more trades per day than you should, will certainly help you to lose …
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captain 20 Jan.

Thank you charmtrader for your insightful comment. Actually I deliberately chose that SCARING title to provoke readers into seeing how our bad trading habits result in consistent loss of money - over and over again.

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ZHOU 21 Jan.


SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 25 Jan.

Completely agree with all 10 reasons, and I actually think the title is a good one, it's provocative and curiosity-inducing :) I'll just focus on point #9, it is a very good strategy, picking tops and bottoms, assuming you have a crystal ball... ;) If you don't have one, then you're on the way to financial ruin, just look at the yen pairs at the moment, how much money has been lost by people trying to guess where the trend is going to end? I don't see the logic in putting yourself in front of a moving train, but many people still believe in that misguided "strategy".

captain avatar
captain 25 Jan.

Thank you SpecialFX for your feedback. The forex train is most uncontrollable.

Likerty avatar
Likerty 25 Jan.

I agree with your points, just the second one caught my eye - analysis can be overdone in smallest tf's and overlooked in biggest ones. But point is to analyse S/R and S/D zones, PA and other levels - not the indicators.. .

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With the high
rates of unemployment around the world within the context of a stagnant global economy,
Forex trading by individuals is likely to become a more significant source of
income to regain and maintain long-term financial security. By taking a
responsible approach to entering this difficult but profitable market,
persons can be well on their way to financial independence and early retirement.
However, given the difficulty of learning in such a difficult financial market
when one may have immediate financial obligations, using a proven trading
strategy from a reliable source is the better choice compared to the arduous
task of trial and error.
Forex trading
can be the answer to the employment and financial worries of the unemployed
over the short and long-term time horizons. It offers strong earning potential
that is comparable to the highest paying professions in the world, while
providing greater flexibility and independence. This market could also be the
answer to those who have become increasingly distrustful of the equities market
and have steadily withdrawn their investments from this asset class over the
last few years. Although the prospective Forex t…
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DaddyPapi avatar
DaddyPapi 16 Aug.

funny Nagara? what aspect of it and why? or is it just spam?

adask avatar
adask 30 Aug.

I would almost agree to Nagaraja :). Just article title = funny/strange

DaddyPapi avatar
DaddyPapi 30 Aug.

quite simple actually..if someone is unemployed, chances are they are looking for an income source..given tight labour markets, normal employment might be difficult..hence the FX as a possible self-employment option...still confusing of funny? you probably only had the attention span to read the headline and not the article itself..

NagarajaAdiga avatar

Let me tell you why I think this idea is funny.
1. Trading is a zero sum game. There is no guarantee of positive results every month.
2. Trading should be used as a means to build capital than for living. i.e., it’s only to be used as second income not the breadwinning income.
3. There is no fixed rule in the market which is why market moves zigzag always. While a scalper looks at the market for short, a bigger TF chartist may see that as a long opportunity and both may make money as well as lose in the same trade.

I think it’s very dangerous to advise people especially newbie to trade for li

DaddyPapi avatar
DaddyPapi 30 Aug.

1. if its a zero sum game, then all you do is aim to be on the winning side! simple
2. I agree that its a risky thing to get into, hence the trial period on demo..but some income while the person is looking for a job is better than no income..
3. markets always zigzag?..they never trend? whether you are a scalper or bigger TF trader, all you do is find the strategy that works for you.

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