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Hello community members, I am here again with my new article. Which is “Demo trading vs Real trading”. What makes it different? And how you may go wrong and face losses if you don’t make a proper strategy for your survival in real trading. Trading looks very easy to anyone who gets involve in it. You start to dream that you are going to be rich really soon. And without going through adequate practice and without proper testing of the trading system you jump into the big sea to catch big fishes. This happens with almost every trader (including me). I have gone through it. And that big fish caught me and ate me.
Prepare yourself rather than dreaming being rich

So, let’s talk about demo trading first. Because that comes first when you think about forex trading. Everyone have traded in demo even if it is for one day only. There are hundreds of broker around the world, which provide access to the forex world. They provide different leverages, spread, cashback, loyalty programs, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus to attract clients from all over the world. Even for a small trader they can provide a demo account with huge amount and high leverage. First thing to drag you into this big sea. Y…
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MariaSokol 27 July

Like it!!

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al_dcdemo 27 July

A great article!

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Very good article

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dukfxx 31 July

good article

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Some people have the capability of "business man or woman" by nature but others need to learn and have a process to get success.
I am not a business man by nature, in fact, I prefer to buy things to cover all my needs because I never wanted to be a businessman until to know about Forex Market less than two years ago.
This kind of business has from my view point two majority groups, trader, and investor.
The purpose this article is to expose the main features of each and share with you a tactic used today by some investors in Australia.
1.- Trader:
Working as a trader on Forex Market I can say that there are two ways to the pursuit and get profits, it is scalping or trading with techniques and tactics in a period of short term.
By scalping is oriented to people who likes to get in on the Forex Market take some profits (less than +10 pips) and get out quickly.
Trading in a period like a mid or long term we could have big profits like +50, +100 but less than +500 pips.
But the process and strategies are equal or more planned and structured than for scalping. The main difference is about stress.
Scalpers need to be monitoring the position or watching the charts …
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Wovch 29 Nov.


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arjaq 1 Dec.

I am type 3: speculoinvestor- fast speculations for relax and long term carry positions for high profit investment on forex. I also stack good stocks - yet I consider my stocks rather as an insurance for life than investment.

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Beto 2 Dec.

That sound very good stuff. Great body.


nice work

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Задумывались ли Вы когда-нибудь какую ошибку Вы совершаете как начинающий трейдер торгуя на реальном счёте? Это самый контр-продуктивный способ узнать, как торговать должным образом. На подсознательном уровне Вы открываете сделку заведомо зная что ничем не рискуете. Факт заключается в том, что чем больше риск, тем больше награда. Поскольку виртуальная торговля имеет нулевой риск, то она не имеет никакой награды. Когда вы начинаете торговать на реальные деньги, Ваш риск увеличивается потому что вы учились принимать решения, которые не применимы в реальном мире. Когда вы начинаете принимать эти решения в реальной торговле, это приведёт к финансовому краху.
Чтобы торговать должным образом, трейдеры должны обладать 100%-ми техническими навыками, но они должны применить только 15% этих навыков при торговле. Другие 85% приходится на то, чтобы держать свои эмоции под контролем. Прибыльная торговля является на 15% технической и 85% эмоциональной. Так, как вы держите свои эмоции под контролем? Я выделаю для себя несколько правил торговли на дэмо счетах:
1. На какую сумму открывать счёт? Это поможет максимально приблизить к реальному состоянию Вашего кошелька. Если вы собираетесь открывать …
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Абсолютно согласен, на 100%  с тем моментом, что размер демо счета должен быть идентичен планируемому размеру на реальном счете. Все точно.
А, вот, касательно торговли на демо счетах, то признаюсь, что принципиально, практически, не занимался таким. Почему? Потому что поздно начал торговать на бирже(( У меня шел месяц за год почти))
Я очень мало торговал на демо счете. И я знаю, что это плохо. Но я такой уж я человек и моя время дороговато, выходит, стоит(( Я же из-за этого делал свою учебу дорогой. Мне просто не интересно было на демо счете(( И время жгло(

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Просто, когда ошибка стоит реальных денег, то мы ее быстрее запоминаем)) Самая моя дорогая ошибка стоила мне 1500 долларов за несколько минут((

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Но я теперь, надеюсь, никогда ее не повторю))

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zarina 25 Feb.

согласна ,торговый счет учит намного быстрее !

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al_dcdemo 25 Feb.

Informative content, nice explanation and writing - great stuff!

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Demo training for Forex accounts - a service that someone love one and other hate. Why is this happening? It would seem that a free demo account cannot bring nothing but good, is not it? Not exactly. Demo account certainly has its advantages, but it was not without pitfalls. In this article we look at the "pros" and "cons" of the use of Demo account.
Let's start. For those who do not know: a free demo account, as follows from its very name suggests, allows you free to practice trading in the Forex market . Sounds appealing to novice and, in many ways, it is.
Brokers offering a free demo account, do so in order to get people interested in trading on Forex. And there is nothing wrong with that, because they exist in order to increase the number of traders in the market and on their platform. It's also a great way for a beginner to start learning Forex trading.
Currency trading - not an easy task to start it without preparation. Some brokers provide a simplified platform with minimum deposits for new traders to bring them up to speed. Many other brokers allowed people to open free demo account, with which you can start trading with virtual money, and to do so as long as you have obtai…
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Airmike 23 Oct.

nice article , i wish you good luck

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rokasltu 25 Oct.

I like your point about discipline...

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agddivisas 28 Oct.

Well done!!!

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Maria_r 8 Nov.


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salamandra 28 Nov.

Good luck !!!

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Hi all,I started trading about three years ago on demo trading account, like demo MT4 accounts,but quickly made my first deposit with a broker - going after the money involved,and things looked allright in the beginning,but I was trading without any experience, insight, or a planI pumped in a lot of money over a 2-year period,and started losing a lot of money out of frustration because I was making trades that were beyond my limit/money-managementThen I suddenly realised I should be learning to trade .. (duh)I follow the currency and market news now,and only trade in competitions -- it beats demo-tradingbecause it is exciting, and there is a chance of cash at the end.There are always competitions around, check: made $500 in a competition for the first time last year and decided that I would tryto make $10000 off it, well, I got as far as $1237 and then lost everythingbut I can enter a new competition, can't I, like this one .. ;-)What I do is basically use google to the best of my ability -- search out the best market-information providers, and follow their advice (once they call a shot, you stop thinking for yoursel…
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Yes, very open and honest as victor says. I like this narrative as a good perspective to keep in mind as I trade. Thanks for this.

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very interesting!!! thanks...

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geula4x 11 May

+1 Liked: Seems like a candid opinion, based on your own experience. I think it can help new Forex traders. Happy trading this coming week :-)

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Efegen 20 May

Yes true and it is my way also. The money is slow acculamating thanks Dukascopy and i am not using for fun but i let my automated systems to run the money.

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Likerty 21 May

It fascinates me, how many layers of knowledge lying in trading. Learning is never ending process. Money is not the only thing that people loose while trying to master the markets - constant stress, sleeplessness and excessive sitting - damages health faster than anyone could think.. ANd social life goes too.. Not everyone realises how much one must give in order to get in to profitability!

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Introduction From years of experience in Forex , I can memorize a lot of things which make us lose or completely exit the market due to incorrect actions or bad habits which is a result of some factors surrounds the Forex market... in this article I will show some problems which face me when i was a beginner before 8 years and how i overcome these problems which face us daily in the market . I took a lot of time to overcome these problems but if you read this carefully ,it will help you very much to get professional in the market.Preface At the beginning let's remember that Forex market is leveraged market and any incorrect trade (without stop loss) can blow out your account money... risk is from nature of Forex trading , if you do not feel in this market that you are in a battle , forgive me, short time and you will fail,Forex trading is not for you.In Forex you should use all your weapons to win the battle or at least not to exit the battle loser...we should prepare ourselves for the trading not only the strategy ... the strategy is important in trading but what about the human who uses this strategy. Is the human prepared for this ... below you will get prepared for fighting in …
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xtrader360 28 Apr.

good article +

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merosalah 28 Apr.

good one, you great

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hazem2013 29 Apr.

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Thanks for everybody for support

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Why is it that so many traders are successful with their demo account but are consistent failures with their live account? The answer is that even though market is the same and their tools are the same, their psychological state is different. 
As a qualified Psychotherapist now in the FX market, I have spent time looking into the psychological aspects of trading and how traders react differently in the real world.
 The steps to successful trading are:
1        Learn how to manage data, use graphs and risk management.
2        Understand the fundamentals and technicals.
3        Identify a trading strategy that provides a consistent profit.
4        Apply the strategy consistently in a demo account.
5        Apply the strategy consistently in a live account. 
Once a trader has a strategy that works, he must practice it enough times that he commits the strategy to his unconscious mind. It is like learning to drive a car, after a while, people drive a car without thinking about it. Using a trading strategy must be like that; a trader should use the same winning strategy over and over with the minimum conscious intervention.
Where it most frequently goes wrong is in the transition from…
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Some psychological problems stem from bad preparation but some are really deep and come with upbringing. I am looking forward to the next article where you will address solutions to the highlighted problems. Anyone who has ever trade a live account knows how much these problems can hit you. Traders who trade for a living…they need to be really tough.
There isn’t much training around on psychology for trading. Here is a business opportunity for you if you want to pursue it. All the very best.

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We cannot trade "emotional free" because we are human, and not robots. :) Fear and Greed are the greatest factors of Trading Psychology but there are many other causes for the "Market Sentiment", the Risk On and Risk Off sentiment for investors and retail traders. This is a great subject, and maybe, just maybe traders are pre-programed to fail and they have to fight with themselves to succeed in this business. Keep it up.+1

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scramble 11 May

i agree in many points, indeed well explained what a trader will encounter in his experience. will be interesting to know your point about possible ideas and possible solutions.
good luck

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Mosomoso 17 May

Hi Gee, you talk about a trader needing to trade a system like he were driving a car (autopilot). I seem incapable of this. I can't get past the excitement of the trade/profit and the crash of the loss. How do you get past this? Secondly, you, and most others, suggest you "need" a strategy. I take a trade when I see one that looks good, there is no particular strategy involved. Is the idea of a strategy just a way of calming the mind in order to trade more succesfully, or is it actually necessary to progress and become a professional trader?

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alifari 19 May

The problem with amateur trader is they know their problems but fail to rectify their mistakes.

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Most people who starting to engage into forex trading will start their practical journey with a demo/dummy account. There are many ways to success in forex, from reading a lot of forex trading book, learning fundamental and technical skills, discussing certain topics in forums, using custom indicators, and off course many other skills that I have not included above. This time I will cover a slightly different side of unsuccessful of forex trading. Do you ever realise why you can make a big profit in demo account but blown up your live account within month or week or even day or worst in a hour? Simple because you are not yet ready for a real live trading eventhough you might think it is a good time to go live. Newbie/beginner traders often do not realise that demo and live account has a very big difference in terms of emotions of greed & fear, anger, self pity and many other psychology related. A wise trader often once says that there is only a thin of paper barrier divided between a good trader and a bad trader which called emotions. We are human and it is normal to have a desire of winning every trades and getting a big positive number in trading forex but is there a holy gra…
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doctortyby 23 Sep.

I say... nerver let your emotions quide You before or after you take a trade... +1 and trade well. Do you think the trading psychology is the key?

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Livornese 24 Sep.

Excellent article! Study Study Study and Study before going live!

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ritesh 27 Sep.

Nice article buddy +1

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foewenpo 14 Nov.

@doctortyby - Psychology is not just a key to success but a mandatory to have who want to get success. :)

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The Lure What comes to our minds when we think about forex? Money, enormous amount of money. We knows that forex is the largest financial market in the world with its $4 Trillion a day trade volume. Yes, that is why we plunge ourselves into the forex world, right? We want to make thousands, or even millions of dollar trading in this delicious foreign exchange market. Better still, forex brokers offer free trading line (leverage) up to 1:100 or even 1:500. Yes, we can trade 100 or 500 times the amount of our equity. This is the one! Perfect business, low setup cost with unlimited profit possibility.   Before We Start We do our homework. We read many good trading books. We study fundamental analysis, trying to grasp what that daunting economics data means. We study technical analysis, figuring out how to use and read many technical indicators and learn how to spot candle reversal and continuation patterns on charts. We open demo account, trading it for several weeks, and lose all the virtual money. We do not despair; we step back and analyze our trading mistakes. We refine our trading system and open another demo account. We trade it for s…
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LinnuxFX 19 Sep.

Well done, nice article... good luck for the competition...

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Livornese 19 Sep.

Like your article! Inspiring to be always at the top! One point from me!

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quantum_fx 19 Sep.

I like your article! Keep writing!

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alifari 19 Sep.

Excellent Article +1

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There are so many brokers that are appearing right now and most of them are unregulated ones which can abused their authority over their clients. Unregulated brokers have capabilities to cheat their clients by slippage or high spread. Brokers also know where you place your stops so they might also hunt it and put you out of trade.   DEALING DESK BROKER  - this type of brokers match your orders to the opposite side if there is no match for the certain order the broker will hedge it. Thus sometimes they segregate losing account to winning accounts so that those losing account can be hedge by them so if they lose the broker still wins. They can offer fixed spread because they manipulate the orders however their rates could be different from the interbank rates. Non-Dealing Desk – This type of brokers do not hedge clients account they send the orders to their liquidity providers (Banks, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, or other Brokers). This NDD are commonly known to be ECN and sometimes do not offer fixed spread however they earn through commissions./volume of trade. This could be good brokers but sometimes too much volatility can occur because it is connected on m…
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Livornese 12 Sep.

Really good point!

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doctortyby 12 Sep.

Good article, good luck!+1

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LinnuxFX 15 Sep.

Interesting, we must allways be allert with the brokers, lol... nice article

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