There is a very popular quote in Nigeria, it says "What an old man can see while seated a young man can not see standing".
The logic behind the quote is rather simplistic; it means youthful exuberance can never trump experience.
I am personally convinced that the best way to get better with trading the Forex market is to understudy successful traders. There is a wealth of information that can be gotten from such experienced traders. It is not necessary for a new trader to stumble in the dark looking for the "Holy Grail", a smarter option is to learn from the experience of tested and proven traders.
One of such traders is a man popularly referred to as the "Sultan of currencies". I have done some research on his trading habits, and I will use this article to highlight some of his traits worthy of emulation. His name is William Lipschutz, popularly called Bill Lipschutz.
Trading success is not defined by how much a trader makes, but how consistently he or she is able to generate profit.
As a young woman, when I first heard about the Forex market, it seemed like a world of endless possibilities. A market that had such huge liquidity, and so many trading opportunities. The fact that …
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