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Dukascopy offers trading in currencies, Metals, CFD ETFs, CFD stocks, CFD Indices, CFD commodities and cryptocurrencies. Understanding the dynamics of the various options available makes trading them much easier.
This article looks at the blockchain technology, the bedrock on which all cryptocurrencies are established. Getting to understand this technology will aid in the trading of Bitcoin, and the other cryptocurrencies.

History of Blockchain

Before it was ever used in cryptocurrencies, it had humble beginnings as a concept in computer science, particularly, in the domains of cryptography and data structures. The Merkle tree is the earliest record of the blockchain technology which is a data structure that was patented by Ralph Merkle in 1979, and functioned by verifying and handling data between computer systems in a peer-to-peer network of computers, validating data was important to make sure nothing was altered or changed during transfer.
In 2008, Satoshi Nakamato conceptualized the distributed blockchain. It contains a secure history of data exchanges, utilize a peer-to-peer network to time stamp and verify each exchange, and could be mana…
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Possibly everyone knows term “Blockchain”, however I am not sure that everyone understands its importance and significance for today’s world development. Blockchain is considered as a virtual, transparent ledger, being invented to fix cryptocurrency transactions and generally regulating Buy-Sell process of cryptocurrency.
However, pleased to distributed- ledger technology and smart contracts Blockchain has a great potential to benefit various companies all over the world – not just financial sector.
The main features of Blockchain in Financial Sector are the following:* Transparency;
* Traceability;
* Efficiency;
* Collaboration;
* Security;
* Auditability.
There is a wide landscape of applying and embedding Blockchain in the different areas of Business, including, but not limited with opportunity to solve refugee problems, bypass corruptions and bridge poverty gaps, facilitate business operations and contribute to other spheres of business.
Allow me to describe the most important and relevant from my point of view:
1. Preventing poverty in the world.
Poverty is the biggest world tragedy right now, particularly taking into account terrible situation in Siria, being resulted in …
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The 22nd of May has been dubbed Bitcoin Pizza day due to the infamous incident that happened on this day in 2010. On May 22, 2010, the first Bitcoin transaction was recorded, whereby Laszlo Hanyecz agreed to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for two delivered Papa John's pizzas. On the eighth anniversary of this transaction, the Bitcoins would have been worth over USD 80 million had he kept them.
The new order of cryptocurrencies is upon us and the world has been forced to accept the new reality. In the past the Bitcoins were traded on Bitcoin exchanges on a long only basis, with the exchange taking place between a willing buyer and seller. But as more and more participants enter the market and its depth increase, we have witnessed the introduction of Bitcoin CFDs meaning that it is possible to short sell the asset. This article gives the author’s personal strategy when it comes to trading the Bitcoin (BTC/USD).

Dukascopy Bank SA provides leveraged CFD trading on price movements of cryptocurrencies, its derivatives or value estimations and more information on this will be found on the following link …
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Ми живемо в світі інформації. Чим далі, тим все більше і більше вона нас поглинає. Інформаційний шум оточив мало не кожну людини. Він виник навколо криптовалюти та першої і найпопулярнішої з них під назвою Bitcoin. З дня на день ці електронні гроші зацікавлюють все більше і більше, чи не так?
Багато хто чув про їхні обороти, які становлять від 300 до 400 мільйонів доларів США в день. Хочеться нагадати той факт, коли в липні 2010 року одна «монетка» коштувала 4,95 американських центів. На сьогоднішній день (12.05.2018 р.) середнє значення курсу 8351.33 доларів США (USD) за 1 Bitcoin. Неозброєним оком видно, що популярність цих електронних грошей зростає в геометричній прогресії. У світі на сьогоднішній день відомо більше 275 різновидів анонімних електронних грошей.
Серед них найбільш поширені :

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Ripple;
  • Litecoin;
  • Darkcoin;
  • Peercoin
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A lot of differing signals currently exist in the markets, with much of the sentiment perhaps being a false indicator as we await a possible outcome for trade, and as quarterly earnings fill in, per equity markets. The U.S. Dollar has been battered with a need for a new trade pact and tariffs, a so-called trade war is being waged.
The damaging effect to the dollar has mostly given rise to a negative sentiment, possibly being buoyed by a recent increase in interest rates to the overall dollar index level.
However, the debasing of the currency itself is the real damage that could potentially keep the U.S. Dollar submerged for the time being.
Sentiment seems to be operating on a sociopathic level where certain receptors become damaged and a flurry of signals and neurotransmitters get passed without there being any real sense-making, or true indication of actuel health or sentiment.
For example, market participants and sqwakers will always overweight one factor or another to find context or meaning to their position. In fact, they become deleterious agents in the greater complex structure of the markets.
By not gaining a co-receptor, for instance, not being…
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The cryptocurrency universe took the investment public by storm in 2017, registering phenomenal gains in the process. So massive were the gains that words like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litcoin became pub talk.
On the 9th of March 2018 Dukascopy announced that it had introduced the Bitcoin to US Dollar (BTC/USD) with leverage 1:3 on the demo environment in response to trader requests, with the live environment following soon. This is an exciting development to many investors as it gives yet another way in which investor can gain exposure to the bitcoin returns.
This article explores the pros and cons of the various ways that investors can trade bitcoins.
This method entails buying the underlying asset which is the bitcoin from an exchange or online cryptocurrency broker and holding the actual currency in a wallet at the exchange or off-site. Upon purchase the investors becomes the direct holder of the digital asset and the bitcoins are sent to a personal bitcoin address or account (wallet) with the exchange. From there, one can transfer the cryptocurrency to any bitcoin address or wallet address using their own unique private key that verifies the con…
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Ми живем в мире информации. Чем далее, тем все больше и больше она нас поглощает. Информационный шум окружил чуть ли не каждого человека, возникший вокруг криптовалют и первой и самой популярной из которых з названием Bitcoin. З дня на день эти электронные деньги заинтерисовует все больше и больше, не так лы?
Многие слышали об их примерном обороте, который составляет от 300 до 400 миллионов долларов США в день.
А так же еще раз хочеться напомнить о факте, когда в июле 2010 года одна «монетка» стоила 4,95 американских центов. На сегодняшний день (01.10.2017) средние значение курса составляет 4300 долларов США(USD) за 1 Bitcoin .
Невооруженным глазом видно, что популярность электронных денег растет в геометрической прогрессии. В мире на сегодняшний день известно более 275 разновидностей анонимных электронных денег. Среди них наиболее распространенные – это:
  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Ripple;
  • Darkcoin;
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Technological advancement has not been kind on a number of businesses. A few examples that come to mind is how Kodak was affected by digital cameras and smartphones, snail mail was made redundant by e-mail and the impact of WhatsApp and other instant messengers on SMS and mobile telecommunication revenues. A mobile telecommunications operator who would have stuck to voice and SMS only will sure be running into bankruptcy now despite having registered huge success in the 1990s. As technology advances, businesses should adapt quickly to ride on the wave otherwise they will be no place for them.
Today the evolution of cryptocurrencies is in its infancy and a lots of businesses such as online stores, departmental stores, multinational financial services companies such as VISA and Master card, banks and central banks should be well equipped to deal with this emerging threat and capitalise on the opportunities presented. Bitcoin may not be a perfect currency now but as time goes by the concept will surely be perfected and made more secure and acceptable, this will surely revolutionize how the payment system operates.
Bitcoin in brief
By definition Bitcoin is a digital…
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When Satoshi Nakamoto posted his paper on the internet entitled Bitcoin:A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System in November 2008 very few people gave the idea a chance. When the Bitcoin network was introduced in January 2009 most viewed the project as doomed with skeptics labeling it a Ponzi scheme or money laundering platform. Whilst Bitcoin has been banned in China, it has been embraced in Canada and USA, with the setting up of regulatory frameworks in progress. With its acceptability gathering momentum at a phenomenal pace, Bitcoin pauses regulatory challenges to authorities on how to treat the cryptocurrency for tax and accounting purposes.
In May 2014 the USA Internal Revenue Services, (IRS) issued guidance on the treatment of Bitcoin by taxpayers. The summary being that Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are not money but capital assets meaning that the capital gains rules apply to any
gains or losses.
This article seeks to take an in-depth analysis into the Bitcoin world.

What is Bitcoin?

Definition: Bitcoin is a type of digital currency or cryptocurrency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the t…
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