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Hi community members welcome to the new month, and wish you happy New Year,
Are you peopling getting confusions? why am I wishing you all, and why I am telling here about the basic mathematics? According to HINDU Culture March is the starting month of our new year, One doubt is cleared I thought. Next coming to your second doubt, I am thinking about to tell a small story. May be that story will clear yours second doubt of my article.
The two young dreamers BRUNO and PABLO wanted to be rich and they were good friends also. Waited for a long time to get opportunity. Finally they got the job to earn, which is bringing the water to the village from the river by using buckets. But Pablo was not ready to go again, he got an idea and said to Bruno about building the pipeline. In that time Pablo also not sure about what he is going to do but he had little confidence about him. Finally pipeline is made. You all know story is THE PARABLE OF THE PIPELINE written by BURKE HEDGES.
Again are you getting so many knots instead of revealing the second doubt? Wait a second, Almost of all the humans are not able to do more difficult work for a long time. But Bruno assumes that he will do. We can’t …
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rupesh1984 18 Mar.

in the truth,Flash crash never save you even after stop loss !!

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Wovch 18 Mar.

great job

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good article

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Beto 26 Mar.

Good summary my friend.

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well done!

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  • 拥有150年历史的德意志银行是和德国战后经济奇迹关系最为紧密的德国企业之一,在欧洲央行诞生之前,德银就已经在与德国央行密切合作,支撑了德国经济数十年的稳步增长。
  • 德意志银行总资产1.64万亿欧元,但是其总负债达到了1.58万亿欧元,也就是说只有600亿欧元的净资产;看似巨大,但是只要负债稍有变动,就像外汇保证金交易一样,面临爆仓。
  • 据MarketWatch数据显示德意志银行2015年巨亏68亿欧元,系2008年俩首次出现亏损,其财务报表显示2015年营收335亿欧元,也就是说其在2015年支出大403亿欧元,更令人咋舌的是2015年,在诉讼方面的支出就达52亿欧元,较2014年上涨了151%。
  • 在2014年,金融博客Zero Hedge就在德银的2013年年报中发现,截至2013年年末,该行的衍生品持仓合计超过54万亿欧元,按当时汇价折合逾75万亿美元,是全德国GDP的20多倍,是整个欧元区GDP的5倍多。
  • 近年来德意志银行的负面消息一个接一个:丑闻、罚款、巨额亏损,数据之快,数额之大,范围之广令人目不暇接。市场上相应出现了德意志银行是雷曼兄弟第二的声音。
  • 2016年6月30日,美联储公布了2016年银行压力测试结果,德意志银行赫然在列,然而是不及格名单。
  • IMF:德意志银行是世界上风险最大的金融机构。这无异于落井下石。
  • 2016年9月16日,美国司法局对德银开出了一张140亿美金的天价罚单,随之其股价应声暴跌,真可谓屋漏偏逢连夜雨。
  • 德银成为了众多空头追逐的对象,据彭博数据显示,单2016年5月31至6月15日,德银股票的空头头寸就增加了3284555股,增幅达18.7%,净空头达5.21%。
  • 全球第三大经济体日本,抛出10万亿以刺激经济增长,带来的是日本民众抢购黄金,金银价格上涨,这对德银来讲简直就是雪上加霜。

  • 如果真的到了不可挽回的地步,1.58万亿欧元的债务,这个数额将是上一次金融危机雷曼兄弟债务的3倍。所引出的直接问题就是银行挤兑
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DaShik 10 Nov.

interesting to read but automatic translation stopped at the beginning of 3 point. i'll try to read till the end via google translate)

DaShik avatar
DaShik 10 Nov.

tnx for advice in the last paragraphs. i hope DB will manage to prevent fail

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ak10 15 Nov.

useful chart analysis

zarina avatar
zarina 23 Nov.

interesting analysis

brilliant avatar
brilliant 24 Nov.

the language alphabet is interesting. great thank you

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Petróleo Barato, antesala de recesión mundial o final de la 3ª revolución industrial?
Mis comienzos en el Trading, se centraron en la operativa del petróleo, su precio se determina por multitud de factores, pero los más importantes son: oferta y demanda, el valor del dólar USD y el sentimiento de mercado. Este último factor es generado por la reacción de los participantes, provocando variaciones en el precio a corto plazo, el motivo es la percepción de obstáculos o mejoras en el flujo de entrega o producción de petróleo. El sentimiento de mercado es el que produce la volatilidad en el mercado y donde buscaba oportunidades para entrar diariamente, en principio use como indicadores técnicos, CCI y Bandas Bolinger, pero con el paso del tiempo me aficione a usar ICHIMOKU, que es el que utilizo actualmente con muy buena satisfacción. Con la información obtenida del mercado de petróleo, operaba también cruces de forex donde el dólar canadiense estuviese presente, debido a la vinculación que existe.
Estrategia Trading: En mis operativas uso el indicador ICHIMOKU (9,26,52) en gráficos Diaro y 4 Horas, a fin de apoyarme en las decisiones uso como oscilador RSI 9 Opero en Compra cuando obse…
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taimasik avatar
taimasik 30 Dec.

thanks for it))

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good !

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Bernny 12 Jan.

nice job

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GammaBurst 19 Jan.

We should be preparated to a new big global crisis on 2016, and if this will occurs, it should be the end of the euro.

MaziarE avatar
MaziarE 24 Jan.


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In the near future, perhaps we will see the nice big face of Angela Merkel in the 1 euro coin?

In this article, which is composed of 4 parts, I want to focus on what the EBC could do in the coming months to try to get out of the crisis which is stagnant in europe.
Mario Draghi spoke last conference of non-conventional measures, implying that the ECB would take into consideration the QE.
We see in this first part, what is QE?
Stripped of jargon sophisticated (and mystifying), the QE (quantitative Easing, QE) simply means increasing the quantity of money supply, or easing credit conditions in the hope of stimulating the economy stagnant. It is usually performed by injection by the central banks of a certain amount of money into the coffers of commercial banks in exchange for its financial assets, which consist largely of government bonds. Although typically is done electronically or on paper, its practical effect is identical to that which is obtained by printing money.
This would be an expansionary monetary policy designed to aid economic recovery. The rationale behind this policy is that the addition of new funds to t
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Will the country turned into the world market, then everyone will feel happy? Commented one of the main supporters of the American economist Milton Friedman's major markets. But the last few years, reality shows us quite the opposite. The market makes a lot of miserable people in the world. At the same time, precisely the state that became a helper when the market was unable to help themselves. So what happened in the U.S. and some European countries have recently become a real example. When the financial crisis, government is helping the company out of crisis. Markets that have glorified it actually makes a lot of people are harmed.Anti-Capitalism
- twps2 - pendulangforex sSebagian majority of Americans were
expressing their disappointment with the conduct rallies Occupying an
extremely provocative to occupy Wall Street or Wall Street (OWS). Wall
Street financial district is located in New York, where the world's
largest stock exchanges of New York Stock Exchange and a number of giant
financial institutions like Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley
office. A
few giant financial companies such as JP Morgan and Citigroup even
though it is no longer based in the region but are …
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hakala avatar
hakala 8 Dec.

:) That is one way. But what happens after???

ritesh avatar
ritesh 10 Dec.

Nice article. keep more coming +1

radjaforex avatar
radjaforex 14 Dec.

thanks all

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 18 Dec.

I believe you may be right. We will see another kind of social, economical,political and financial system very soon +!

mielec avatar
mielec 19 Dec.

Agree...Every social thing and system fall after some time. people live so short that they must satisfy a manny
number of ideas

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The European Union is still entangled with the debt crisis which is borne by some Members. Since 2009 until now, this crisis has not yet ended and not see a bright spot to be completed soon. Any policies and measures issued instead penyelesaan obtained it even adds to the chaotic situation .. Various
efforts were made Starting at: rescue funds, changes in leadership in
the Greek, Italian, Spanish elections, the turn of the Governor of the
ECB, the European summit and Auction and Purchase of Bonds, These are
all the effort that is expected to be a way of settlement, but whatever
the situation instead of the European Economic getting worse and worse.EU Ambassador to Indonesia Julian Wilson said, the economic situation in Europe is not as bad as had been reported. The crisis only occurs in Greece and now his condition is under control, though this can not be underestimated. Julian Wilson said, 'Greece is not so hard, looks very dramatic headlines and a few days. Indeed
it was a surprise on the Greek situation, but should not be viewed one
by one but rather should be viewed as a whole is very comprehensive
because we've put all the right track to solve the issues we have, "According …
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ritesh avatar
ritesh 10 Dec.

I believe EUR/USD will go down rest of the December. For 2012, I've not thought yet. Nice article, a must read I'd say. keep more coming +1

corneliu avatar
corneliu 10 Dec.

good luck +1 :))

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 18 Dec.

I fEuro would fall apart then the hole Monetary System of the world will crumble +!

mielec avatar
mielec 19 Dec.

comprehensive approach to the problem

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-1) Take care of your family
My most important rule. This sounds very easy, but
sometimes, your trades would chain you to the computer. Try to spend time with
your family. This keeps your head free. Trading with an full time job and
family is very heavy and burdensome. If you have kids too, and try to trade
every evening, don’t forget your kids or your partner. A happy family and a
good feeling is more motivating and important,  than anything else. I also had the problem in
my past. Now my partner and my daughter know what I’m doing and they understand
it and assist me. The social aspects are very important but most people don’t think about it
before or just forget them as I did in my beginning.
Don’t forget: No money loves you more and gives you more love than your
family. If you loose your family, you loose much more than just money!
-2) NEVER let a Winner turn into a
This is also a very important rule you should try to follow.
The holy rule. The Currency Market can move very fast, so a winning trade may
turn into an loosing trade in seconds.
So try to take the maximum gain of the trade or just work with trailing
stops. Nothing is more frustrating in FX Trading if a glorio…
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Rambofx avatar
Rambofx 11 Dec.


WyMe avatar
WyMe 11 Dec.

Hi and thank you very much for your comments; they are very motivating for me. I hope I'll get my 2nd article asap, but my daughter is sick and so she needs my attention

mielec avatar
mielec 17 Dec.

And the most important rule: abide by those rules...As you can see English for me is also another galaxy;) nothing will stop ambitious people +1

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 18 Dec.

I hope your daughter is well. The Family is more important tha trading or anything else. good Luck and Good Health +1

ritesh avatar
ritesh 22 Dec.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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Trading GOLD on FX-trading platform or market, is NOT SAME as trading one currency (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY).
It's a little bit more SIMPLE.
That is good for you!
Because, we can make some comparison with free market of gold. Gold is a metal, people like it, industry like it, investors like it. At this moment, we have GLOBAL financial crisis, or at least in Europe we have it! There is practically no one investing in real estate, stocks are falling from the sky, deposits in banks are LOW.
Where should we invest our money? Where should or could invest money Asia, South America, India?
There are two or three currencies to invest to, but CHF for example was so getting so strong, that the Swiss National Bank lift the price of EUR/CHF to 1.2. Now it is not so effecitve to invest in this currency.
OK, here we have GOLD. We know, that this is a great way to invest. So we buy gold. The price is going to the sky. For the last 3 years, the price was going up in a nice manner. On the magical value of 1.900 $ for one ounce, the price made a correction. 21 % if we are counting!?
If you would check on the internet for articles about production cost for 1 ounce of gold, you …
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lolka1 avatar
lolka1 29 Dec.

Nice hammer on daily today forming.

Boris avatar
Boris 30 Dec.


hakala avatar
hakala 30 Dec.

@ Boris: How far down you think it will go? If you add 20 % to your assumption, you have the perfect reason to buy and to put SL under your assumption. But you never know how far down will it go, therefore, you can not do long SELL.

musmus avatar
musmus 30 Dec.

It is not good to buy gold now.

musmus avatar
musmus 30 Dec.

Gold is great opportunity to earn a lot of money.Some are seling gold to other and live on commissions.Smal money.Others trade gold and earn big bucks.Live long and prosper to trade like big boy do.

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Continued decline in all major markets - When will the financial crisis finally hit rock bottom, but still escape the double dip? More importantly:  when it hits the low, how to kick-start the recovery? That is why virtually everyone has their eyes fixed at efforts to ‘fix’ the EU and the euro. After the extremely negative news in the last period all over Europe, and particularly thorough and sustained media attention at the growing crisis, the expected happened - the Euro falls against all currencies. Will this continue to happen? Greece is widely perceived to be the main generator of crisis. The markets are well aware that Greece alone will not solve the problem. However, what is escaping the public discourse is that Greece is neither the sole nor the primary culprit of the crisis. The EU and its members states have for years, if not decades, funneled large amounts of resources into the Greek financial system, without due diligence – without ever considering the need, or the real ability of Greece to eventually repay the debt. For example, Greek public enterprises were running huge deficits – before the onset of the crisis, and Greek railways were losing around 1 billion EUR …
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Milani avatar
Milani 10 Oct.

I agree with you

ritesh avatar
ritesh 12 Oct.

Nicely written, quite detailed and informative article. Nice on bro, keep more coming. Best of luck and +1

stomaraka avatar
stomaraka 13 Oct.

Excellent article, and I share your opinion.

"Is someone benefiting from this?" is the most important question to ask,
and when you know the answer, everything will fall into place and make sense.

For trading this, I think that there will be battle on both sides long and short, so volatility will be high. I would not keep positions open for too long.

amerfx86 avatar
amerfx86 13 Oct.

I agree with you that postion on EUR/USD example you would not keep too long if you loosing money and if you trade against trend, but if oyu earning money you would have open trade a few days because trend on EUR/Usd know be long about 5-10 days

Cavalli avatar
Cavalli 26 Oct.

Nice article. Post another

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The American dollar shows the mixed results within a week of decision-making under rates The US dollar (USD) showed early in the morning a moderate bearish tendency since investors have returned to the auctions after a holiday on Monday. The sudden wave ориентированности on risk, apparently, обвалила dollar after the decision of the Swiss national bank (SNB) to fix a franc course to an euro exchange rate at level 1,20. The raised stability has led to dollar exchange rate falling since traders have preferred to pass in more profitable currencies. Yesterday's data on the American industrial sector also has specified in growth in manufacture in comparison with the last month. Nevertheless, news haven't affected almost the market forex though they could shake slightly long-term analyses on the American markets of the capital. Under forecasts industrial production should be reduced slowly in the third quarter since the majority of indicators specify in the decreased demand. Today we wait for several economic reports from the USA, and all attention is turned on Bank of Canada (BOC) and its inevitable decision under interest rates. Liquidity, possibly, will be above, than it was expected …
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Livornese avatar
Livornese 11 Sep.

Like the fundamentals!!

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 13 Sep.

Well done, but need some improvements...

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 25 Sep.

the us dollar seems to have taken the north... I wonder where it will stop 80...81 or more... good analysis +1... keep writing

ritesh avatar
ritesh 27 Sep.

Nice article buddy +1

mag avatar
mag 16 July

Swiss exports (e.g. pharmaceutical industry) need a change to the euro and dollar more cheaply, so put it in range to 1.20 is appropriate.

Good fundamental analysis! Thank you.omment...

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Before explode of financial crisis in 2008 Swiss franc gained compared to US dollar almost 20% in six months. Now his quotation rise even faster. Only from beginning of spring Swiss franc gained more than 20% compared to euro and US dollar and most of this move from beginning of the July. This situation forced Central Bank of Switzerland to intervene by throwing 50 billions francs on market and decreasing bank rates. This brought temporary abreact on markets. But why investors buy francs and take him on all-time highs? This is all cause by losing fate in euro and US dollar. Considered as safest harbor for money in insure times, franc can indicate incoming financial storm. Rising public depts, low efficiency of saving programs and no solid plan from western governments to solve this problems this was real cause of investors exodus from stock markets in recent weeks bringing down world indexes. Recent decision of Standards & Poor about downgrading the nation credit rating of United States from AAA to AA+ has been surprise for some of us but macroeconomic data clearly shows that global economy is slowing on both sides of Atlantic. United Kingdom probably will enter in second p…
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Quant-Trader avatar

+1 :) Crazy times.. fatal reality :>

ritesh avatar
ritesh 25 Aug.

Nice and timely article. Yes, it's all can be called in two words: Financial Terrorism. +1 for ya buddy

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 25 Aug.

Well done with this article, good luck for the contest ... vote for mine here :

ritesh avatar
ritesh 28 Aug.

check out my articles too at

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INTRODUCTION Technical analysis involves the use of price and chart patterns to predict the movement of currencies over various time horizons, usually for profit. This is often combined with fundamental analysis, since currencies reflect underlying macroeconomic variables and monetary policy.  However, regardless of the approach chosen by traders, I believe that there is a key set of trading tools that will often provide high-paying trades during both normal and heightened periods of volatility.   Using the Financial Crisis of 2008 and key events in 2011 related to the European Debt crisis, the following examples reveal the trading opportunities that appeared using these high-probability technical tools. Although some trades contradicted the expected reaction of investors to the underlying crisis, the signals still predicted the right direction in which to trade. Therefore, in the event of another period of heightened volatility, using these tools can provide attractive trades regardless of the nature or interpretation of the crisis itself.TECHNICAL TOOLS TREND LINES  These identify the current trend. Breaks of these usually represent the start of reversa…
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DaddyPapi avatar

thanks highwayman

ritesh avatar
ritesh 22 Aug.

Nice detailed article. Do you connect trend-lines to candle tails or on body? +1

DaddyPapi avatar
DaddyPapi 26 Aug.

I connect the tail ends when its a trend line. The only time I use the body is when I am drawing consolidation.

ritesh avatar
ritesh 26 Aug.

Well, that's different from my method: I connect body while drawing trend-lines and use tails for Fib calculations. Good point about consolidation :) something is common..

DaddyPapi avatar

The point of the article was to illustrate how certain patterns can be traded, both historically and recently. As long as the patterns repeat themselves, then they rules are applicable to today´s market movements (EURO CHF and EURO USD this year) - not just historical data as stated by Dukascopy´s review.

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