Familiarity with Kiwi
Technical data
Day range of movement of the currency pair NZD \ USD by an average of 90 points in the trend in the 20 days to the flat so it is attractive because of its small volontilnosti on it quite a lot but do not earn less likely to merge the deposit even if you take the EUR / USD as an example.
Correlation with other currencies:
GBP / USD 0.95
AUD / USD 0.94
EUR / USD 0.93
EUR / GBP 0.74
Gold 0.71
GBP / JPY -0.71
USD / CAD -0.86
USD / JPY -0.94
NZD \ USD pair is one of the potdaetsya graphic types of technical analysis and indeed obey Excellent technical analysis more than news, except for the price of metals, raw materials and weather forecast but more on that later. Over the last year, namely from May 2014 to May 2015 has been noticed:
- Head and shoulders, and the inverted head and shoulders 4 times including 3 itself has fulfilled
- Double Top Double Bottom 8 times 6 of them has fulfilled
- Triangles (diagonal shifts, skhodyashie diverging wedge descending ascending, symmetrically) about 25 of them has fulfilled itself patrnam 18
- Other figures (flag, pennant, jewel of, the breakdown of a retreat from the level of Support and Resistance, rectangle)…
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