During the month i shown all steps to build a
trade plan. Starting from a simple indicator, through the study about main
options expiry dates, and till the analyze in COT reports together with a quick
look at possible fundamentals changes.
Here I will show the complete application of
previous 3 articles and what I have already anticipated during the webinar on
25th June 2012.
Chart 1
This is actual (26th June 2012)
XAU/USD hourly chart. I’m using OHLC because candlesticks are confusing my
decisions. As seen I drawn 3 main steps: 
Options.Fundamental bet.Cot reports and Price Action.
Last two weeks, options helped a lot my trading
in Gold. When price was around 1620 (Chart 1-1), I noticed these two main
expiry dates coming up:
Chart 2
Courtesy of
Chart 3
Courtesy of
Seen in chart
2, there were good amounts loaded with strike price between 1600 and 1580;
the black vertical line is where I found spot price at the beginning of the
week (1620-30).
Seen in chart
3, is the main expiry on 29th June 2012, where we see the strong
bearish loads strike price 1700-1650-1600. Again vertical black line to show
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