Hello Everyone,today i would like to share my experiences with dukascopy contests.First of all,i would like to start with Trader's contest.
Trader's contest : - Coming to this contest,i have been participating since very long time but unfortunately i did not won any places in this contest.
Analysis on points with Trader's contest
  1. Performance Points : - These are points where i am failing i.e i am doing trades badly and at the end losing the capital and i am not even good at protecting the initial capital in almost 99% of contests.i think for winning in contest,the performance points really matter as it is traders contest but coming to what points we need to achieve is 140 points here is enough. For achieving 140 points,i think a 250k balance an average is enough after some observation.So,250k is really not that hard but all you need is consistent trades with profits.
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