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Mobile trading Mobile trading has become almost a necessity in the world of Forex trading as it enables traders to access their accounts and execute trades from wherever they are.
Jforex Forex Mobile Platform
I find myself in the greatest love of using Jforex platform from Dukascopy and it is more convenient, simple, easy to understand and very well for beginners. The platform has all potential needed for a trader to trade patiently without thinking about other complications like it will close directly, it will restart and maybe whenever i decide to trade some google adds will appear on screen, we all know how we feel when adds appears.
Also, it has all securities that you get when you open Computer Jforex Platform. I feel very feel to look my portfolio, Trading reports, Strategies, news, alerts and analysis. You can contact support team at anytime through phone, official web and twitter.
Is Jforex mobile Forex trading any different? You may be thinking that Jforex mobile trading app developed by The Dukascopyis completely different to sitting at home in front of a PC. But you couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is it just the same but trading on mobile devices is actually…
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AAAnya 26 Feb.


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oksanka29 26 Feb.

Great job!

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AndroSam 27 Feb.

удобно для наблюдения. но не для анализа.

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Приму к сведению)

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Verona888 12 Mar.

well done!)

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Hi friends, I know you all are waiting for my next article so here I am writing my own experience rather than others.
When I was studying in Engineering Bachelor Degree there was intra engineering college debate competition for young entrepreneurs and topic was “What will I do if I get TEN MILLION RUPEES”.
There were 27 participates and when i got up there were 4 participates left and entire debate all was looking like bike without petrol and they called 24th participant and i thought of sleeping once again but i couldn’t because one funny thing happened the 24th participant also slept and they had to call him four times to wake him up then finally he got up and everybody were laughing at him including me. He came to stage and said to judges it’s no big deal to make TEN MILLION to TWENTY MILLION the main issue in is how to get that TEN MILLION rupees first for invest, If you want the answer select me for the next round. By his answer entire auditorium was shocked and once again he started his work very nicely (sleeping).
Unfortunately judges selected that guy for the next round and while he coming to stage him starting saying I know you are all waiting for my answer. …
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drferre 10 Apr.

good job!

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Batbayar 14 Apr.

good job

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Nacerdz 21 Apr.


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Teo 26 July

good article

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OlgaBLR 28 July


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1.Performance and pips evaluation In actual contest rules is setup of these parameters clear. But there is a small chance how to get better evaluation in contest and don’t risk too much. In trading contest you can follow global market trend and minimize risk from drawdown when you trade just very small lot size and then you simply waiting for hundreds of pips. If you right, then you can get first place in pips expert category without risk in few days and then you can concentrate to build performance with small targets and huge lot size. Problem in contest is, that you can be wrong many times in beginning and you have still chance to be trader with best evaluation in contest. Problem in real trading is, that investors who subscribe signals are not interested about contest, his expectations are different. Risk of thousands pips in beginning of the month is bad solution for them because they set up lot size of trades as same value for every trade. Solution: In my opinion is better to set up evaluation based on relation between lot size and pips from position (negative and positive as well). Example Every single trade can multiply by multiplicator depends of volume of every single trad…
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Agreed, win/loss % is one of the most misleading stats out there.
Personally, I don't know why it matters whether a trader averaged 1 pip per trade or 100 pips per trade so long as he is producing good risk-adjusted returns; other than that I am with you on this.

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pacho74 7 May

good idea +1

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@ Airmike, in one of the other articles, you have commented that "DFC team know about this "easy setups" how to win..........they are asking for feedback how to do It". Where are the DFC team asking for feedback about changing contest rules???

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Airmike 8 May

alltrade- you can see this request on Nick_T blog. Nick is project manager of DFC . so you can find this things on his blog

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good work +++

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This article was created as response to DFC development team. DFC team asking for some feedback from traders. So this is my small piece. Reason why I put these ideas to article contest is simple. Just very few people can see these things on my blog, and I would like to share my view with others. So I will bring my idea to public discussion and we will see what will happen. I dont want to rewrite all ideas to new article, because I want to let you see my suggestions exactly same way, how I answered to DFC development team.I will remind you key point from previous article. I wrote this response, because I would like to eliminate gap between demo game trading and real live trading, which is more interesting for investors in trading network. CONTEST RULESWe have some contest rules, which make contest just like a game. I want to try replace them by something more relevant. 1. Only 1 position could be opened at any instrument (if there is already an entry order, there is no possibility to open a market order and vice versa). It is very important to do not averaging loses. But in real trading, most of the richest trades in the world are building positions from beginning with small amount …
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great, I likes it ++

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Skif 28 May

good idea very Like +++++

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clau 28 May

I summary the possibility of partial take of profit

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Great read. Well worth the read.

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Panzer 31 May

Good luck with this article in the contest +1

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