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Being rich can be a very subjective topic. For one richness could be having 1 million dollars, for another one could be owning a private airplane, for another one owning a mega yacht, for another one richness could be only a spiritual thing, and so on ...
Here I shall consider richness only from a trader's point of view.
A brief digression:
Almost every trader knows the story of a…
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Skif 9 Feb.

goog job

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useful work!

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zarina 12 Feb.

You have chosen an interesting topic for your article.

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Olkiss70 21 Feb.

well done!

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Nihad 27 Feb.

Good luck Buddy

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In a definition of Price Action trading (PA) strategy, it is an act of responding to ways and manner that price behaves or behaving during a period in time. With PA, you are going to trade what you see and not relying on any complex indicator that you did not even know how it’s been calculated. You act based on some laid down rules as regards price behavior.
Although, price action is best recommended for anyone who’s just beginning in financial market. I could recall my first encounter with FX market, I was so overwhelmed with a whole lot of different trading strategies. They all appear great in theory, but ugly in practice. Not until I’ve learn to settle down for price action strategy and the reward was huge.
No strategy is fail safe, price action inclusive. No strategy or system will single-handedly give you consistent result or profit. Every time we speak of consistency in Forex trading, little do we know that it cut across the way we interpret the market, the way we stick to a strategy over a period of time, the way we keep to a leverage size and the time we open and close the trading terminal every day.
Well, I wouldn’t want to bug you with too much talk. If you’ve been in the…
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JockPippin 13 June

Sound words and a sound plan  .Something similar to my mindset and I have achieved what I set out to do in Forex .

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If we only knew to which signals we should listen to:)

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Trading currency, stocks can be a very lucrative career and fulfill all your dreams in a relatively short period of time. Many of them start forex trading with a perception in mind t…
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alifari 11 Dec.

I think 20% average monthly return is very much possible, however, one has to take into account personal expenses incurred every month. In order to achieve consistent profitability a trader has to trade actively, preferably full time and if trading becomes only source of income then one has to withdraw some money out of profits every month to take care of himself and family, which actually make this compounding process much more difficult. I am telling this from my own experience. But the bottom line is 20% is achievable.

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thescalper 12 Dec.

Even if we take out some % out it might take 4 years instead of 3.5, but if you chase your dream it is very much possible with normal inputs like initial investment, skills only things is consistency, mental strength,patience and above all discipline.

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Reinvesting profits is essential to achieving big gains and surviving long term. It must be done safely though.

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ceasar87 22 Oct.

personnally,i think all -i mean your trading style- depends on your purpose.

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ceasar87 22 Oct.

be rich or be simply

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Welcome everybody! Here is the link to the first edition of the article
for your kind perusal.
Trading the Single Bar Rejection Strategy (SBRS) Part -I.
This week we shall look
at variety of setups from the charts and then next week, we shall move on to improvised
versions of the SBRS setups.
As per my personal style
of trading any strategy has to have well
defined parameters with reference to following subjects.
1. Criteria for entry.
2. Point of entry.
3. Criteria for exit (with
profit or without profit. Either in full or partial).
4. Point of exit (with
profit or without profit. Either in full or partial).
5. Criteria
for reversal. 
6. Point of reversal.
7. Criteria for adding to
the winners.
8. Point of adding to the
We shall look in to each of
these aspects one by one while going forward. In this edition of article,  I will discuss mainly on point no 1 to 4 whereas next week I would be covering
remaining 4. Hence  in this edition of article I will focus on entries and exits.
1. Criteria for entry : Defined for both version and version…
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Before I begin my fresh article, I congratulate all the contest winners for the month of March 2012 and wish all of you a successful trading month ahead.Introduction:  As a trader one has to evolve everyday in the market. A senior trader whom I admire a lot has told me that a “trader evolves by process of elimination". What he meant was a trader makes mistake, then improves on that mistake next time and so the cycle continues till the trader becomes consistent. That is the case with me as well. Whatever I wrote so far are from my own experience of “process of elimination". I have experimented plenty of stuffs on market and some of them have really given great results whereas some of them really did not work. Here I am sharing one of those products which have come out of my years of observation, research and experimentation. Please note that the concept I am elaborating is not about a pin bar. I have named this strategy as “Single Bar Rejection Strategy. To make it short and sweet I will call it as “SBRS”.   Application: SBRS can be applied at all points of time. i.e.: In between an ongoing trend, in range bound conditions and then at  reversal points. U…
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kkforex 12 Apr.


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belman 15 Apr.

good luck+1

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Great sir ... You always been helping. To learn the trader

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