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Hi Pip Warriors,
I am going to share my own trading journey, mistakes and lessons learnt from mistakes in this article. I am working as salaried employee and have big dream of becoming millionaire in short time so my friend suggested to invested in share market because they told me you can make thousands very easily by working 1 to 2 hours in a day so I thought instead working 1 or 2 hours, I will work for full time and become millionaire in couple of months. Finally decided to quit the job but didn’t had investment so borrowed 500K Indian rupees from bank and started full time as stock trader without knowing anything.
Why I want to become Millionaire?
Want to change the life style of people live in my village. Initially thought of becoming government servant and serve the community but it’s not possible due to high corruption. Then thought of joining politics which is not suitable for me because I am not kind of person who used to tell lies, giving false/fake promises to people and break their heart so decided to make good money in trading and to give investment for the people for small/medium/large scale industries.
Finally I have a dream to construct and live like below Mans…
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cool idea))

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very good

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Красивые картинки)))

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You will often hear that investors are subjects to emotions and that it is emotions that are often the basis of their failure. Let's talk a little more about these emotions.
We will look at some of the most common emotions we experience while trading on the stock markets and Forex, by looking at which emotions are healthy and good, and which are the ones that will fail us and "kill" us as investors.
Full confidence:

We start, of course, with the state of full confidence when we open a position.
This is an emotion that is generally healthy. In order to successfully identify positions, a necessary condition to trade in the stock markets is to have confidence. Confidence based on our trading experience, historical results, the feeling that we have found the "Trade of the Year".
As not one or two experts are advising that we need confidence in order to trade on the market. This feeling, however, should not be illusionary. We should not be constantly confident that things can’t happen in a different way. Our confidence shouldn’t get us to overtrade as this is another major mistake and distorted interpretation of this emotion.
Usually overtrading is precisely a consequenc…
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Молодец !!!

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well done!

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Verbal stance as a viable tool of monetary policy is described. Immediate risks of rate hike for leveraged financial institutions are outlined. The root causes of sovereign debt crisis in Europe are outlined. The future course of Fed`s actions on interest rates is proposed; the feasible downsides of such policy for USD are put forward.

The unconventional measures deployed by the Fed in the wake of financial crisis of 2007-09 were initially sold to public as transient means to enhance liquidity in the markets and prevent total collapse of banking system in the US. While some programs, implemented by the Fed, were transitory – TARP, TALF, CPFF etc. were unwound at some point, the main tool of monetary easing – the fed fund interest rate is being kept intact at 0.25% for over 5 years. This Fed`s persistence, inexplicable by any traditional arguments, raises pertinent questions from general public, forced to forgo risk-free return on its savings, and provides endless fodder for financial commentators, speculating on the future course of Fed`s actions.
Verbal stance – essential tool of monetary policy
In current conditions of artificially depressed interest rates, every F…
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my best wishes for you with your article!

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Elani 27 Oct.

very informative!!

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speculo_ergo_sum Thank you for article! Only now I sow it and its late to put like ((( It is so nice of you to share your great dedication and effort! Also we can see here detailed description of the method, very informative.  Great work, keep going.  Victoria

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Fear and confidence are two of the most used words when it comes to the markets. This is no coincidence given that they the two most important drivers of the markets. Whilst trade account for some movement in the markets, it cannot be accountable for the larger violent movements.
Of course if a Canadian business owner needs to purchase materials from Japan the conversation of currency will register within the markets however this won’t be enough to drive price, not in the same way that fear can! Fear can absolutely destroy a market and once it takes hold only the bell or government intervention can stop it.
When George Soros shorted the pound on black Wednesday he did so with such aggression that there was no stopping the pounds collapse and while Soros was responsible for the initial movement, fear soon spread and as people started dumping the pound there was no way to stop it. The UK governments attempt to prop up the currency failed miserably as they simply couldn't cope with the amount of money flooding in against the pound. Eventually the government was forced to remove the currency from the ERM at an estimated cost of 3.3 billion.
One of the most brutal examples of fear was t…
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RobFX  Insightful - very well done! A brilliant article. Inspiring! Many useful information, informative and helpful, also there are some useful tools introduced, thank you and best wishes from Victoria :)

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I am to tell you more about psychology in forex - another key factor. A lot of traders think that psychology in trading is not as important as money-management or trading system, but the truth is that psychology is as important as other factors in trading. You should know that you are as a good trader as your weakest part, since I highly disagree with a claim that one factor is more important than others. The claim is misleading! You must be a master of money-management, psychology and trading system!I personally distinguish 3 major elements in psychologyisciplineI really love to be a disciplined FX trader! I keep a trading diary with all my trades I made, and I think that every trader should keep his or her own trading diary, too. It is up to you how complex a diary you have. I have a complex diary with many details for myself. Then you should have a trading plan that tells you how to recognize a valid set-up, your entry, stop and profit level. Trading plan must be complex and yet simple. You should know your trading plan by heart.All above-mentioned is discipline, however, I have to mention my very favorite strategy in order that you could be a disciplined trader without stress…
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SpecialFX 21 Feb.

Regarding previous comments, why can't a successful trader not participate in contests? As far as I'm concerned, I see it simply a fun way to make some extra money that pays for commissions in my live account. Once again agree with all points you make, the only thing I do differently is take profit orders, I simply don't use them in my live account. :)

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lkisiov 22 Feb.

Sorry i hurt your ego i trade since 2005 i had good years now i am in a bad times actually from 2009 i am up and down,but i'm sure now that i was right by the way you reacted and some other people.stating the 10000 hour rule does not make you profitable what i am trying to say is that your articles and not just yours are not something new they are in every useless book about trading.When i was actively trading there was no time for me to teaching people support my webpage participate in contest and so on.Write about something unique you are just trying to catch a fish (rookies)

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lkisiov 22 Feb.

My friend help me to be profitable again or somebody else who disagrres whit me help me that is the only way prove me rong i am very very open person prove me rong if you can

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Ifuga 24 Feb.

Ikisiov I totally agree with you. The degree of un-originality in most of the articles posted here is amazing! People are still reproducing as their own ideas on candlestick patterns originally put out there by Steve Nison in 1991, 22 years ago. Most of these traders who pass themselves off as "successful" don't come through to me as anywhere near that. Beware of taking advice on how to use a knife from men with missing fingers.

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SpecialFX 27 Feb.

Ikisiov, if you want to become profitable again you have to find a good trading approach that is compatible with you, I don't think anyone can do that for you. For example, I trade long term, not many people like that, so if they tried my system they would probably not be successful because they would start not following the rules. I don't understand why the assumptions of who is successful, as far as I'm concerned Pavel can be the best trader in the world, who knows? I don't know him so I have no idea, but to make assuptions about members is not correct, imo, you may be completely wrong... :)

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makes the difference between a planned trade and an impulsive and/or intuitive
trade is clearly seen in your account statements.
requires accuracy, and deciding a position is always a matter of feeling and confidence and we must find
the way to increase the degree of these 2 factors.What i did with my previous article1 and what I
will keep doing here (and in all next articles), is to to give some ideas, tips
and suggestions in what to do before/during your trading activity, based in my
small (few years) experience, and that actually is giving me good results.I ‘left’
GBP/USD in a clear ranging trend and I will now show what I think is better to
do in this kind of situation, but I would say… always! TRADE IN THE RANGING CYCLE Trading
in this kind of situation, can be not easy for a beginner;
I take this opportunity to show some ideas on how to plan a trade in actual conditions. It’s a perfect stage where look for main levels to be tested, and also for what I
call “trend gaps”: I will show in later steps what I
mean. Before that, we have to do some easy steps. Charts setup
 We tend
to forget simple things because our brain reads them as “obvious”. Every day…
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scramble 19 May

@alifari: thank you :-)

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scramble 19 May

@doctortyby: yes in fact this time fundamentals helped to crash every major support! typical! thank you to remind me...

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kkforex 23 May

Interesting article...good luck 1+

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@alex: thank you :-)

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INTRODUCTION:  Dear readers,  Flawless execution of trading system is possible only with confidence in the very system and we get confidence from the competence we have earned with education and learning. Henceforth, the need of education is imperative in order to be successful in our trading. I strongly believe you have already read the past articles of this pipping recipe seriesivergence – Ingreedients Of My Pipping RecipeHot Demand, Sour SupplyStop Profit - Target Perfection Using FinonacciBalanced Trading Diet: Position Sizing And Risk ManagementFortune Cookie: OPM – Other People's MoneyCritical Success Factors For Trading Harmonic PatternsPivot Points Check-in To My Trading SystemReturn To The Missed! PivotIf you haven't read them through, kindly do so before answering the questions presented herein.While this article series educated us a lot, it will be of little use if we do not rehearse and revise the important facts learnt during the series of articles presented here for Dukascopy community by the contributor. Thus, on this occasion of new year, I'd like all of us to review what learning we have got from the article series presented in recent past months and test the sam…
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positive 7 Jan.

Good one.Provides lot of learning to people wanting to educate themselves..+1

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I love your writing my friend. This trading test is the best piece Yet. Great trading education for any beginner or professional trader. Keep up the good work.

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ELENA_M 10 Jan.

my congratulation with 1 place in December :)

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Very nice and informative article. 1+ and Best luck for article contest.

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thank you positive, doctrtyby, kkforex for the kind comments :)

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