Well, it's December and we all like to sit down a bit and enjoy a warm cup of tea these days. So I decided to write a few words about success in forex trading and things that are related to that. It's my first article so I expect some feedback from you.
Before I start explaining why it's hard to succeed in forex I must remind you that every trader should see financial trading just like every other type of business. I always looked at different things in a bigger picture, because it helps you understand how stuff work in general. We live in a world where literally everything is about trading. You can buy/sell services, a product, maybe knowledge or your time. Same goes with forex and other forms of trading.
Let me give you an example:
I started a company. First, I buy some basic materials from which I will make a product and then sell it. Then I would want to find a market and get to know it. If my product has a lot of buyers that means a lot of profit. You sure spotted some similarities here that are connected to forex. A currency pair like EUR/USD could be for example HAIRDRESSING EQUIPMENT/SERVICE. So basically you buy the equipment and you have the »material« to work with and of…
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