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HOW CRUCIAL IS TIME AND TIMING IN FOREX TRADING? The pros don’t want you to know this!
This article if not about HOW to trade, but focuses on the WHEN of trading – its about time and timing. I have researched this information about Forex trading to enable you answer for yourselves the question “Does it matter WHEN I trade?” While you can make money whether the market is moving up or down, it’s extremely difficult to make money when the market is moving sideways.
Therefore, given that the market for a particular currency may spend 60% to 75% of its time moving sideways, it is very important to know when the TRENDING activity is MOST likely to occur.
This Two-part article (I & II) reveals the habits of Five major currency pairs in the 4Hour time-frame.
This article seeks to help you make the odds even.
Imagine,that having access to this information will stack the odds in your favor. But, pause for a moment, and think that for each currency pair you already knew you will now know: [list][/list]…
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forexpower 25 Aug.

Good job

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000rk 25 Aug.


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9jakas 25 Aug.


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nicely done!

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RahmanSL 18 Nov.

Very well thought out and researched :)

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The Dukascopy Forex Community (DFC) is one of the few forums where thousands of Dollars in cash prizes are available for grabs on a monthly basis in several contests. Some of the popular contests are:
Trader contest : $16,000 monthly prize pool
Strategy contest: $15,000 monthly prize pool
Article contest: $15, 000 monthly prize pool (Depending on the number of monthly participants)
From the above listed contests alone, over $45,000 is available to be won every month by the community members.
As good as it sounds, winning these cash prizes are not so easy. For a member to be awarded any prize, he or she has to excel in the selected contest and show great skill. Each contest also has its own rules and guidelines, which must be strictly adhered to.
One community member who is worthy of note, and who has shown consistency with winning cash prizes monthly is the community member called CD1V1. His name is actually Christopher, and he hails from Nigeria.
Trader CD1V1 has been a member of the Dukascopy Forex Community since November 2013. He has been actively participating the Strategy contest since he joined the community, but he has not been able to win any cash prize from that contest.…
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informative and helpful in choosing of own strategy. thanks for article.

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CD1V1 21 Oct.

Lencoeur, sometimes we have to tell price what we want.))))

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P3tr4  Cant wait the new one your article, exiting!

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fr33m4n 29 Oct.


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Stix 31 Oct.

CD1V1 deserves the recognition... Thank you for the Article. Best wishes. :) :)

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The Dukasopy Forex Community is a great forum for meeting some very cool and interesting people. With several contests and lots of cash prizes to be won monthly, there is a lot of creativity at display in the community. From the beautiful, sassy contestants of the Miss Dukascopy contest to the analytic minds of the trader and strategy contestants; there is hardly a dull moment in the community.
Personally, I believe I have become a better trader simply by interacting with some of the members of the community. In this large and rapidly-growing community, there are certain members who stand out. These members have shown skill and mastery in several contests; they have also been amply rewarded with great cash prizes. They are generally referred to as "Community Stars".
For the next couple of months, I am going to be doing profile pieces on some of these members, and hopefully give them an opportunity to share with us the secret of their success.
"When you're around enormously successful people, you realize their success isn't an accident - it's about work".
Ryan Tedder
Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players that ever lived. If you ever watched any of his games, you…
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JuliaBF 14 Sep.

good work!

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CD1V1 15 Sep.

good article.

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I find this piece attractive becoz I like Michael Jordan lol

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Lovely Article.  A brilliant one!  Always original ideas, very good rules and theory. Victoria

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