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Hi pip makers/friends, I am new-bee to the Dukascopy’s community and always very curious to find out the new-thing or updates. I was really shocked when i saw the fun contests in the trading platform, felt very happy.
Dukascopy have different contest like miss Dukascopy contest, poker contest, extreme contest, valentines contest, ho ho contest, which are not correlated to each other. It’s look like a complete food with variety of dishes.
I had a little disappointment because except poker I didn’t feel fun in any other contest and thinking why Dukascopy kept the fun contest? These are not funny enough. I don’t know may be Dukascopy heard my wish and saw one announcement in the community about the new contest called 911 CONTEST .
The first thought came to my mind when I saw the 911 contest name, is it emergency helpline number? no it's not.
After reading the rules i was saying to myself like don’t predict the entire movie story based on just watching trailer because the actual picture didn’t yet start .
CONTEST AIM: Reward the user of the community members for their active participation.
When i saw the contest aim what’s special in these already they have dukats competition every qua…
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Yonggi7 12 Apr.

C'est extra! Félicitations pour la présentation!

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AAAnya 12 Apr.

Interesting point of view!

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Nattysha 27 Apr.

Классный новый конкурс 911!

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In the beginning I would like to explain the meaning of Hedging in Forex, Hedging means opening a buy and sell orders on the same pair from an Exact point or from many deferent points. Usually It is recommended only for FOREX professionals.
In this Article I will explain one of the hedging methods, if the trader applies it correctly , Then the trader can abandon all other FOREX ways.
How the method Works:
1- Suppose, the pair is in Up trend, then we have three probabilities:
a. Complete the uptrend directly.
b. Make some reflections for correction, then return to complete the uptrend.
c. Switch the direction from up to down.
2- Here the benefit of Hedging appears. Because when we trade on this pair using this hedge method then we will make a profit if any probabilities happened.
3- The main idea of this method is entering first trade ( suppose Buy ) with a minimum lot possible on the account, at the same time we make a bending sell order with triple lot, as soon the pending order acts, we make another bending order, as we will explain later.
Work Needs:
1- You must choose a non-oscillated pair, it means that the pair is in a clear trend or it is close to swit…
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mixxor 29 Mar.


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cecaptain 29 Mar.

Wow, its a good idea ..I`ll try it.

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Mattie 29 Mar.

Great article! I would call this scalping. This requires price movement characteristics that only exist perhaps 20 percent of days. Hedging (to me) is insuring that you will not lose too much with big market swings. Of course hedging all of the way leaves no room for profit. That is portfolio management.

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romantie 30 Mar.

That's a nice piece! Good job.

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Price behavior means - in a short way - trading according to the analysis of price movement itself with Graph completely devoid of any trace of price movement indicators.
It is noteworthy that this type of analysis has multiple strategies and techniques, but the Pin Bar Pattern one of the simplest pricing Patterns that I see from my perspective is characterized by power and credibility as much simplicity, as well as it is ideal for beginners and professionals alike.
Pin Bar pattern one of the famous trading techniques, according to the price behavior, a simplified Pattern consists of a single candle has a small body, with long upper or bottom shadow, can be up to double or triple the candle body size.
There are three important advices if considered will lend strength and greater credibility for your trades using this form:
(1) Trading with trend
Focus your attention on the pattern creating at the end of corrections, and enter with the base trend.
(2) Trade using important levels
Market do not always go in a clear direction, this is normal, so from a very distinctive techniques, is that you select the important levels, which has managed to contain th…
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FXRabbit 26 Aug.

Very interesting article!

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Teo 16 Sep.

good article

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rudolf 16 Sep.

good article

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arjaq 9 Dec.

Pin bar knowledge is always useful.

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Natasha888 10 Feb.


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عدم الاعتقاد بوجود الاستراتيجية المثالية :
من أبرز اسباب القلق هو البحث عن المثالية في كل شيء ، فالمتداول غالباً يبحث عن الطريقة المثالية التي لا تخسر أبدا من أجل زيادة حجم العقود ، ينتهي به الأمر خائب الظن عندما لا يتمكن من تحقيق هذه الاهداف الصعبة .
بدلا من البحث عن الصفقة المثالية او الطريقة التي لا تخسر ابدا ، يجب أن يذكر المتداول نفسه دائما بحقيقة أن الخسارة جزء لا يتجزأ من عملية المتاجرة ليس بتداول العملات فقط بل بجميع المجالات ، وكما تأتي صفقات ناجحة ومربحة بدرجة كبيرة تأتي أيضا صفقات غير موفقة ، وأكبر وأهم المتاجرين تحدث لهم خسارة وليس بصفقة واحدة فقط بل قد يصل الأمر أحيانا إلى فترات من الخسارة .
التركيز على عملية المتاجرة وليس على الارباح :
من الأفضل أن تقيس نجاح هدفك بناءا على عملية المتاجرة نفسها وليس الارباح .
على سبيل المثال :
من مقاييس نجاحك كمتداول يكون مدى التزامك بخطة المتاجرة الموضوعة سلفا ، مثلا في نهاية فترة التداول المعتادة اطرح على نفسك بضعة أسئلة :
هل التزمت بشروط نظام العمل للدخول بصفقات جديدة ؟
هل التزمت بشروط الخروج الخاصة بنظام العمل ؟
هل قمت بتحديد نسبة المخاطرة حسب الخطة ؟
اذا كانت اجاباتك عن هذه الاسئلة كلها نعم ، هذا يعني أنه بغض النظر عن نتائج التداول اليوم ، أنت بالنهاية قمت بعملية تداول يمكن وصفها بالمثالية ملتزماً بكل شروط خطتك ، لأن الكمال أو الت…
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Very interesting !

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полезная информация

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klintons 27 May

Labs darbs !
Es , domāju , tulkotājs strādāja precīzi

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well done!

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Mattie 29 Mar.

You must choose appropriate high probability strategies,, engage in the proper frequency of trades in such a manner that those probabilities ride out to their potential, and measure success in the profit domain.

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Understandably, around the world everyone wants to make money, enough to put them and their loved ones out of misery and penury. Surprisingly, knowing the difference between trading forex or gambling has become one a very important topic you will ever read about in the trading business.
Perhaps, you are wondering why it is so important. Because this is the area that most new traders skip right over before venturing into the Forex market and subsequently crash out. However, for traders that have endured long enough, they get to realize it after they have lost fortunes of their lives savings.
Note the difference, if you trade Forex, you will treat it as a business and manage the risk exposure by applying risk management, but if you gamble Forex, you are betting. When you bet, you are not analyzing risk but staking your money on the probability of chance.
While novice traders simply pick out the amount of money they are willing to lose in one trade, then they hit the button and go, they celebrate their gains as good trades and mourn their loses. Prevalent this trend of Forex trading as it seems, this is known as
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ivanbgd 14 Aug.

very good article

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I'm not surprised and I'm fully aware thta I'm gambling the forex market- interesting look at trading!

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Milian 23 Aug.


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geula4x 8 Oct.

+1 nice article. important esp. for beginners :)

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