Your investment sum, the investment period, and the risk that you will face ... Before you choose a financial instrument, you need to consider these three factors. Choosing the most appropriate financial instrument for the various fluctuations in financial markets, experience and revenue expectations is your first step in the investment world. When directing your individual investment, you can always use asset management professionals to identify the most appropriate financial instrument for your investment approach.
Forex (FX)
In comparison with other financial markets, the FOREX market has many advantages. Opportunity to trade through lending, lack of speculative transactions, ability to trade 24/7 on a weekly basis make the FOREX market attractive for market participants. Among those traded in this market include currency pairs, commodities, difference agreements, stock and stock indices. FOREX is included in a highly profitable financial instrument group.
Commodities (CMDTs)
Along with covering energy products such as commodities, precious metals, metals such as silver, copper and steel, agricultural products such as wheat and corn, petroleum gas, many financial instruments suc…
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