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In this article I want to talk about not the most obvious aspect of trading - account replenishment.
Money management - it's not just the size of the positions, but also the account input-output. In this article I will try to clarify how to put money into the account: whether to put right much like to leave the comfort zone and a little secret that will save you a lot of nerves and banknotes.
A typical mistake of the beginner in Forex: he opens an account, put there 100 usd at the first day, usually inadvertently, earns $ 20-25, and the calculator is turned on in his head. "Well, then, one day, I made 20$, a week I can earn 100 and 400 for a month. And what if I put 1000 usd? Then I will get 4,000 a month.
And if I sell an apartment of grandmother (still in it, no one lives)......... first page of Forbes waiting for me!"
That is not necessarily the true reality, even if you invest $100 000, don’t just go ahead and place all your ‘egg’s in the same basket’, or worst ‘to give up your day job’, and risk to opportunity to lose it all at some point down the road. Even if you have all the good strategies, steel nerves of and 24 hours of free time per day. Read further and you will unde…
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art_Alena avatar
art_Alena 22 July

Отличная работа!

FX_Riper avatar
FX_Riper 22 July

By the way, is that Cat been trading lately, looks like he got a good system ....... ))))

Armands avatar
Armands 23 July

You made some valid points! In my opinion the most important is to start trading with the money you can afford to lose and if this loss would have no impact on your life. Any more than that will make it psychologically harder for you!

klintons avatar
klintons 28 July

Yanett :))

FXRabbit avatar
FXRabbit 26 Aug.

Very interesting article!

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Ever wondered how some professional athletes conserve their energy when they participate in marathon races? Somehow, they are able to keep themselves in the race till they get to the finish line. During the course; however, some athletes take off in full speed but tend to give up when they have no more gas left. Some others are just too slow that it appears as though they might never get to the end. Notice that the professional athletes are those ones who can consistently make it to the finish line in the shortest possible time whilst having some energy left in the tank enough to get them there. Trading is just comparable to a marathon- the major difference being that we don’t start at the same time neither do we have a finish line. Once you begin the race of growing your equity, you have only one goal: just keep running! This means that the major goal of a trader is equity conservation while giving yourself the chance to grow your equity. In order to perform this upheaval task, one needs efficient money management skills to help conserve their money in the same manner the professional athlete conserve their energy. In this module, we will analyze some popular money management appr…
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adask avatar
adask 2 Nov.

Good article I would say.

mielec avatar
mielec 9 Nov.

Well done. Money Management is most important part of this game.

Rambofx avatar
Rambofx 13 Nov.

Well articulated, and hits the nail on the head! Nice job. Hope Dukascopy recognizes you with this!

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