As a professional trader it's important to know when and what instrument to trade, as well as knowing when not to trade and "sit on your hands". Preservation of capital during times of low profit probability is essential for a long term trading career. During this time of the year traders are likely to perform poorly as market conditions aren't good, and during this time traders must exercise discipline and cease trading. Christmas is a time for families and a relaxing time spent with loved ones. So do yourself a favor and take a break. The markets and opportunities will always be there when you get back. This may be the best trading decision you can make during this time and as well you can recharge your mental batteries for when you'll start trading again.
  • Why "Not Trading" is Important

Knowing when not to trade is as important as know when you should make a trade and experience traders know that trading during holiday time has is shortfalls. Many newbies, often fell the need to be in the market all the time even when market conditions aren't in traders favor, and trading during the Christmas time fall exactly in this category. For a newbie trader holiday trading can be ver
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