I just recently started to play (should say study) Poker thanks to Dukascopy Poker contest. Sure I new the basics of poker, back from when I was playing with my school friends. But when I noticed how well some of my Dukascopy community friends have done in the Poker tournament it prompted me to look into Poker bit more closely, as monthly price fond of 18`000 USD was just to enticing to miss out on.
The 1st thing I noticed how similar poker is to trading and it requires much of the same skills as trading. I guess this is the reason Dukascopy have created this tournament in the 1st place, as at 1st, I must admit, I was bit sceptical as always though of Poker as a gambling game that belongs in casinos. But just a quick read about Poker online have changed my perspective on Poker and now I believe that Poker is game of strategy, probabilities and psychology very much the same as trading. And I guess another similarity with trading is that to un-educated outsider, trading can resemble gambling too.

Similarities between trading and Poker:

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