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Hello, my dear friends and the fellow community members.
In the article of the month of April, we learned about the Head and Shoulder pattern. This month, I have come up with the Cup and Handle pattern. It is also very famous chart pattern. It is a continuation pattern. In this pattern, there is a consolidation period in the form of a rounding bottom after a trending move higher in the price. This rounding bottom is known as the cup. It is followed by another consolidation period which has a depth less than half of the depth of the cup. It is known as the handle. This is why the pattern is known as the cup and handle formation. This pattern is very easy to visualize. I have included a few charts where this pattern had emerged.

A few facts about the cup and handle pattern:
It is considered as the bullish continuation pattern. It has 4 necessary ingredients.
1. The prevailing uptrend
2. The cup
3. The handle
4. And the neckline
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klintons 31 May

Very well

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iiivb 1 June

personally, I do not trade this pattern but thanks for sharing!

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UnforAmon 14 June


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Freeze13EU 22 June


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Hello, my dear friends and the fellow community members.
In the article of the month of March, we learned about the ascending triangle pattern. There are a lot of chart patterns that we can learn. But I think that we should only focus on the most profitable chart patterns first. So in this month, I have come up with the very famous Head and Shoulder pattern. I got the idea of talking about Head and Shoulder pattern because I saw it emerging in many of the charts these days and it is very easy to visualize this pattern in the charts. I have included a few charts of April 2018 where this pattern had emerged.
A few facts about the Head and Shoulder pattern:
  • It is considered as the reversal pattern.
  • It has 4 necessary ingredients.
  1. The first shoulder,
  2. The head
  3. The second shoulder
  4. The neckline
  • Both shoulders should have almost the same height(although not necessary).
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Rosie 30 Apr.


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Good luck

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kish 3 May

хорошая работа

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good job!

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NAG 12 May

гарна стаття

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Introduction: -
Every trader want to make handsome amount of money by trading Stock, currency and various instruments available through trading platform. we should make a plan for each and every trade, If you're going to put money at risk, make sure the reward is high enough to justify the time and effort you put into the trading decision.
Careful and effective use of technical indicators can improve your trading style, chart patterns and technical indicators are patterns and calculations based on particular pair's past, price and volume activity. They help us to predict an instrument's future price and direction of the trend. I am explaining you basics of Moving average a better known indicator in this article.
Moving Average: the moving average is a simple technical analysis tool that smooths out price data by creating a constantly updating average price. The average price is taken over a specific period of time, 15 minutes, 1 hrs. 1 day, 1 week or any other time period that you choose.
Moving average can help you to identify the direction of price movement or trend, if moving average is going upward and price is also moving up that means trend is up trend as shown in the below…
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great article, very informative and practical

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Kivetat 19 Apr.

Good job))))

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I agree with wisdom_consultant  . I gave a Like to honour your wok.

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ivanbgd 15 June

nice article

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varunk80 15 June

Thank ivanbgd

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Forex trading is not rocket science. If you obey the principles, you will make money in forex. In this article, I will demonstrate a very simple strategy on how to use one of the commonly occurring chart patterns in the forex market to make some good money. The pattern to be discussed here is the falling wedge, which setup nicely on the GBPUSD and EURUSD before the market open for the week. That for the GBPUSD was more straightforward and is described here. The GBPUSD set up in a falling wedge pattern as shown below: The falling wedge is a bullish reversal pattern which is formed when the highs and lows of the price action can be connected to form an upper and lower trend line respectively, with the upper trend line slanting more than the lower trend line to form a falling wedge. The key to trading this strategy is to trade the expected bullish break of the asset from the upper trend line. Here are the steps that were used to deliver a profitable trade on this one. a) The first step was to delineate the borders of the chart pattern. In order to do this, the trend lines drawn must touch at least three areas where the price made highs, and three areas where the price made lows. b) W…
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p0002 5 July

Does anyone see some pictures? :-)

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forexat 10 July

I don't see images, and it's hard to understand :(

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Yes, that’s what I did. And yes - that’s playing, not trading. Three years ago I started my journey in the FX business by polishing my scalping technique for six months till perfection - only to find out in three days of live trading that it was doomed to fail from the beginning. Everything turned out fine in the end but in the process I learned few fundamental rules which are probably absolute and inevitable to encounter for every novice scalper in this business.In the beginning I looked for easiest way to trade of course. Turned out that 3-5 pip scalping based on couple of indicators is promising enough! Here is a short introduction what once I thought was a holly grail: scalping method was based on two Bollinger band indicators on top of each other with one of them slightly deviated to indicate oversold or overbought extremes. With a few basic trend lines and stochastic oscillator it generated frequent opportunities to scalp for a few pips. My working time frames was m5 and m15 and additionally I monitored H1 time frame and entered with double size orders when entry signals coincided in all time frames.Entries are marked in red circles. It is notable how bad timing for most of t…
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Nice. That is so true.. live trading is light-year away from demo strategies.

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Albert1 22 Nov.

As you can see, I`m not a fan of scalping even in the demo and I try to make profit on bigger movements, but I`ve found this article interesting.

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Schaolin 27 Nov.

A very interesting article, I hope to have good luck with it

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alifari 28 Nov.

well done +1

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I was just searching through the article library and the title and seeing the article is yours maked me wanna take a look. Very good article and true. I blown 4 accounts at least ..:)))) ...and can say ..Demo trading isn't miles away from a real account experience. You mentioned very well comision , i could add spreads...and eventual requoetes that are more often on a real account.

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