1:1.5 Risk Management Strategy
Professional trading and risk management

Every day new Forex strategies appears, every day hundreds of people claims that they succeeded in the Forex because they make the holy strategy which can make millions of dollars and the strange thing that they want to sell it to you by 30-40 dollar, really if you search in the net about Forex strategies you will find tons of them but that’s not changing the fact that most traders lose their money in the market.
Why we lose in Forex:

  • Technical analysis is not enough :
You can read one or two books about technical analysis and then become good technical but you may read many books in technical, Japanese candles, divergence, Elliot, astrology and Gann, but you feel that you are not able to trade and if you open life account you lose all money very quickly.I mean by saying “technical analysis is not enough” that you may be wonderful technical but big Forex loser.
  • Fundamental analysis is not enough:

A lot of people knows a lot about countries finance and very careful to follow and predict the life news of counties markets, but really that’s not working because they ignore price levels and the ability for any cur…
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