Drinking coffee risky and out of the door of his house carries hidden dangers. This was demonstrated when a man died from his mug of coffee, according to the newspaper "Washington Post". He went out for the morning paper, stumbled and fell. Mug broke under his weight in the fall, fatally wounding him with shrapnel. This story shows not to raise your attention when drinking coffee or demonstrate the danger of walking with a drink. More likely is an illustration of the fact that our life is associated with risk. And you never know where the danger lies. Life is a game of chance. We risk our lives every day, no matter whether we travel the expanses of ocean or never come out of his house.
Money can not be distinguished
Our money and are in constant risk. For thousands of years, until the government coexisted and money, the government stole from their citizens a lot of money in the form of inflation. Due to the constant increase in the supply of money without an adequate increase in their costs, all currency is slowly but surely lose their value after a while. If you put your money in the bank, then after a while you realize that some of the money lost due to inflation, while the ris…
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